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How Gaga Read My Mind

Two best friends who had gone wild and exploring new level of humanity

Lady Gaga’s 6th studio album Chromatica was dropped on May 29th. It exploded with chart topping singles like Stupid Love, Rain on me ft. Ariana Grande and Sour candy ft. Black Pink which were the most bop songs of the album. The album included feminist songs like free woman, Fun tonight and also addressing lgbtq+ community with songs like Stupid Love and Rain on Me.

Rain On Me ft.Ariana Grande

Click link for the MV of RAIN OF ME

Click link for the MV of RAIN OF ME

Rain on Me Music video

Don't you ever let a soul in the world tell you that you can't be exactly who you are.

— Lady Gaga

The most important thing which struck me was the album divided into three parts, Chromatica I, Chromatica II and Chromatica III. The first time when the track list was released, I thought it was just one single song divided into three parts, which I still thought was an amazing idea. However on the day of release, my first intention was to play Chromatica I, II, III echoing it all over again. But the moment when I clicked the first part, that was the time when my mind was blown, POOF!

I couldn’t believe how she actually read my mind. I always wanted orchestra music and pop music to mix and create a new sound. SHE DID IT! The three parts were actually the interludes (instrumental orchestra) between the songs. Another thing that snatched my wig was when the interludes were broken down as the beginning of the song. Chromatica was broken down into three parts where each part consists of three songs each. My favorite part is Chromatica I which includes Alice, Stupid Love, Rain on Me, Free woman And Fun tonight.

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The orchestra music was done by an actress, singer, and songwriter Morgan Kibby as well as Gaga. The interludes was maturely synced with the idea and the emotions of the songs. I think Gaga deserves a Grammy for the album. Her creativity is beyond our time just like how ARTPOP didn’t justify in the year 2013 where EDM was way past its years.

Lady Gaga is very significant for the music industry to maintain Pop music in the world of dominating Hip Hop. I really believe that gaga will maintain pop music in trending till her retirement. She has the talent of making innovative mixture of genre in a single song and album which makes it more high-spirited as well as authentic. She can capture both the youth and the older generations of people.


As a proud Little Monster, I love every album that she gave birth to and the art and messages in her music videos. This album, Chromatica, stands out from the 5 albums she had recorded. In my opinion, Gaga is really reaching out to people who really into music and not the people who thinks music is a “TIME PASS”

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