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Why HIS-tory Lied To Us

I am very experienced in creative writing. Being creative when I write is soothing. It is therapy.


The late pastor Lawrence Sweeting pointed this out. It made his congregation think. Especially myself. I started wondering if all of those things in our history books are true. Years later, I started changing my look on things. Blacks and whites were hated. Not just us!!!!! Sadly, many think we are. HIS-tory has a lot to do with that. The award-winning actors, actresses, and musicians answer that well. The oppression of blacks has been exaggerated for a while. It has been so long until we call It right. When I say we, I am talking about myself. Currently, another generation of black kids are now being lied to. The bible stories have much more accuracy. This is my opinion. I won't be shocked if it's others as well. HIS-tory is has not been telling us the truth. Instead, it's been causing trouble.

We Were Lied To

A lot of people consider me hating my own kind. I'm a black man that is not afraid to talk about how selfish we could be. I love being black. What I do not love is how many of us are not satisfied. It's much more common now. There are successful business owners. They are successful before being professional. There are interracial unions. A list of a few late black celebrities include Martin Luther King Jr, Muhammad Ali, & Malcom X. Sadly, it's just wasn't enough for us. We have been lied to. Many things make sure it stays that way.


Things Thats Damaged Us

  1. Saying We are Africans
  2. Black History Month
  3. Black Lives Matter
  4. Saying White Privilage
  5. Saying Black-owned Label
  6. The Black Panthers
  7. The Black Culture

1. Saying We Are Africans

“Do we call whites European-American?” not many of those like me could answer that one. Neither could they answer “Were we born in Africa?”. I don’t call myself African American. I know it is on documents. It has been on for so long. That does not mean I agree with it. It is just nothing I could do about it. If I could call whites a color, they should be able to do the same to me. We should not be called African-Americans.

2. Black History Month

Have you ever asked yourself why we have this? Whites don't have a white history month. I have often. I am just the one writing an article about it. It is the shortest month of the year. That’s still a great win for us. We are equal in this country so what is the purpose for it? I maybe wrong but I could only think of division. We should not have a Black History Month.

3. Black Lives Matter

I wonder if it's developer said “We need another Klu Klux Klan” before this movement? That's just what this seems to be. BLM started in 2013. It is a decentralized political and social movement. The movement highlights racism, discrimination, and racial inequality. You don’t see a white lives matter movement, do you? These are one of the things we do not need. Things are much better for us without it.

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4. Saying White Privilege

To me, this is the craziest thing. I hate hearing people say white privilege. Instead of getting upset, I say Black Privilage. Most of the NBA starters are black. In fact, most the team is. Stars in the sports have been black for years. A few greats include Michael Jordan, Serena Williams or Tiger Woods. Right now Jordan owns the Charlotte Hornets. There are black stars on the big and small screen too. We have had much more given to us. For instance, our loving country did nothing to WNBA superstar Brittany Griner when she sat in that Locker room. She did not want to stand for the national anthem. In addition, she said it has no place in her profession. Black privilege has been active for years. Sadly, it has been used inappropriately. There is no reason to say white privilege when we clearly have it too.

5. Saying Black Owned

Before one run away with this don’t. I am not despising a business. Just saying that a business is a business. I along with many say this. Why must we put the black label on ours? White businesses do not do that. I never heard a white business owner say “come support me, I am white owned.” Sadly, I heard many black business owners say that. Black businesses have been around for a long time.

6. The Black Panthers

If the KKK existed and they were wrong why do we have this? Why do we have organizations like this? Another wrong won't make it right. It only keeps things going. Most humans on this earth have unfortunate pasts. To hear my kind act like we are the only ones is very selfish. We are not entitled to anything. You can’t convince me only we suffered for all +400 years. The story of Pharaoh and more in the bible prove that. You could go as far back to creation. God formed man out of dirt. We were equal than and are equal now. Everything was never perfect. Organizations like these we do not need.

7. The Black Culture

Think of the epic box office movies. Classics like The Color Purple, 12 years a slave, or even black panther. The blackness of these films are focused on. Steven Spelberg wrote the color purple. He's a white man. The slave owner was a black man. In Black Panther it was a white that helped save wakanda. Our culture hides this stuff. The late Dr Martin Luther King marched with whites. Our culture is loud in the wrong areas. I remember when I was young. I used to ask those questions. Every white person I saw I silently questioned. They were profiled. Especially since I grew up in poverty and in a community filled with blacks. We couldn't talk proper or wed be called names. Each one that tried to be heard “You think you white.” So I thought that was the way to be. As I became of knowledge, I stopped thinking that way. Whites were there but we slightly made them afraid to come out. Our culture has caused a lot of trouble.


It Causes Division

These things has caused division for year's. God is not the author of it. Racism or anything won't be talked about without HIS-tory. Many were made to keep us angry. I'm one of the blacks not falling it anymore. We are given everything and have been for a while. Don't get me wrong, whites are just as much. Things are not perfect but are a lot better. We are very privileged and that's sad. We don't need all of these things. Contrary to what society has taught us, we are in a great place. In fact, we have been in a great place.


Both whites and blacks and blacks are here. Despite it, many are still asking “Why are we hated on?” Why do the police treat us this way? Firstly, a lot of us ask for it. Even if it's a black cop doing it there's a problem. Police treat whites just as bad if they are doing wrong. I grew up asking these questions. Now that I'm older, I see kids doing the same. It's very disheartening. The same garbage they are infected with. Knowing the history of slavery and racism is not helping our human culture. I'm not going to say whites or blacks because there is none. We were all created equal. Its not perfect but the system isn't to hurt us. We are in Paradise so enjoy it.

© 2022 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius

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