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How Much Do Hallmark Actors Get Paid?

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It is hard to pinpoint what Hallmark actors get paid for several reasons. First of all, the actors get paid depending on the budget of the movies. Since all Hallmark movies don't have the same budget, there is no set pay for the actors' pay.

They don't all get paid the same. Like with any other job, longtime actors get paid more than those newcomers. Leading actors get paid more than supporting actors.

Even when you find out an actor's net worth, you still won't be able to determine how much of that comes only from Hallmark. Actors have sources of income other than from the Hallmark Channel.

While working for Hallmark, many actors still work for other networks, such as Lifetime and Netflix. Also, several of them are regulars on soap operas. If you read about their background, you will see that most of them get paid for book deals, modeling, clothing line, and other projects and side hustles. Some have gotten paid for appearing on the popular dance competition show, Dancing with the Stars.

While it is difficult to find out just how much Hallmark actors get paid, there are some guidelines to give fans an idea of how much their favorite actors are being compensated for entertaining them.


Salary Depends on the Budget

Movies have budgets. Therefore, actors' salaries depend on whether the movie is a low-budget movie or a high-budget movie. It is estimated that many Hallmark actors get paid between $50,000 to $200,000 per movie for an average movie with a $2 million budget.

A Hallmark movie is not as expensive to make as some other movies. Action movies are expensive to make. That doesn't include Hallmark movies. Hallmark doesn't splurge on scenery and props. To get the most out of the budget, many Hallmark movies and especially holiday movies are shot in Canada because of the winter scenery and the tax breaks the network can get there. Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto are popular destinations for Hallmark's winter movies.

If you are wondering if the actors get paid before or after a movie, the answer is they are paid some or all of their pay during the production with money the producers get from investors before filming. The producer repays the investors from money collected from the box office.

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According to SAG Guidelines

According to the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), actors must be paid a minimum amount for a leading role. The popular and sought-after stars get paid more. To film a Hallmark movie usually takes only two to three weeks.

More than likely, the well-known actors who have been working for Hallmark for a long time will get more than actors who are just starting out on the Hallmark Channel. No matter what the salary is for a Hallmark actor, he does not get to take home that amount. He will probably take home only 70% of what his actual pay is because he has to pay at least 10% to his agent in addition to other personal fees. Actors, like other employees, have to pay taxes.

Lead Roles vs. Supporting Roles

The Hollywood Reporter estimates that A-list movie stars routinely make $15 million to $20 million for top roles in big-budget films. Secondary lead actors in a movie could earn an estimated $1.5 million to $4.5 million

Things Fans Do Know

While viewers don't know the exact amount of money Hallmark actors earn for performing in a movie, there are certain things that are known.

  • Every actor does not get paid the same amount.
  • An actor doesn't get the same amount for every movie.
  • The amount paid depends on the budget for that particular movie. Therefore, an actor could get more for some movies and less for others.
  • Leading stars get more than supporting actors in the same movie.
  • Actors are well paid for their talent and work ethic.

It is certain that Hallmark actors are paid well. Otherwise, they wouldn't keep performing in Hallmark movies. Some actors appear in several movies a year just for Hallmark. Besides, they have other sources of income.

Apparently, the actors are comfortable and enjoy working for the Hallmark Channel. Many have spoken out about how delighted they are to perform in movies that are positive.


How Much Do the Hallmark Actors Make

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How Much Do Hallmark Actors Make

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