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How Old is Grogu in Human Years?

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The Mandalorian and his adopted son, Grogu.

The Mandalorian and his adopted son, Grogu.

Grogu is the baby protected by Din Djarin, the bounty hunter hero of The Mandalorian, TV series focusing on the bounty hunters of the Star Wars saga, from which the notorious Boba Fett originates. Yes, that Boba Fett who captured Han Solo so he could be put in carbonite and delivered to the gangster Jabba the Hutt, so that Han could "pay off his debt" to Jabba. Well, Boba even makes a special appearance on the show at some point.

While the Mandalorians have had a sort of villainous air about them in the original Star Wars tales, The Mandalorian reimagines them beautifully as anti-heroes and protagonists.

The center of the story is a baby creature, who belongs to the same species as Grandmaster Yoda. Yoda himself was around 900 when he passed away. So obviously his species ages differently than us. Which begs the question: How old is Grogu?

We Don't Know Anything About His Species

Grogu seems to be, developmentally, a toddler and an infant. We don't really know how his species develops because George Lucas has kept everything about his species a secret since the days Yoda was originally introduced into the Star Wars saga. He wanted Yoda to have this air of mystery and that mysteriousness has continued to this day. Therefore, Grogu can in fact have the level of development of an infant and toddler simultaneously - because we know nothing of how his species develops. For this reason, he might spit up like an infant one minute, and come running to be picked up and comforted another minute, and maybe try to get into stuff he's not supposed to get into, just like a toddler would.

Grogu Spitting Up

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Grogu Running to His Dad

Grogu Trying to Play with Something He's Not Supposed to Play With

How Old is Grogu?

We know that he is 50 years old by our chronological time. We know this because it's a stand-out element in the story: When the bounty hunter went to get Grogu for the Empire so they could do what they want with him, he was told that Grogu was 50 years old. And, of course, Din Djarin was expecting someone who would appear much older than the diminutive and adorable Grogu.

But, as stated, Grogu is from the species that Yoda belongs to and these guys just don't age the same way as we do. Like I said, Yoda, in fact, was 900 years old when he passed, the way that Jedi pass on by disappearing and becoming a spirit of sorts: Or, one might say, by becoming absorbed by the Force.

At any rate, if one were to compare Yoda's age to a very well-developed and healthy human, we might assume him to have been 90 when he passed away. I think it's fair to say he was, comparably, about 90 in our years. Which means that his species is 10 years old to us when they are 100 years old. Half of 100 is 50, and half of 10 is 5, which places Grogu at the age of 5 in our years. He is like a 5-year old child. But again, he is a 5-year old in the way that his species is a 5-year old - with elements of an infant and toddler.

Grogu is small, but larger than life.

Grogu is small, but larger than life.

Baby Yoda, The Child, Grogu is a phenomenon. He captured our attention and our hearts and he touches on all of our instincts to protect a baby. And that's what happened to the ruffian Din Djarin too. An atypical bounty hunter Mandalorian, he himself was an orphan just as Grogu is. He was taken in, trained and protected by the Mandalorians and taught to be a bounty hunter. So while it's ironic, it's also fitting that he saves the baby and learns how to make a very emotional and spiritual contact with him. This chronicle of the Star Wars saga is deep and touching, and it's no surprise it's taken so many of us in and captivated us by this relatable and heart-warming story.

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