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A Review and Analysis of Morning Musume's 64th Single

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Based on what readers have seen so far about Japanese pop music group Morning Musume (now known by the name of Morning Musume 21) we have analyzed and reviewed some of their singles which have very long and complicated titles. As has been the case with these songs, there will also be some interesting facts listed because who would want to look at a song just from a musical perspective?

"Don't Bother Me, Here We Go"

What is the Title of The Group's Second Single of 2017?

The name of the group’s 64th single is a triple sided single called Jama Shinaide Here We Go! / Dokyū no Go Sign / Wakaindashi! The song is divided into three parts or songs. The first part is called Don’t Bother Me, Here We Go. The second song is called “Green Light of the Dreadnaught.” The third song is called “You’re Young Anyway.”

A Look at Members Haruna Iikubo, Maria Makino, and Reina Yokoyama

From left to right: Reina Yokoyama, Maria Makino, and Haruna Iikubo.

From left to right: Reina Yokoyama, Maria Makino, and Haruna Iikubo.


What is the Song Don't Bother Me, Here We Go About?

The first song is about someone not wanting to be bothered by the definition or meaning of love. The person that is responsible for her dreams and for her past is herself. As I write this article, I write this at a time when many people are panicking, concerned about what is going to happen in the future with the economy, stock market and many other things. We can only focus on what we can control. I really think that Morning Musume 17 as they were known by in 2017 is trying to tell us that all of our dreams are possible now.

What is the Song "Green Light of the Dreadnaught" About?

The second song is really up tempo and has that rock kind of feel to it. It is something that I have not heard from this group before. The main lyrical theme is that sometimes in life some people feel as if their instinct or gut tells them that they need a green light to go to the city to find love. Most people are concerned about relationships or are they? I really think that many people are looking for the wrong things that they think will make them happy. We must love ourselves first before we can love someone else.

"Green Light of the Dreadnaught"

An Analysis of the Song You're Young Anyway

"You’re Young Anyway" is a song telling us that the sky is the limit and that desiring something is not greedy at all. Young people can get lost trying to find their way in life and that’s very common. I’m still young in the modern day sense so why worry right?

Some Interesting Facts About Morning Musume’s 64th Single

  • The foundation for the single was announced by member Sakura Oda on the radio show called Hello! Drive. This announcement was made on September 1, 2017.
  • This is the last CD single for member Haruka Kudo but not her last official single with the group.
  • This single became the first Morning Musume single to be ranked in the weekly Top 10 of the Oricon (Japanese musical charts) for the second week since the song called As For One Day back in 2003.
  • This single also marked the full return of member Masaki Sato whom for health reasons was not able to take part in the A-side tracks of the single before this one which was Brand New Morning/Jealousy Jealousy.

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