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Let's Talk About it: The Northman Movie Review

Devin loves movies and loves critically looking at them. He hopes to give people the same appreciation for film that he has.


The Northman is a dark and gritty film that takes place in the time of vikings. We see Prince Amleth watch his father die at the hands of his uncle. He then sees his uncle take his mom off with him. He escapes and vows to avenge his father, save his mother and kill his uncle.

We then see Amleth grown up and portrayed by Alexander Skarsgård. He manages to find where his uncle is and gets sold as a slave on his estate. He meets another slave who claims to be a sorceress by the name of Olga portrayed by Anya Taylor-Joy. He confides in her and tells her the reason he is there.


Amleth finds the sword that he was told he would use to kill his uncle, but he needs to wait until the time is right to strike revenge. He begins killing the workers in the camp that work for his uncle. He finds a time to sneak into his mother's quarters and tries to save her, but she tells him that she wanted his uncle, Fjölnir, to kill his father. She had told him that his father was uncle and she did not even want him as a son.

Broken over this, Amleth kills his cousin and takes his heart. He is captured by Fjölnir, but gets set free. He and Olga look to run away, but finding out that she is pregnant with twins, he knows he must kill his uncle to keep them safe. He then kills his mother and his half-brother, Gunnar. Fjönir then arranges to meet Amleth at the gates of Hel inside of a volcano for one final battle. In that battle, Amleth cuts off his uncles head, but in the process is fatally wounded. The film concludes with a valkyrie taking Amleth to Valhalla.


My Thoughts

I really loved this movie. Everything about it felt real and raw emotionally. The main character has to go through many different struggles to find out the man he truly is. The best part of the film is the character development, primary with the main character Amleth. Most of the movie he is led by a hate for his uncle and a love for his mother. That is challenged when he finds out everything he thought about his mother was a lie. He has decide how to move forward. He is then challenged in a deeper way when he finds out Olga is pregnant. She wants him to run away with her, but he knows that he has to kill his uncle, but now it is not out of pure hatred, but rather a love for his own family. His characterization was done flawlessly.


The story itself was expertly crafted and compelling. They did a good job of bringing the viewer in to the culture of the vikings and slavic people as well as creating a story that drew you in as well. It all felt very well done.

The acting as well was right on point. We mentioned Alexander Skarsgård and Anya Taylor-Joy, who were absolutely fantastic. They both brought the emotion they needed to bring. While I did not feel a connection with Taylor-Joy's character, I think she did a great job of advancing the story. However, Nicole Kidman brought one of the better performances to the film She played the mother of the main character and did so incredibly. The first scene when Amleth meets his mother in the camp is an amazing acting job by both actors.


However, the are some negatives thoughts I have about the movie. One is how difficult it was to understand everything going on. This is mostly because of the harsh accents and dialect of the characters which is not necessarily a bad thing. It could be more on me, but there were times I struggled following because the dialogue felt incoherent.

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Another negative for me that I hinted at earlier was the character of Olga. While she is necessary for the development of Amleth, she has no interest as a character herself. This is not the fault of Anya Taylor-Joy, but rather the writing of the character. She is uninteresting and feels unimportant until she becomes pregnant. She is portrayed as one of the main characters, however there is very little done to make her feel beloved as a character in her own right.



Plot- 10

Characters- 9

Script- 7

Action/Drama- 10

Conflict- 10

Visuals- 10

Rewatchability- 8

Pacing- 9

Emotion- 10

Interest- 9

Acting- 10

Overall- 93%

How would you rate this film?

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