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How To Deal With A Craigslist Scammer


Anyone who's spent a significant amount of time on Craigslist knows that navigating the scammers while trying to sell your used crap is a rite of passage. The classic Craigslist scam is one where a secondary party offers to buy an item you're selling, sends you a [fake] check for way more than the amount of your item, and asks you to wire the difference to his "shipper," who will be coming by to pick it up. They will ask you to cash the check (rather than deposit it) and then wire them the remaining balance after deducting your fee and usually a $50 "bonus gift." Obviously, once the bank determines the check was fraudulent, you will be responsible for refunding their money, so you're out whatever you wired the shipper. These scams are pretty easy to spot because 1) the scammers usually don't mention the item you're selling specifically (they just say something like, "I'd really like to purchase your item..."), and 2) their English, spelling, and grammar is pants-crappingly god-awful.

Since I sell stuff on Craigslist all the time, it gets really irksome when every other responder to my ads is someone trying to take me for my entire checking account. But since this trend isn't likely to let up any time soon, I decided the best thing to do for my sanity was just to have some fun with it. The following is an actual exchange between myself and some scammer who was trying to "buy" a wedding dress that I was selling for a friend of ours.

First, the following pic is the actual dress I had listed:

Custom Wedding Dress - sz 12‏


(His emails will all be displayed in italics, my replies in bold, and any comments I might interject in normal font. I have not edited his emails for spelling, punctuation, or grammar. How you see it is how it came to me. Also, I have opted to delete all the email headers with the date and time for space.) Enjoy!

Hello ,I came across your classified ads site,so i decided to send you a mail,because am interested in purchasing the wedding dress Thanks

At this point I thought I was maybe dealing with a real buyer because they actually mentioned the item I was selling, which was a first. I responded:

Thank you for visiting my classified ads site and sending me a mail. I always love getting a new mail. When would you like to come pick up the dress?

hello,my name is jacob and my wife's name is lizzy and i really need a wedding dress for her because we are going to be getting married soon and i want it to be a surprise for her,i saw your wedding dress on craiglist and i would love to buy it for my wife,i would like you to consider it sold to me,our wedding is coming up next month 15th and i will need the picture of the wedding dress .Am a warder and am not allowed to leave until the week of the wedding,I am live in utah .i would be sending you an original money order from the usps.The money order am sending to you will cover cost of the wedding dress and shipment,so that when you get the money order and it has cleared into your account, you will now send the remaining money to the shipping agent through western union money transfer for them to go ahead with the necessary shipping arrangements to pick up the dress so that's all let me hear back from you asap.Don't worry about the shipment ,the shipment will handle by my shipping agent . i really would like to know if i can trust you because this is my first time on craiglist and my wife said thats the only type of wedding dress she would want to wear on her wedding day so i would really be pleased if you can sell it for me.How should your name appear on the Money order and what' full home address should I mail it to? With your valid phone number.




Will be looking forward to hearing from you, Sincerely,

And now I knew I had a scammer on my hands.

Dear Jacob,
Congratulations on your upcoming wedding to Lizzy, who is somehow already you're wife! (seriously, how does that work?) I saw that you is live in Utah, and was just curious if this is your first wife, or you have several others who may be attending the ceremony and would like matching dresses? Because I have 11 of them that are all identical in style, ranging in size from 00-18. What size is your wife? If you don't know off the top of your head, play a fun game with her and try to guess it. For optimal results, I always recommend starting at a really high number and gradually working down until you get it right. She'll thinks it's hilarious! If she's really big, we can just cut up 2 wedding dresses and stitch them together (provided you don't mind paying a "little extra" for the labor). We do this quite often. It's called a "Frankendress," and it's exceptionally popular here in the South. If not, that's cool too. We're okay with "regular" wedding gowns. Which brings up another point, Jacob: as a married man myself, I can tell you that your thoughtfulness is making me feel like a wee bit of a lesser man. It takes a man with the romantic sensibilities of a Romeo, Don Juan, and Cassanova combined to come up with something as thoughtful and considerate as springing a surprise wedding dress on your unexpecting bride-to-be just 3 weeks before the wedding! God knows she has more more important things to do to prepare for her wedding than worrying about what she's going to wear, whether or not it fits, and how it may or may not match any of the damn decorations that will no doubt be a hearty surprise as well. (Just a tip: if you're planning a wedding party of more than 200 guests, it's probably best to make sure that she starts preparing and cooking the reception food at least 2 weeks out. If it's less than 200, you can probably get away with allowing her to start within 10 days of the ceremony.) So, just tell me how many wedding dresses you and your wives will be needing, which sizes they need, and whether or not you require them to be sprayed for bedbugs prior to shipping (I would highly recommend that you do).

I look forward to hearing from you,


PS: I can't give you the final asking price until you tell me how many dresses you'll be needing.

Thanks for the mail back and for the address well i will like you to take the wedding dress from the classified site ok, i will inform you as soon as the payment is on its way ok ..I will be sending your payment alongside with the shipper payment.You deduct yours and send the rest to them for the picking of the wedding derss thanks..# XXX-XXX-3707.Give me your phone number.


You didn't tell me which size dress you need, or how many. I need some more information from you before I start making transactions.


size 12 and i just needed one.Give me your phone number so i call you then we discussed this one and for all

Oooh, we have a little problem, Jacob. My wife just informed me that we sold the size 12 last Wednesday to a nice lady in El Paso who was getting married last Thursday. Since this is completely my fault and oversight, I would like to extend to you one of our "Frankendresses" at absolutely no charge for the additional labor and alterations. You have 3 options to choose from to make a size 12 Frankendress: you can combine a size 10 with a size 2; a size 8 with a size 4; or two size 6's. There are pro's and con's to each option: Combining the two size 6's matches the patterns up the best, but the colors aren't quite the same and you end up with something that looks like "Bride of Two-Face."

The size 10 and 2 pairing is color-matched perfectly, but sorta looks like it was fitted for someone who was starving on their right side and binging on their left. 

The size 8 and 4 are pretty close matches both in color and in pattern alignment, but the size 8 was used in a local commercial and features the Subway logo ironed onto a dozen or so inconspicuous locations on the dress. 

But as long as the wedding photographer doesn't get closer than about 70 or 80 feet, you probably won't be able to read it, so it shouldn't be a problem. People will just think it's cheese stains or something. Anyway, let me know what option you want to go with, and we'll get right to work on those alterations.

thanks for your patience and understanding,

Thanks so much for getting back to me with the new option since you got that sold.I am ok with the size 10 and 2.Send me the picture whlie i send payment to you as soon as possible

I sent him the following 3 pictures, which is obviously a totally different dress I just found on Google images. He didn't appear to notice.

sizes 6&6 Frankendress

sizes 6&6 Frankendress

sizes 10&2 Frankendress. I know it's not my best Photoshop. Shut up.

sizes 10&2 Frankendress. I know it's not my best Photoshop. Shut up.

sizes 8&4 Frankendress

sizes 8&4 Frankendress

Excellent choice! We'll get right to work on that, and we should have it finished by May 11. Will that work for you? I know that's only 4 days before the wedding, but it sounds like you know how to throw a surprise party like nobody's business, and should be able to accommodate short notices. One final question before we begin alterations: Do you want the size 10 on the left or the right? Keep in mind that one side of the dress is going to be loose-fitting and possibly even baggy, while the other side will be form-fitting and may even restrict breathing (are you familiar with the concept of "swooning?" You might want to brush up on it before the ceremony, just a suggestion). Just let us know whether your wife's better side is her left or her right and we'll figure out the rest.


Yes I will be sending the shippers information along with the check and I will also email you the tracking number for the check, I will be sending you. Thanks for the response.

He then emailed me back from a different address:

hi Shane its me Jacob happy day i just want to let you know that you can always email me here if my other one is not going starting from now if you want to let me know anything email me here.thanks so much,you will also be getting the payment on wednesday,i want you to get back to me as soon as you get this message.

Jacob Happy Day,
Are you even reading my responses when I send them to you, or is one of your other wives just auto-replying because she's jealous of your newest bride and doesn't want to see her walk down the aisle in her new fatty/skinny dress?? I swear to God, if this is any indication of how your family acts, you can forget about me making the trip to Utah. That's right, Jacob, it's our company policy to hand-deliver all wedding gowns we customize or alter, because we love to share in the joyous celebration we helped create! Also, since the dress won't be finished until 4 days before the wedding, I don't want to risk it getting lost in the mail and ruining you Special Day. You only get one of those. (Wait, what am I saying? You live in Utah, you can have as many Special Days as you want!) But I know that this one needs to be special in its own way, and the only way we (my wife will be coming too) can 100% guarantee it will get there on time is if we act as a personal courier service. I know we didn't receive a formal invitation, so we'll stand in the back at the ceremony behind some plants or something so as not to intrude. And then we'll just sort of mill about the room at the reception so you don't have to arrange for seating for us. Sometimes we like to dress like the wait staff and just walk around passing out drinks to people. I hope you don't mind if I tell people I'm your old college roommate, because that's always my go-to lie at parties where I only know 1 person.

But back to the dress. Since you didn't tell me if your bride is fatter on her left side or her right, we just went ahead and made 2 Frankendresses out of the size 2 and 10. We'll let your bride try them both on when we get there, and we'll tell her which one is more flattering. I'm going to go ahead and take a stab and say the one with the 10 on the right. I say that because we had a little mishap with the iron earlier, and now the 10-on-the-left dress has an iron-shaped burn mark and medium-size hole right on the butt cheek. If your bride is still insistent on that one, I guess I could peel one of the Subway logos of the size-6 dress and patch it over the burn. I'm open to other suggestion too if you think of any.

look forward to seeing you in May,

PS: Will you be arranging someone to pick us up at the airport, or should I rent a car?

PPS: Is there going to be an open bar at this wedding for all the alcoholic non-Mormons in attendance?

Hello Shane Nice reading back from you and it is really a nice things you want to come over for the ceremony.I would like the dress to be here before the day of my wedding and you are more than welcome.My shper 'll be coming to pick it up from you in other not to cause any inconvienences,You are welcome to the wedding ceremony and you 'll be treated so good.My wife is not fat,she is slim fit and you know you can get that make for her.I can arrange someone to come pick you at the airport when you come over.Your presence on that day 'll be appreciated.Just let me know when you receive the payment

You have a lovely day


Dear Jake, (I think we're close enough now that I can call you Jake, right?)

I see we have some disagreements as to how the dress(es) should make its (their) way from me to you. I would prefer to use our courier service, but you would prefer to enlists the services was it you wrote up there... "shper?" looks like you tried to write sherpa. Very well. You would prefer to use your sherpas. Since it is Your Day, after all, I see no reason not to honor your wishes. Between you and me, I've used sherpas on several occasions in the Himalayas. (fun fact: Did you know that an adult male sherpa can carry 8 times his own body weight on his back? I think it has something to do with centrifugal forces and surface tension or something. Also maybe Aurora Borealis. Pretty neat, huh? Anyway, as you get to know me better, you'll find out that I'm like a walking encyclopedia of facts like these.) So, is this your own personal sherpa, or did you rent him from the agency? The sherpas here in Nashville usually have a hard time finding work - you can usually find of pack of them just sitting outside Home Depot at 6 in the morning - since the only slopes we have here are gentle to mild inclines. I know your sherpa must be ecstatic to have the chance to finally carry something up into the Rocky Mountains! (those are in Utah, right?) That reminds me...I don't even know what city you're in! That would probably be a good thing to find out before we book our flight, huh? Duh. And what hotel is the wedding party staying with? I've got AAA and a ton of frequent flier miles, so we should be able to book this trip for basically nothing. I do have one small favor though; I don't mean to impose or tell your wife how to cook for her own wedding, but if I sent her my grandma's recipe for jalapeno emu omelettes, do you think she could whip up at least one or two for the reception? (Don't worry, I'll eat it standing up so you don't have to mess up your seating arrangements.)

One last thing. You said that your wife is "slim fit," but you requested a size-12 Frankendress. I think I see what's going on here, you sly dog, you! <wink, wink> She's reading your emails isn't she? It's okay, you can tell me. We're old "roommates," remember? But I hear ya, and I dig your game. Even if you think she's a little on the hefty side, let her "accidentally" catch you saying flattering things about her in private, and she'll be all up on that for years to come! Well played, my friend. Well played indeed.

your good buddy,

thanks for the reply, am so sorry about the delay lizzy was a little bit sick that's why you haven't gotten the payment and our doctor dr gray would be discharging her on friday.i will get back to on wednesday with the details of the payment.

And then a few days later:

I want to inform you that the money order will arrive today via courier service and here is the tracking#( XXXXXXXX0899) for the money order package. Once you receive the money order please cashed it at your bank instantly or you will be ask to deposit the money order for 24 hours and come back for the cash the next day, and then you can deduct the money for your item plus extra $50 which is a gift for you and you are to wire the remaining funds to my Mover via Western Union Transfer. This fund will be use in off setting the cost of the shipment that as undertaken for me recently and they will be needing a part of that to come over to your place for the pick up.

===HOW TO FILL THE MONEY ORDERS=== The Money Orders has 2 sections

The 1st section {writes pay to} this space you are to fill in your full names and address.
Name:shane almgren

Address: XXXX 9th Ave S

Nashville, TN 37204

The 2nd section {writes from} this space you are to fill in this name and address:
Brian Smith,

XXXX North Quail Drive,

Madison,Indiana, 47250

Below is my mover payment department to wire the remaining balance to via western union transfer...

Name- Rashawn Williamson


Newark State-New Jerseyzip code- 07103
Note: that the western union transfer fee should be deducted from the remaining balance.
As soon as you have fund send out via western union transfer, kindly get back to me with the western union transfer details on the transfer receipt as below so that my mover can schedule for the pickup of my item by tomorrow..

1}.Sender's name and address

2}.MTCN numbers {10 digits}

3}.Amount sent after deducting the transfer fee.

5}.The exact time that you will be available for my mover to come for the pickup of my item at your place by tomorrow.
Please let me know at once if i can trust you to have the excess funds sent to my Mover because i have lots of goods to be picked up for me aside my transaction with you.I will be expecting your email with a confirmation on this issue at once

At this point, "Jacob" found and friended me on Facebook, and started a separate conversation over there. For some reason, his Facebook name was "Lizzy Jacob." Here was our Fb dialogue:

thank you so much for everything, i will be waiting to receive the informations to receive the balance at the western union so my shipper can be over there at your location to pick up the dress, i really cant wait to have this dress, my wife is going to love it so much and i am sure of it, anyway i will hope to read from you soon, thank you so much and God bless

Aw, man, thanks you so much! That really means a lot! I really hope you guys have a wonderful wedding and life together. If your new bride has as much fun with you as I'm having, then that will make two very happy people.

thanks so much,i really appreciate it,she will have all the fun with me..

Note: The wedding dress was listed for $450 on Craiglsist. A FedEx letter arrived in the mail that Saturday morning while I was sleeping. It contained two separate checks for $900 each. My wife had no idea what they were for, so she just signed them and deposited them in the bank, and then told me about it later.

And now back to our email correspondence...

Hey Jake,
Your check did come in the mail today, but I woke up too late to get to the bank. They close at 11 am here on Saturdays. I'll go first thing Monday morning and get the cash out for your shipping guys.

I'm a little confused though about all the different people and addresses involved. I am in Nashville, Tennessee with your wedding dress, which will be ready for pick-up on the 11th. You are somewhere in Utah. For some reason, your shipper is from New Jersey. I have no idea who Brian Smith is, what function he serves in in this transaction of ours, and why he's located in Indiana. This all seems unnecessarily complicated, especially when you have a wedding to prepare for. Let's do this instead: Instead of wiring the funds to a mover in New Jersey who will have to drive across the entire country to pick up your wedding dress and bring it to you, I'll just wire the money directly back to you in Utah, and then ship the dress overnight when it's finished. That way you get the dress much quicker and FAR more cheaper. Consider the money you'll be saving my wedding gift from me to you. Just give me your Utah mailing address.




Dear Jake,

I don't mean to tell you how to run your personal finances, but this has to be the most needlessly complicated way to purchase anything in the history of ever. Why don't you just pay for the shipping yourself with a credit or debit card - or Paypal - like a normal person instead of mailing me extra money and asking me to wire it on to your shipping home office for you? That's kinda like running out to the store for a quick gallon of milk by way of Canada. I live in the middle of Tennessee, and we don't exactly have Western Unions on every street corner. The closest one is a 26 mile drive into town, and I wasn't planning on going there until Wednesday. Since that's the day the dress is supposed to be done, why don't I just give the cash to the shippers when they get here to pick it up?


thanks for the mail,i would really appreciate it if you can do it before Tuesday,the shipper cant come before their payment.they will have to have the money before coming to pick it sorry for making you go through this much hassle.please i would really appreciate it if you can make it on Monday.

Hey Jake,
I think I found a perfect solution to get your money to the shippers by Tuesday without me having to drive all the way into town to wire it. I'll go first thing tomorrow morning and deposit your checks in the bank. The bank is close enough to my house that my kid could ride a goat there. Actually, that gives me a great idea! Since he's not old enough to drive (he's only 9), and he can't ride a bike (he lost a leg in a freak duck-duck-goose accident at Vacation Bible School), I should get him a goat so he can run errands for me. I am going to get on Craigslist right now and see if anyone is selling goats, or maybe wants to trade one for a Play Station 3. I'm just assuming that finding a goat won't be a big problem, so I'll send the kid to the bank on his new goat as soon as it opens tomorrow. I know the lobby opens at 8 am, but I think the drive-thru tellers open at 7:30. I don't know for sure what their policy is on using the drive-thru if you're riding goat-back, but we'll find out soon enough. Anyway, you give me your shipper's website, and I'll just set up a Paypal payment that will go through automatically as soon as the checks clear at the bank, which should be no later than noon on Tuesday. That way the shippers get their money on time, you get your dress, I don't have to drive into town, and my kid gets a new goat. It's a win-win-win-win! I can't believe we didn't think of this earlier.

PS: We're still planning on flying in on the 13th for the wedding, but you never told us which city in Utah we're headed to. Also, we need you to recommend a nice hotel for us.

thanks a bunch,

Obviously, nobody showed up on the 11th to pick up the dress, so I sent another letter:

Hey Jake,
The dress was ready yesterday, as per my end of our agreement, but nobody came to pick it up. When I realized that we may have done all the work for nothing, I decided not to deposit your checks at the bank, but to just cash them at a check-cashing place and keep the money for myself. I can't tell you how good it feels to be walking around with 18 crisp $100 bills in my pocket. Thanks for the business, SUCKER!


you were the one who never got back to me.i really dont joke with my money so what the [F---] is wrong with you.i was expecting your mail and i never received it.i want my money back right away. I believe I'll keep it. Thanks for playing though.

i dont just need to worry am reporting you now to the FBI and they are going to be knocking on your door soon.

Sure you are, "Jake." Because this is a matter of national security, right? Try the FTC instead. I'm sure they'd love to hear from you.

I hope you learned a valuable lesson about dealing with strangers on Craigslist. There are a lot of scammers out there, and you never know when you might lose your money to someone who seems like a nice guy. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have $1800 to go buy a new jet ski. Off of Craigslist. Dumbass.


I never heard back from "Jacob" again. Obviously, I was aware of this scam and suspected the checks were fake, so after depositing them, we didn't actually touch the money. I just wanted to see how long it would take the bank to catch it. The scary part is that it took FOUR FREAKING MONTHS! I'm not sure if our branch was entirely staffed with barn owls for a whole fiscal quarter, but until a Bank of America representative personally shows up on my doorstep with security footage proving conclusively this wasn't the case, I'm going to go ahead and assume it was.


Scarface on August 21, 2015:

That was hilarious!!!!!!! Dr grey what a great made up name. Really spend a lot of time on that one. Lol I have a Scammer on the line right now who is texting me wanting my bank information to direct deposit me money. Lol that's the new scam,direct depositing. I went to the Android Market and downloaded a text beta program which allows me to send anyone tens of thousands of texts simultaneously. It will block their phone up for month if I wanted to without being able to use it period just started running the beta text on him yesterday. Which means he has not been able to use his phone for at least a full 24 hours so far. The text he is receiving every 3 seconds is a picture of Tony Montana saying say hello to my little friend. Lol classic.

ScamPolice from Vermont on December 22, 2014:

I love these stories of messing with scammers! Way to lead him on and piss him off! Haha

Mikey on October 09, 2013:

i gave a contractor a $500 deposit for a paintig job at my house- he called me 2 weeks later and cancelled the job- to date i have not recd my deposit money back- 6 mos later-

i reported him to the BBB- angieslist- the atty general- and my local police department-

if i post the posts from the BBB and angieslist on craigslist showing people what he did to me is that considered harassment? i mean it is public knowledge- if i direct all people to check out his company on the BBB wesbite or angies list- can he come back at me in anyway?

please let me know- if you have any legal knowledge about this


cj on September 18, 2013:

I am scamming a scammer they paid $20.00 to fed ex my fake check cops probably wont catch them but at least they are helping the post office

ChattanoogaGirl on August 22, 2013:

Hysterical! Go, Nashville. I found your article after response to my Craigslist ad for automobiles for sale was answered by a scammer. I'm motivated to have a little fun myself.

Jon on November 22, 2012:

The checks he sent you were actually real? Dumbass. Scammers only send me fake checks :( either that or send me an email from "PayPal" (its actually the scammer) saying i received the money in my account, which i didn't.

Don on September 15, 2012:

where did you cash the check? I thought the checks bounce and then you become responsible to pay back the money you got.

Amber on August 20, 2012:

I just want to say that this was the most informative bit of information because I am currently in a similar situation except I wasn't quite as smart and I did give the snake my address. They sent me a check. It's for $3,000 mind you my item I am selling is for $850. Now that I have the check I wanted to research some stuff because I wasn't sure what could happen to me or how they would benefit from this scam. But I guess they can. More importantly I just wanted to comment because you have the BEST sense of humor and I literally laughed out loud at my computer to the point that my boyfriend had to come see what the hell was so funny. Thank you for helping me to start my day with a wonderful laugh!! I wish good things to you and your family! :)

Bev on April 17, 2012:

Absolutely hilarious! I'm in the Nashville area and have to know what bank you use...

Meagan Ireland from Maine on December 18, 2011:

That was too funny ..... I can't believe you got him to carry on a conversation! Awesome hub, thanks for the laugh!

ThePowersThatBe on June 22, 2011:

A Reply Message To Scammers

Dear (Name of Scammer):


Your response to my inquiry/resume regarding the “Personal Assistant” position posted on craigslist has qualified you for a free, life-time membership on The FlakeList. You should be proud since only the elite make this list! Think of it as the who’s who of flakes, scammers and spammers.

Now when your name, company, email, phone is Googled, a link is supplied so the viewer has 24/7/365 access to your personal webpage.

Wait there’s more!

Changing your name, company, email or phone – NO PROBLEM, our database is updated daily.

Since you responded before the deadline, you are qualified for our PREMIUM DEXLUX PACKAGE.

This package (free of charge) offers message forwarding to the FTC, Electronic Crime Task Force (FBI) and the job board to which you posted your advertisement. We even throw in your I.P. address and any other email addresses included in your message just for good measure.

No need to thank me for this wonderful service, you DESERVE it.

You can view your webpage at:

In closing, thank you again for contacting me. It has been my personal pleasure to add your name/message to this list.

SJKSJK from delray beach, florida on June 09, 2011:

I do spend a lot of time on craigslist and have come across scammers. Especially when looking for a job. thanks for this informaiton.

Keith Abt from The Garden State on June 08, 2011:

Great (and hilarious) hub. I just posted my first-ever "for sale" ad on Craigslist a week ago (trying to sell my old beer can collection) and the very first (and so far, only) response I've gotten has been from a scammer. He sent me a very similar e-mail to the one you got, i.e. He was "going on vacation to London" but he was going to instruct his "associate" to send me a cashier's check or money order for the full amount plus an extra $20 for my trouble and then he'd pick up the "items" after I cashed the check. My B.S. alarm went off right away so I responded "I'm sorry, I am only accepting cash for this collection," and I never heard back from him. Big surprise. If only I'd had the presence of mind to jerk him around and string him along the way you did to this guy, just for humor. Thanks for the laugh.

Vanessa Rojas on May 25, 2011:

This is the Craigslist ad for a job:

Receptionist / administrative assistant is needed. Experience as an administrative assistant is a must.

Job responsibilities include:

-Data entry

-Customer service (via phones and in office appointments)

-Managing driver routes and schedules

-Organizing pick up and delivery schedules

-Packaging (no heavy lifting required)

-Shipping/receiving packages

-General office duties (fax, scan, mail)

Qualifications include:

-Ability to multi-task

-Professionalism and good communication skills

-Desire to follow instructions and retain information

-Organizational skills

-Punctuality and reliablity

-Works well with others (other receptionists and managers)

-Previous receptionist experience in the dental and/or medical field is favorable and desired

*Well qualified applicants have the ability to be promoted to office manager with salary pay

Hours of operation: Monday-Friday 8a-5p with 1 hour lunch

* Location: south florida

* Compensation: Pay @ $22- $25/hr

* Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.

* Please, no phone calls about this job!

* Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.

PostingID: 2357778143

THEN i get an email:

Hello Vanessa,

The Hiring Desk of the company has just reviewed your resume and we believe you have the required qualifications to undergo an online interview..

To proceed with this Receptionist/Administrative Assistant Position you must undergo an online interview via yahoo messenger. You are required to have a yahoo instant messenger on your computer.

I want you to setup a yahoo messenger simply go to (IM) if you don't have one and Instant Message me (Mrs Edward) on my yahoo ID ( Asap for the interview so that you can get Started for the position.

Hope to read back from you soon.

Kind Regards

Mr Edward Martinez

SOOO i download yahoo and all that and we start (I already know its a scam from the Ad on craigslist) LOL ENJOY!

Edward Martinez: Hello

vanessarojaslove: Good morning, How are you today?

Edward Martinez: Great thanks and yourself

vanessarojaslove: Doing well thank you

vanessarojaslove: This is the first time I do an interview this way.

Edward Martinez: Good day...Am Edward Martinez Personnel manager for Lead Computer Inc, a company described with great history was established in 1996 with a commitment to provide computer products that would stand up to the demands of European and American market..I am here to interview you for the position you seek with our company. Can we proceed ?

vanessarojaslove: Yes

Edward Martinez: What's your Fullname and where are you currently located ? Why do you want this job, what do you understand by the term "pettycash" and are you currently employed ?

vanessarojaslove: Vanessa Rojas, Miami Florida soon to be Miami or South beach. I want this job because I believe to qualify and be a good asset. Petty cash is usually money set aside by a corporation or business, to aid in misc items. There must be record for every transaction. Dates, time, amount taken and for what reason. Spreadsheets are most useful in this. I am NOT currently employed.

Edward Martinez: How would you describe your work ethics and are you comfortable with the fact that this is an online/work from home job?

vanessarojaslove: Is this a scam?

Edward Martinez: Sorry

Edward Martinez: we do not run scam here in our company okay

vanessarojaslove: My work ethic is persistant, comfortable and independent. I am comfortable this is a at home job ONLY if it is legit of course..

Edward Martinez: Privacy and code of conduct....explain the phrase?

vanessarojaslove: I have worked from home before.

vanessarojaslove: I understand every business attains different types of privacy policy and conduct. Usually it is to have a standard expectancy of behavior, action taken, and responsibilities from the employee.

Edward Martinez: Impressive

Edward Martinez: This is a work from home job where you will be doing adminitartive assistant related (accounting related) work will be sent to you daily via emails and you are to submit work back to me at the end of the day via email...

Edward Martinez: Very well....I would like to tell you more about this job offer

As a Payroll and Office Assistant Position , you will:

*Enter admission and billing data for clients and payroll information for employees into the computer system, and forward documentation to the appropriate processing center.

*Maintain client/employee records, and distribute copies of compliance documentation to appropriate branch staff based on Company approved standardized paper flow.

Edward Martinez: *Ensure all client and employee files are current and complete, interface with administrative staff to gather deficient or inaccurate documents, and notify the manager when employees do not respond to requests for needed documentation

And any other related data entry tasks as it may be assigned by the supervisor. I believe you can handle all of this at any given time ?

vanessarojaslove: Yes.


1. How many hours are you willing to Work per day? (5hr Minimum)

2. What time range? (Morning Section 8am-12noon or Afternoon section 3pm-6pm)

3. Payroll Interval? (Weekly or Bi-weekly)

4. Payroll Method (Check or Direct Deposit)

We offer $25 per hour

vanessarojaslove: 5 hour minimum? Is this different then the time ranges? 8 hours morning, afternoon, whichever. weekly, check

Edward Martinez: Just to inform you that Lead Computer Inc would be providing you with a mini office equipments that would be use for the data entry. the following would be sent to you

* Hp Notebook Pentium D Duo Processor 1800 mGHZ, 120 Gigg HDD, 1G Internal Memory.

* All in One Printer, Scanner, Fax and Photocopier Machine.

* Microsoft Office and Microsoft Operating Systems ( Service Packs 2 )

* Mini-Office Stationaries.

vanessarojaslove: But first I have to do some money transaction right?

Edward Martinez: How do you mean?

vanessarojaslove: I have to purchase these items with the 'money' you are going to send me?

vanessarojaslove: to build trust or something?

vanessarojaslove: Are you even located in USA?

Edward Martinez: Singup bonus and shipping agent fee is the funds they will send out to you

Edward Martinez: Yes

Edward Martinez: 972-220-9566

Edward Martinez: That is my desk #

vanessarojaslove: So u will send me a check no?

vanessarojaslove: and u want me to cash it instead of deposit?

vanessarojaslove: What do you need from me then?

Edward Martinez: You are not needed to cash it instantly

vanessarojaslove: What do you need from me then?

Edward Martinez: right now i need tio verify your application from craiglist

Edward Martinez: Are you there?

vanessarojaslove: Yes

vanessarojaslove: I'm ready

Edward Martinez: Okay

Edward Martinez: I need your cell #

vanessarojaslove: My cell phone is disconnected. It is on my resume anyway you can just get it from there no?

Edward Martinez: I just want to be sure if you do receive text message

Edward Martinez: Because a text message will be sent to your cell

vanessarojaslove: I will be able to as soon as it is connected again.

Edward Martinez: when

Edward Martinez is typing...

Edward Martinez: This have to be done now as we speake

vanessarojaslove: It should be a few days. I will text you when It's connected again to confirm

vanessarojaslove: I know this is a scam

Edward Martinez: A check will be issued and mail out to you for the purchase of the following softwares that will be needed during your orientation and training.And you will make this necesscary deducts

* $300 For BS 1 Accounting software which is to be purchased Next week.

* You deduct $150 for your self for signing Bonus ( This is to help to Multivate staff towards commencement )

* Telegram the remaining to the Shipping agent to effect Shipping Logistics for your Equipments Listed above.( this is to be done via Western Union money Transfer or Money Gram )

vanessarojaslove: I reported you to craigslist

vanessarojaslove: and to and flagged u


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