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How Hard Is It to Say Goodbye to the Drummer Legend Taylor Hawkins

Taylor Hawkins, the drummer, was the type of character who would unexpectedly steal the show.

He contributed so much to the Foo Fighters that he was made a co-star alongside Dave Grohl. It's a rare case in pop music these days where a rock band retains that youthful, high school spirit of a rock band, where everyone is important and everyone works together for the collective project.

The ideal chemistry. Aggression... and levity. Some claim that Taylor foresaw the future. At the height of Alanis Morissette's career, he was her drummer. He risked everything on a fledgling band.

The Foo Fighters were still known as the band formed after Kurt Cobain's death by Dave Grohl, the former Nirvana drummer. That story was left in the past by the two. Taylor handled the pressure well, becoming admired by colleagues and beloved by fans.


William Goldsmith, the first candidate, succumbed to the pressure. Look, he joined the Foo Fighters with a friend, bassist Nate Mendel, from Sunny Day Real Estate, an emo band. In 2017, he told The Daily Mail, "I found out that he (Grohl) had re-recorded all the tracks and got rid of all my work." Dave was a perfectionist who worked under pressure and knew exactly what he wanted on the drums. William requested the bills.

Dave went to seek advice from a well-known drummer. Taylor Hawkins shared the stage with Alanis Morrissette. Even Dave wasn't expecting him to volunteer for the job. Taylor was a Texan raised in California who had attended a conservatory and played piano and guitar in addition to drums. Even so, life in the Foo Fighters was not easy for him.

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He became at ease in the group, and the fans grew accustomed to him.

Taylor's loose stage presence contributed to the Foo Fighters' transformation into a definitive arena rock band. The Foo Fighters reflected his affection for Queen, which he had felt since his days with Alanis. Taylor's laid-back Californian demeanor earned him the respect of musicians both inside and outside the band, as well as the sympathy of fans. The chemistry with Dave Grohl grew and had a great symbol in the exchange of positions until the final show - Dave on drums, Taylor on vocals, singing Queen's "Somebody to love." Taylor has worked on several independent projects in addition to his time with the Foo Fighters. Currently, he is still a member of the NHC, a supergroup founded during the pandemic by Dave Navarro and Chris Chaney of Jane's Addiction.

The Foo Fighters' history has been one of healing and rebuilding. Many years ago, there was no doubt that that drum bench was Taylor's - after 25 years, half his life.


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