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How Social Media Has Changed the World: For Better or Worse


What is social media today?

What is social media?

Social media is a way life these days everyone with a smart phone or, computer has one. Social media outlets such as , YouTube Facebook Twitter and Instagram have become our obsession. I have all of the above the one I used the most is Facebook of course. Facebook used to be a place where we can go and keep in touch with friends and family. Now it's turned into an out outlet where we can share our daily lives with the world.

How has it changed?

Now that has changed dramatically, now a days people not only share life experience but also the drama. It's all about the latest gadget, the hottest trends and who the most popular celebrity is. Instead being a place where people can connect and keep in touch, its become a new playground for bullies.

Bullies are not only children but, can also adults attacking other adults over any little thing. I have experienced this first hand when I was in a group on Facebook. I was personally attack by a stranger over a difference of opinion on a tv show. People use there keyboards as weapons to hurt complete strangers. Let's not get started on how toxic politics has become it a sad world.


How the new social media works

What is the New Social Media?

The media is all about becoming a star. If you have an Instagram or, YouTube account you literally become a star over night. All you have to do is upload a video and go viral. Social media is all about hottest trends and who can become the biggest star on the internet. This has become an obsession with our society especially with millennials, such as myself . Nothing else is more important it's all about the views, likes, shares and your followers.

Why is this so important?

Everyone wants to be accepted, to be liked, to be important. Most of us want to be famous or, our own boss. There are so many guru's on these platforms as well, promoting their how to get rich quick, which also drives traffic and money. People want the world to notice them.

Unfortunately sometimes we conform to please others. Some people want to be entrepreneurs or, influencers. On platform like Youtube can become a star over night. Its not as easy as it looks but, it is the American dream.

How has this affect are female youth?

Young girls are no longer thinking about school work or, their prom dress. They are obsessed with what the latest Kardashian is wearing. We are no longer accepting ourselves for who we are. We always want what everyone else has. If we don't have this we're not in the in crowd we're not cool enough. Young girls always want to look like the latest celeb. However, what they don't realize is that the celebrities w they worship, have been air brushed or, had surgeries. We us women don't achieve these unrealistic goals we think we are not good enough. It really takes a toll on our self-esteem. With young girls it can be even worse. It can lead to eating disorders and drug abuse and even depression.

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Let's also not forget how these images and celebrities promoting products create a huge following, which also creates a great revenue for the platforms.

How many girls use social media


How this effects the mental helath of boys and girls

How does this effect teen mental health?

Social Media can not only affect the mental health of adults but, also children. Young girls are constantly comparing themselves to a celebrity or the hottest new YouTube star. They want to be like everyone else which is not always realistic. They have traded their books in for ipads and cell phone. If not monitored this could end up effecting their mental health. According to Forbes magazine about 48% of those who spent five or more hours a day on their phones had thought about suicide or made plans for it, while 28% of the teens who spent only one hour per day on their phones.

How Too Much Screen Time Affects Kids' Bodies And Brains (

In a article done by Forbes magazine there was study done by the University of Essex, that looked at data from almost 10,000 families in the U.K from 2009 until 2015. " the children in the study were 10 at the first time point and up to 15 years old at the last period their mental health was assessed using reliable surveys which measured happiness and will be across different parts of their lives( school, family etc)" and social and emotional challenges. The results were published in BMC Public Health.

There was a study that said girls more than boys are on social media, and their mental health seem to suffer for it . At age10 10% of girls were off social media for an hour a day, versus 7% of boys. At age 10, girls reported lower levels of happiness, and they reported more social emotional difficulties as they ate compared to the boys. Believe it or not the age gets even younger. I'm a preschool teacher and personally have seen kids under the age of 4 with iPads.


Has the changes in social media been good for us?

How social media can be both a blessing and a curse

There are both negatives and positives with social platforms. We are now able to be YouTube stars and run our own businesses. We can be who ever we want to be, keep up with latest trends and gadgets. But, have we forgotten what social media is really about? Keeping that connection with are love ones and staying inform. It can be a beautiful thing at times. Being able to see the world through lens and share are owns stories. However, it can also be curse and we can lost in the madness.

In closing social media can be both a blessing and a curse. We have become so obsessed with taking the perfect selfie, we don't realize we're missing the important things. It's not about being good enough for someone else it's about being good enough for yourself. Accepting, loving, and accepting yourself when for who you are. Don't get me wrong it's great that we have these platforms to expressive ourselves .It is just so important that we stay humble and not lose ourselves in the madness.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on March 30, 2020:

I appreciate the research and the presentation on this topic. I agree with you: there is both blessing and curse resulting from this change caused by social media. Everyone has the opportunity to choose what they want from it.

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