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How to Make a Dog Balloon Animal

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Balloon Animals for Beginners

This dog balloon animal is a great shape for children or beginners to make because it's easy and only requires one balloon. (This process can also yield a giraffe by making smaller ears and a longer neck.) It took me about 15 minutes and three tries before my efforts produced a cute dog balloon sculpture. I had NO previous experience making balloon animals, so don't be intimated-- you can do it! Now that I'm more familiar and comfortable with the process, I can make a dog in under a minute. Use this tutorial to learn a new skill and then get busy showing it off to your friends and family!

You Will Need

  • Long Balloons (designed for twisting)
  • Balloon Pump

I purchased my balloon animal kit from Party City for $8.00. It contained a small and easy-to-use balloon pump, 40 colorful balloons (red, pink, blue, green, yellow, and white), and an instruction booklet for making various balloon sculptures.

Balloon Animals Video

How to Make Balloon Animal Dog

Balloon Animal Dog Instructions

1. Fill your balloon with air and tie a knot in end. The knotted-end is going to be your dog's nose and face. You'll be working with this end of the balloon first.

2. A few inches from the knot, pinch and twist to form your dog's snout/face.

3. Holding this piece, pinch and twist two more sections that are shorter and will become your dog's ears. Ensure ears are same size by bending them down side-by-side for comparison. It doesn't have to be perfect, but legs and ears that are the same size will make your job easier.

4. Your balloon should be in four sections now-- the snout, two ears, and then the rest of the balloon and will resemble a string of sausages.

5. Bend your balloon in half so that the two smaller "sausages" are side by side. These are the ears. Holding both ears in one hand, twist together, connecting at the bottoms. Now you have a face with two ears the rest of your unfinished body.

6. Pinch and twist a section of unfinished balloon slightly larger than your dog's snout-- this will be his neck. While holding his neck, repeat the steps before and make two smaller sausages that will be your dog's front legs.

7. Your balloon should look like this: completed face, neck, leg, leg, and rest of unfinished balloon. Bend your balloon in half at the legs and while holding both of them, twist together just like you did to form the ears.

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8. Now your dog has a face, ears, neck, two front legs and the remaining unfinished balloon. Pinch and twist remaining balloon into four sections in the following order: body, leg, leg, tail. The tail will be the smallest and ensure both legs are the same length. If front and back legs are different sizes, it might look like your animal is pouncing or sitting, which is fine. Perfect proportions come with practice.

9. Bend your balloon in half again at the legs and twist together just like before. Now your dog should be complete. Watch my video if you're having any difficulties.

10. (optional) Draw a cute face on your dog with a permanent marker.

Balloon Animal Instructions for Dog

How to make easy balloon animals, step by step.

How to make easy balloon animals, step by step.

Tips for Balloon Sculpting Success

  • Don't be afraid to squeeze and twist the balloons. They won't break and explode as much you might think and if they do, just try again.
  • If your sculpture is coming undone, make sure you're twisting sections and pieces at least twice. When joining multiple pieces together, twist two or three times to make sure everything stays in place.
  • Practice makes perfect.
  • Have fun! If you get frustrated or overwhelmed, take a break and come back to it. Remember that it's supposed to be fun :)
My real dog, Bowie, showing disinterest for my balloon animal dog.

My real dog, Bowie, showing disinterest for my balloon animal dog.

Heather Says

I always enjoyed watching balloon artists as a child and I still enjoy it today as an adult. What's more enjoyable than watching a pro? The pride and accomplishment you feel when you successfully make your very first balloon animal. I was so proud when I made my first that I immediately sent a picture to my husband at work and then taught him how to make one when he got home that night. I hope you found this tutorial helpful and good luck with your air-filled creations!


Kristen Howe from Northeast Ohio on April 24, 2015:

Heather, that's pretty cool you can do it and everyone else can too. Voted up for awesome!

Heather (author) from Arizona on November 01, 2012:

@randomcreative-- Thanks for the kind words. I hope you get a chance to try it. It was strangely relaxing ;)

@Crystal Tatum-- Thanks for stopping by and commenting. There are some designs that are definitely complicated but once I actually made this dog-- the others don't seem so bad. I hope you get a chance to try it :)

Rose Clearfield from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on October 19, 2012:

Your photo tutorial is great! I have never tried making anything with a balloon before, but now I want to give it a shot.

Crystal Tatum from Georgia on October 19, 2012:

Awesome hub! I've always thought this was so complicated, but you've made me reconsider. Maybe I'll try to do this for my little nephews! Voted up and awesome and shared.

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