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How To Look and Act Like Damarea Ogbuewu

Damarea Ogbuewu is the newly found fashion influencer in the industry right now, and this is how to get her look.


Damarea-Worthy Hair

Damarea Ogbuewu is known for her various unique hairstyles, from box braids to short do's. She has them all, but she is widely known for her neat looks. To get hair like Damarea Ogbuewu, you can try the sleek ponytail. Simply put your curly hair in a ponytail. To accomplish this look, try setting it with a holding spray and use a hair oil to make it shine.

Her hair has so much volume, so you can tease your hair to make it look fuller. You can even use a fuzz tool to help you with this. She also uses a lot of bobby pins to hold her hair in place. Most of them are colorful ones to add a bit of style and a pattern.

Keep the Makeup Simple

It's not everyday that you'll see DeeDee with any makeup at all, but if you do decide to wear it, keep it natural looking, and simple. If she ever does wear makeup, you'll see her with mascara. Her eyelashes are already full, so the mascara just makes them more defined.

She definitely uses lip balm, one of her favorites is Glossier, in the scent of cherry. You'll notice that her lips are well plump, almost pinkish. That's thanks to her lip balm, and sugar lip scrub. She doesn't wear lip gloss, but that doesn't make her lips any less plump and ready to sing.

She admitted to hating when movie makeup artists put too much make up on her, so she uses less when she can.

Let's Steal Her Style

DeeDee's style is rich, laid-back, but also very classy. She has different personalities when it comes to what she wears. You can see her in anything from skinny jeans and fitted skirts to oversized sweaters and Superga sneakers.

To have a Damarea inspired closet, you'll need a few essential pieces: Oversized sweaters, Vans, African head scarves, and thigh-high boots. Her favorite clothing stores are Target, Forever 21, Brandy Melville, and Urban Outfiters. She works with designers like Guo Pei and Lan Yu to make custom dresses for her. You can also add in some knee high socks for that complete look.


Damarea doesn't wear too much jewelry, but when she does, she loves to rock simple bracelets and necklaces. She wears very sophisticated earrings like small pearls and diamonds from Kohls or Claire's. You'll also most likely catch Damarea in many styles of chokers, including some custom made.

One thing she does wear a lot of is rings. She has hundreds of sets of rings, and she sometimes adds them up to make a stack, and they are beautiful. She has many ear piercings. Don't just go an get a piercing because you want to look like her.

Now, let's talk about her shoes. DeeDee loves wearing heels, but you'll catch her in sneakers most of the time. She wears Chanel nail polish, in nude shades.


Damarea doesn't eat much vegetables, and that is a fact. If you ever catch her eating healthy, it's usually a lot of international fruits, aside from anything citrus in which she is allergic to. She eats mangos, apples (shaved and cut), strawberries, and bananas. She doesn't eat pepperoni or red meat, but white meat.

She also showed off her LARQ water bottle, and admits to drinking lots of water which is how her skin stays clear. She is also known for her glass skin, which is all because if water.

Acting Like Damarea


Damarea is very classy, and I'm sure you already know that. Since she has long work days, she eats energy bars like Quest, Pro Bar, and Special K. Even though she embraces many cultures, she is actually a picky eater. She is known to hate broccoli and eggplant, but loves baked salmon and spinach.

Aside from eating, she excersizes every morning and every night. In the morning, the session is more extreme to wake her up and get her day started. At night, its a light workout.


Damarea dances for excersize most times, including Afrobeat. She also plays professional tennis, and is a former gymnast. So, pick a sport or dance class and do those to keep fit.

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