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How Public Relations Expert Caroline Maréchal Helps Bring Major Films into the Spotlight

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Bringing a big-budget film or series to life requires an enormous team of professionals, even beyond the film crew and actors. When major networks and publishers launch their creations internationally, they lean on marketing experts like Caroline Maréchal, a French public relations specialist who has worked with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry.

For a film to break box office records, it must be marketed properly to build hype and anticipation, enticing cinema-goers to catch the “next big movie.” Whether it’s a new season for a fan-favorite show, a sequel in a beloved film franchise, or even an entirely original IP (intellectual property), a seasoned public relations specialist can craft a strategy to cleverly capture the attention of media outlets and the general public.

Noémie Lefort and Caroline Maréchal on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival

Noémie Lefort and Caroline Maréchal on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival

Caroline Maréchal explains the craft of PR best: “Public relations is the strategic crafting of your story, your message. Publicity is the result of your story being placed in front of your target audience through social, print, and electronic media. To achieve publicity, a PR professional should connect and build relationships with media professionals, organize special events, and engage with the community. To excel in this field, one must be creative, imaginative, strategic, resourceful, wise and passionate.”

Maréchal’s wisdom is the result of a long and storied career in the industry. After completing her studies at the University of Cergy-Pontoise in France, she broke into the PR industry as a publicist at Universal Pictures’ French office. Over the course of six years at Universal, Maréchal came to truly understand the industry and her role within it, while also cutting her teeth on some of the biggest franchises in the entertainment industry, such as “Shrek,” “Jurassic Park,” “Fast and Furious,” “Back to the Future,” and “E.T.”

After Universal, Maréchal was hired by Warner Bros. France. As a senior publicist, and eventually publicity manager, she began to play a leadership role, handling more of the “big picture,” strategic thinking, and delegating tasks to subordinates on her team.

Caroline Maréchal on the Iron Throne from "Game of Thrones"

Caroline Maréchal on the Iron Throne from "Game of Thrones"

At Warner Bros. Maréchal worked closely with HBO to secure press coverage for the hugely popular show, “Game of Thrones,” as the fourth season launched. One of the major pieces of the campaign for this launch was a massive fan screening at Le Grand Rex—a famous and historic theater in Paris with 2,700 seats—that was attended by Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner and Liam Cunningham, three well-known actors from the series. Maréchal also worked closely with French media, such as the broadcaster OCS, as well as the magazines Paris Match, VSD, Le Parisien, Libération, 20 mn who extensively covered this event as well as the launch of the new “Game of Thrones” season.

(From left to right) Sophie Turner, Liam Cunningham and Maisie Williams at the "Game of Thrones" Fan Screening

(From left to right) Sophie Turner, Liam Cunningham and Maisie Williams at the "Game of Thrones" Fan Screening

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“Caroline is not only a great publicist with bright ideas and good relationship-building skills,” said Noémie Lefort, Film Director and CEO of Little Frog Productions, a Paris-based production company that Maréchal regularly interfaced with while working at Warner Bros. “She also has a good energy and huge sense of humor, which make her very easy to work with.”

Maréchal also led the French PR campaign for the release of Christopher Nolan’s film “Dunkirk,” which was filmed in Dunkirk, France. One of the major pieces of this campaign was the French premiere of the film, which was held at the only theater in the town of Dunkirk. This premiere was attended by the town’s Mayor, Patrice Vergriete, as well as the President of the Hauts-de-France Region, Xavier Bertrand. Some of the film’s stars, such as Harry Styles, were also in attendance, and drew even more fans from around France to the event.

Harry Styles on the "Dunkirk" Red Carpet

Harry Styles on the "Dunkirk" Red Carpet

Other films that Maréchal helped launch in France while at Warner Bros. include “Mad Max: Fury Road,” “The Lego Movie 2,” and “Joker.” All of these launches were great successes thanks to Maréchal’s skilled and thoughtful leadership, as well as her creative approach.

Speaking of her career accomplishments in France, Maréchal said, “I had the pleasure and opportunity to work with some biggest French and US film studios on worldwide and local films and shows, which were all very successful. I’m proud to have secured coverage for our releases in all major national outlets, from Le Monde and Première to Télé 7 jours and Paris Match, to name a few.”

After a brilliant career at Warner Bros., Maréchal decided to take the leap and move to Los Angeles for an opportunity to work as head of publicity at Cardel Group, a 360-degree turnkey service to create and support publicity events such as talent management, global junket activities, screening premieres, marketing activations, as well as festivals, awards and conventions. Her wealth of experience and international perspective made her an obvious fit for this role, and she quickly jumped in and made an impact for Cardel Group’s clients, including Gaumont, Netflix, and Hublot.

Currently, Maréchal is working as a public relations specialist consultant, aiding French filmmaker Noémie Lefort in securing press for her upcoming film, “Mon Héroïne,” which will be released later this year in France with Universal Pictures.

Caroline Maréchal’s keen eye for detail and a star-studded resume make her a highly reputable and highly sought-after consultant in the entertainment PR industry. Publicity is one of the most important components for a film or series’ success, and Maréchal knows just how to generate buzz in the media, making her just as valuable as a great director, producer, or even actor.

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