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How Breakout Kings Season 3 Should Have Gone

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Breakout Kings poster

Breakout Kings poster

We all hate the fact that there will not be a third season of Breakout Kings, especially since season two ended with a cliffhanger. This is how I think season three would've gone.


Breakout Kings is a story about cons catching cons. The U.S. Marshals assembled a team of convicts and every time they catch a runner they get a month reduction in their sentences. There’s Charlie Duchamp, head of the task force; Ray Zancanelli, a formal U.S. Marshal who lost his badge after getting caught with stealing money of a crime scene, it was his idea to assemble the team. Than there are the cons: Shea Daniels, a former gang leader who knows everything about the streets. Dr. Lloyd Lowery, who actually isn’t a doctor anymore, he provides in-depth psychological evaluations of escaped convicts, which allow him to predict the movements and actions that an escaped convict may undertake before they get away. He was put into jail for prescribing a young girl an overdose of pills which she didn’t survive. He may be a genius, but he’s also kind of racist, which can sometimes cause discussion with Shea, who’s black. Erica Reed, ‘the hot girl’, she got her sentence for assassinating 5 people who killed her dad. She’s an excellent bounty hunter so she’s perfect for hunting the escapees down. There’s one more member in the team: Julianne Simms (aka Jules), she has to take pills for social anxiety, panic disorder, and depression but she’s an excellent analyst and she’s the one tracking phones and trying to reveal the location of the runners. She’s good friends with Lloyd since he helps her with her disorders but Lloyd actually wants something more.

One day there’s a runner called Damien Fauntleroy, when they almost catch them, he managed to kill Charlie and escape. The team lost a member but their lives went on. A long time later that same Damien kidnapped Ray’s daughter, the team did everything they could to get his daughter back and succeeded, when they found Damien on a rooftop and wanted to take him with them, he blackened Charlie which made Ray push him of the roof in front of the whole team (except for Jules but she heard everything on the phone). When the cons came back in their office Chief Inspector Windell wants to interrogate them. That’s where this story starts.

Season 3

“Have a seat”, said the inspector. Everyone was thinking the same: “Did Ray just kill that guy for real? If we betray him, we will be sent to jail again and the team will be gone, but if we don’t and they discover Ray actually killed the man we will be accomplices and all our months will be lost. What should we do?” They take a seat. “I’m convinced something wrong went down on that rooftop, especially since Ray Zancanelli was involved. The car Fauntleroy landed on was 5ft from the building. The investigators say everything points out he has been thrown. However they can’t prove that conclusively. So we need witnesses.”, he waits and looks them all 3 in the eyes. “A deputy acting outside the arm of law would be a major black mark on the Marshals surface. Especially if it’s for a second time. So...” He takes a seat, looks at them one more time and makes his offer: “If you provide me with the detailed, and truthful account of today’s events, than your prison sentences will be considered served in full.” He talks to them separately: “Lloyd, you can be with your mother... Shea, with your girlfriend... and Erica, your daughter... Tonight you can be free as birds.” He smiles. “Just give me Zancanelli.” His face cramps when he says the name. A long silence follows. Lloyd started thinking: “I can be free again, finally! But I have to betray Ray for it, the others will kill me... And I don’t even know if living with my mother again would be so much better than the minimum security jail”. “What will they do”, Erica is wondering, “However I will keep my mouth closed, if I betray Ray, Shea will always be able to betray me by telling them about my relationship with Pete”. “Finally free again, huh?”, Shea had his doubts, “Who says this nigga’s telling the truth? But this can become interesting anyway.”

“So..” Shea breaks the silence, “If we tell the truth, you’ll set us free?” The others look frightened, “yes, I will” - “And how can we be sure of that? A word’s just a word, I wan..” - “Here!”, the inspector interrupts, he takes a document out of his suitcase, “If you sign this and you tell me the truth, you’re free, simple as that.” Shea looks doubtful and starts reading:

The ministry of the U.S. government hereby declares that if Shea Daniels, Lloyd Lowery and Erica Reed tell the truth, they will be set free of all charges.

Under it a huge mark of the ministry and some signatures. “Do we look like infants!?” Shea replies - “I know it looks quite simple, but that’s because it is thát simple, and look at the signatures, I can assure you those are real, and if they aren’t you can still charge me for forgery”. Shea nods and signs the document. “Guys, I think we don’t have a choice, you should sign it too” The others don’t understand what’s happening, “Did it really take him that long to decide to just betray Ray as if he’s just another cop we’ve never met before? How could he?” But than they notice Shea is pulling a Shea-face, the face that says: “Trust me on this one”. And so they do, they sign the document. The officer sighs: “That took a long time... Now tell me the truth”. “Well”, Shea hesitates, “The truth is... Ray’s innocent, Damien wanted to make it look like Ray pushed him off so he could trouble Ray even after his death, the son of a bitch.. Since it looked like you really wanted to imprison Ray I thought you wouldn’t fulfill your promise, but since we signed the document and we’ve told you the whole truth, I guess we can go now?”

Erica Reed and Dr. Lloyd Lowery

Erica Reed and Dr. Lloyd Lowery

Shea Daniels

Shea Daniels

The Clue

The inspector was furious, he grabbed the document and ripped it to pieces, “You wish”, he said simultaneously with the “What the!?” and “No!” of Shea and Erica. “And don’t you think you helped your friend with this, you’ve only put things off!” The officer left and slammed the door.

“You did the right thing, Shea.”
- "Ethically" replied Lloyd,
- "What do you mean ethically?"
- “You know exactly what I mean, ethically you did the right thing, but do you really think they will leave it with this? Probably Ray’s gonna be charged anyway and we could’ve been free"
- “So you would’ve betrayed him? Good to know.”
- “No! I mean.. No, I don’t know. I would’ve never betrayed him but if you think of it afterwards...
- “Maybe we can be free after all?”

The officer is furious and goes to his colleagues to consider what to do next. Meanwhile, Shea, Lloyd and Erica escape the building, risking everything they accomplished because they believed they would lose it anyway.


Since I'm not capable of writing a book, which I planned to do, I'm just gonna tell you how the rest of the story goes:

The 3 cons escape, the inspector is furious and a whole teams starts looking out for them, they're somewhere in a house when they hear Ray has been sent to jail. They think Ray doesn't deserve this at all, so they plan a breakout, with all the knowledge they've gain in the past months, they are going to do the best breakout ever, somewhat like Prison Break, but it's quite difficult while being wanted themselves. Now a whole story unfolds, some new characters jump in and in the end they manage to escape BUT, than something happens and they get in trouble and they also get in a huge corrupt network they could never imagine and we're off to season 4.

Tell me what you think about this as a season 3, I hope you like it and I'm sorry for not being able to write the whole story down.

What do you think of my season 3?


Jasper (author) from Belgium on January 09, 2021:

It's funny re-reading this article, I have to admit I wrote this when I was pretty young still and it's really bad. But your comment sounds great, I'd love Netflix to pick this up again, Prison Break is also on Netflix so why not?

Alicia Glasscock on December 16, 2019:

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I would love to see a season 3 of Breakout Kings, but it would never be like this. They would never escape but I'm not sure weather they would betray Ray or not for freedom. Shea would never snitch, even to be with his girlfriend because he hates snitches. I think they would all say that Damian jumped off the building saying you'll never cage me again. Then they talk to Ray and tell him that that guy is never going to give up until Ray is charged or in jail so the storyline of season 3 could be them looking into that cop to see why he wants Ray destroyed so bad while they are still catching breakouts. You could have the cop going after Ray being dirty himself or somehow related to Damian and that's why he took Ray off the case of finding Damian. Season 3 could be that cop killing in a copycat manner of Damian. Just an idea. Maybe #Netflix could pick up season 3 of Breakout Kings where A&E left off. That would be great. I'm a little late to the show as I just watched the first two seasons on Hulu but it is a great show.

Simon on July 18, 2018:

I'd love to see that season. Everybody hates an open ending.

kris on January 24, 2018:

I loved that show

Charlie on October 27, 2017:

Bring get back The whole family enjoy watching the series

Bryan Olson on November 04, 2016:

Breakout Kings was one of the best series I have watched on Netflix. Why in the hell would they just up and cancel season 3 with season 2 ending on a cliffhanger not even a good cliffhanger it's like it ended but it didn't so keep going..

Cheryl Janascheck on August 06, 2016:

The Breakout kings was the best I can't believe it wad canceled really isn't there anything anyone can do

Chilly on June 17, 2016:

Breakout Kinga was the bomb!!!!!!!!

No on April 05, 2016:

No ones gonna watch a boot leg version prison break

Jasper (author) from Belgium on August 11, 2015:

That's so true! I just couldn't handle the fact that they ended season 2 with a cliffhanger and than come to tell us they cancel season 3. That was so frustrating!

I heard that there's going to be a new season of Prison Break... So maybe they'll make the third Breakout Kings season too? I really hope so.

Holly on July 24, 2015:

brakeout Kings was the best thing I'd ever watched I feel so upset that a show this dramatic and entertaining has been cancelled how? It's amazing it's funny there's crime there's romance there is absolutely everything in these episodes witch make it so great the characters are full of knowledge but they become friends and work together that shows how important team work is and depending on risking it if one of them ran away there sentence would be doubled!! I'm so ashamed in the filming industry now a days they have no idea what entertainment is this was a massive hit I can't think of anyone who hasn't enjoyed the 2 series of breakout kings please please please bring us a season 3 keep them coming they are amazing!!!! Xx

C on February 20, 2015:

That was awful.

ajklan1978 on January 04, 2015:

I still can't believe they cancelled that show it was great

Jasper (author) from Belgium on December 19, 2014:

Breakout Kings is made by the makers of Prison Break, so it would make sense that it looks like Prison Break

john on October 04, 2014:

It looks to much like Prison Break

lame on September 07, 2014:


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