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Let's Talk About it: The Incredible Hulk Review (MCU part 3)

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The Incredible Hulk was released just after Iron Man in 2008. It is most definitely the black sheep of the MCU in terms of its tone and the fact that Norton would be replaced by Mark Ruffalo in The Avengers. Directed by Louis Leterrier, this film looked to take the MCU to the next level. Take a look at the trailer below.


We see flashbacks of Bruce Banner becoming the Hulk from a lab accident in the opening credits, then immediately see Banner on the run from the U.S. government headed by General Ross, the father of the love of his life, Betty Ross. Banner has gone a significant period of time without becoming the Hulk and is contact with a man trying to help cure him only known at this point as Mr. Blue. At the factory Bruce works at, there is a minor accident where he cuts himself and some of his blood makes it into a bottle of the juice shipped from that factory. After hearing of a case of gamma poisoning, Ross knows wherever that bottle came from must be where Banner is.

Ross puts together a team led by Emil Blonsky, to take Banner captive. However, when they make the attempt, he turns into the Hulk and escapes. Mr. Blue is requesting to meet with Banner so Bruce carefully makes his way back to his home in New York. While there, he runs into Betty who now is with another man, but when she sees Bruce, she is determined to get him to safely.

Meanwhile, Blonsky agrees to take some of the serum the government has been working on to create a super soldier similar to the Hulk. At a university in New York, Bruce is once again attacked by Ross and Blonsky who were tipped off by Betty's boyfriend. He again turns into the Hulk and eliminates the forces as well as critically injuring Blonsky and taking off with Betty.


Bruce finds Mr. Blue who is now identified as Dr. Stern. He believes he has a cure for the Hulk. Meanwhile Blonsky miraculously recovers thanks to the serum and is ready for revenge on Banner. Back at the university, Dr. Stern successfully suppressed the Hulk inside of Bruce Banner believing to have cured him. Right after they are now attacked for the third time, however they are successful in capturing Banner as he could not transform. Blonksy convinces Stern to give him a dose of Banners blood which transforms him into the Hulk-like creature, Abomination.

Abomination tears up the city and Banner convinces Ross to let him go. Banner falls out of the helicopter and the crash on the ground brings out the Hulk. Abomination and the Hulk battle it out before the Hulk ultimately bests Abomination without killing him. Bruce Banner then again is on the run, but now appears to have mastered controlling the Hulk.



To put it bluntly and simply, The Incredible Hulk is an incredible mess. The movie fails to pull the viewer in as Norton puts on a really sub par performance and a soulless performance by Liv Tyler. The characters feel disconnected from each other and the dialogue is extremely choppy. The scenes between Tyler and Norton feel so heartless and forced, it is almost impossible to sit through. There is absolutely no development with any of the characters, and partner that with poor script writing, and bad acting and you have a terrible film.

The villain is a huge part of a super hero movie, and can really make or break the film. The MCU, especially in the early days, has a hard time finding good compelling villains. Blonsky, who turns into Abomination, is definitely not a good villain, and maybe sets the movie back because of it. His entire motive is to just get revenge on the Hulk, which is really one of the most basic and boring villain tropes. He is in no way relatable, not that any of the other character are, and he is forgettable.


The plot of the film did not help anything either. Not only was the script bad, but the story had no substance either. Along with everything else, the plot was a bore and a chore to get through. The story was predictable and unoriginal and if you are looking at the scope of the MCU, it does not have anything that adds to the overall story. This film feels useless to the MCU.

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It is really hard for me to find a silver lining for this film. If it was not clear enough, I really hate this movie. however, I thought the fight scenes were okay enough. The visuals were not good, but the scenes themselves were entertaining enough for me to say that it was the best part of the film. There is a lot of them in the film, which makes them seem, less important, but again they are entertaining.

As a whole, this movie is a mess



Plot- 6

Characters/development- 3

Script- 4

Action/Drama- 6

Conflict- 6

Visuals- 5

Rewatchability- 6

Pacing- 6

Emotion- 3

Interest- 4

Acting- 4


How would you rate it?

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