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How Did Yoko Mitsuya Enter the Fashion Modeling Industry?

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Who Is Yoko Mitsuya and Why Should the World Know About Her?

Yoko Mitsuya is a Japanese supermodel and actress. She was born on November 8, 1984. I discovered who Yoko is through a simple internet search about Japanese supermodels. If you are a fan of Japanese supermodels or gravure idols, Yoko Mitsuya is one of the first models that you should check out. With gravure idols such as Reon Kadena, Aki Hoshino, and Arisa Oda getting all of the attention, why is Yoko Mitsuya not included among those models on the Ask Men website? I don’t know why Yoko Mitsuya isn’t included in that list but she definitely deserves consideration. What follows is not just some random biography about a fashion model & actress but rather why Yoko Mitsuya may be one of the fashion models that may be forgotten by some people.

Yoko Mitsuya Back In 1999 in the Photo Book Vacation


Early Life of Yoko Mitsuya

Although Yoko was born in Tokyo, she moved to Saitama, Japan shortly after that. When she was in the first grade, she was involved in ballet dancing. Her original dream was to become a ballerina. When she was in the sixth grade, Yoko applied for the Horipro Talent Scout Caravan and because of the quality of her work, she was awarded a prize.

What Was the Roadblock That Yoko Mitsuya Encountered?

Yoko Mitsuya had the intention of becoming an actress but because of her large size, she began modeling. Because of her body size, she was considered to be more mature for her age at that time. She was considered by society to be a bit too chubby and this caused her to go on a crash diet at 16 years of age. But as future events would dictate, she would be beautiful in no time to do modeling!

Yoko Mitsuya In 2006

The Theme of this photo session is called "Stare At Me."

The Theme of this photo session is called "Stare At Me."

Yoko Mitsuya and Her Future In Fashion Modeling

Yoko Mitsuya was probably my second favorite Japanese model next to Yoko Matsugane but that was many years ago. I read that Yoko Mitsuya wants to do this kind of modeling work until the age of 60. If that is true, then we have to admire her dedication. Who would want to be involved with modeling until 60? Only those that are really dedicated would probably do this.


Why I Really Like Yoko Mitsuya

Why does this writer like Yoko Mitsuya so much? Is it because she was born in November? Is it because she is just so darn pretty? A factor that determines this decision may lie in the fact that Mitsuya was born in the 1980’s which could be considered as a sort of golden age for Japanese fashion models born in that decade and the names are numerous such as Harumi Nemoto, Anri Sugihara, the mentioned Reon Kadena, Minako Komukai, and many others too numerous to mention here. I might as well have been born in the 1980’s (got close to it anyway so that counts as a sort of divine victory).

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