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How Magic Mike(2012) Is More of Horror Film Than a Comedy

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The meeting

Mike meets Adam who is a 19 year old that lives on his sister's couch. The acting in the beginning of the film is pretty boring. It is literally the calm before the storm. Mike is the main character but we will be diving deep into Adam's sex and drug addiction that end up being his downfall. It is unfortunate that this movie protrays some serious issues as it seems they are more glossed over because of the comedy of being a male stripper.

The initiation

Adam meets Mike in front of the club and Mike helps Adam get into the club. Mike tells Adam to talk to the woman with a tiara as it is a special night for her. Mike hands the woman a flyer for a male stripper show and asks her to come. Mike then takes Adam to the male stripper club and asks him to help with the show. We meet the male strippers who have various nicknames and it does not seem like they have much of a personality besides there abs. Mike ends up pushing Adam onto the stage and adam awkwardly takes his clothes off. This is the beginning of Adam's intiation in the male stripper world. When Adam makes out with the woman earlier and the show goes well, both Mike and Dallas(the owner of the stripper show) agree to let Adam join the male strippers.

The allure of drugs and sex

After to practicing male dance moves and going stripper shopping with Mike, Adam starts his downward spiral. In his next show Adam drinks some type of calorie free drug with the strippers. Fastforward to a party and Adam makes a deal with the DJ and begins selling escasty drugs. Adam also starts having lots of unprotected sex with various people. He likes the freedom to have sex and drugs as much as he wants because of the freedom Adam feels from the stripping lifestyle.

Rock Bottom

Adam hits rock bottom when he gives drugs to a client while stripping at a sorority house. The girl's boyfriend and friends start fighting both Adam and Mike. They end up being thrown from the house and do not get paid which infuriates Dallas. The stripper lifestyle is consistent drugs and sex. Adam eventually hits rock bottom and Mike ends up paying for Adam's debt from the drugs he bought off the DJ. This definitely enables Adam's drug addiction and he does not receive any help for his problems. Adam eventually becomes unconscious from the drugs he took the night before but he lives. That is what is scary about this movie is that Adam's drug addiction is glossed over and found to be funny.

The ending

Mike ends up leaving the strippers because he does not want to do it anymore. Adam ends up taking Mike's place in the lineup which solidifys his membership with the male strippers. Adam does not receive any help for his addictions and is left to get worse regarding overdosing on drugs. He is likely to get serious sexual diseases and is likely to get HIV if he does not control his sexual desires. The juxtaposition of this comedy movie about stripping and the fact it shows a serious concern of addiction is both interesting and really concerning. It is abnormal to not control dangerous behaviors that will likely result in dire consequences.

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