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How Jamie Luner Made It Big

Jamie Luner worked extensively with several charitable organizations, namely The Unstoppable Foundation, Project Angel Food

You must remember the gorgeous Jamie Luner who played various memorable roles on the silver screen. And a few of those roles managed to form an engaging bond with the audience.

The story begins with “Just the Ten of Us,” a sit-com from the last 80s that aired on ABC. The show was a spin-off of another successful sit-com called the Growing Pains and debuted on April 26, 1988. It quickly escalated among the most loved shows on American TV behind its sister show. The people loved the characters, the comedy, and of course, the story.

The audience connected with each character as the cast justified each role they played. And among the cast was a young Jamie Luner who played Cindy Lubbock on the show. Cindy was a young teenager in the story and one of Coach Graham T. Lubbock’s seven children. And that’s how it all began.

Young talent is discovered

Some people believe Jamie Luner was meant to be a star. And her mother nudged her in the right direction as she hired a local talent agency when Jamie was a baby. The talent agency didn’t disappoint as Jamie got her first gig opposite Suzanne Somers when she was just four. It was a tissue commercial, and Jamie had to sneeze on cue.

Around the time Jamie was 15 she participated in and won a local Shakespeare competition. And being on the stage and winning the competition made her realize what she wanted to do. In a later interview, when they asked Jamie about the competition, she said, “Performing gave me such a high. My body was tingling.”

While Jamie was enjoying her first win on the stage, Growing Pains started airing on ABC. Jamie, then, managed to bag a small role on the show within its first year of airing. She appeared on the show a couple of times, and while she was doing that, her mother flew Jamie to New York. There, Jamie went to the Professional Children’s School.

Jamie Luner- A Star

Just the Ten of Us had a successful run for three seasons, and then the producers canceled the show in 1991. After the show went off-air, Jamie also took a break from acting and joined a culinary school. But it wasn’t long before she was back on the silver screen. We have seen her as Cindy Lubbock, Lexi Sterling in Melrose Place, Rachel Burke in Profiler, and Payton Richards in Savannah to name a few. The list is a long one, and it is difficult to select pin-point one single role.