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Let's Talk About it: Iron Man (Mcu Review Part 2)

Devin loves movies and loves critically looking at them. He hopes to give people the same appreciation for film that he has.


If you have not seen this movie, what are you doing? Iron Man follows Tony Stark, the owner of a weapons manufacturer, as he is taken captive by a terrorist group know as the Ten Rings. He vehicle was shot and blown up using his very own weapons technology. He was only saved by a doctor Yinsen who made a device to keep the shrapnel out of Tony Stark's heart that was implanted in his chest. In captivity, he is being forced to recreate a missile for the terrorist group using Stark weapons the group has stolen but behind their backs, Stark creates a suit that will help him escape as well as an arc reactor for his chest that would not need to be powered by a battery.

Stark does escape and is brought back home where he announces that Stark industries will no longer be making weapons to the great disdain of his partner, Obadiah Stane. Stane informs Tony that the board as ruled Stark as unfit to lead the business, so in his solitude, Tony Stark creates the Iron Man suit.


Stark attends a party that he was not expected at, but Stane would be representing the company at the event. Tony learns that Obadiah Stane was the one who said to the board that Tony was not fit for office and from that same party, Tony learns the group that had captured him has more of his weapons and are using them on civilians. Determined to right his wrongs, Tony takes his suit and takes down the group as Iron Man for the first time.

The United States government is bewildered at what Iron man is and try to take him out. This leads to Tony confiding in his best friend Colonel James Rhodes that he is, in fact, Iron Man. Stark then sends Pepper Potts in to investigate what other weapons Star Industries might have given to different terror groups, and while searching, Potts finds out that Obadiah Stane had set the hit on Tony Stark. He temporarily paralyzes Tony and takes out his new and improved arc reactor to use to power his own suit.

Tony struggles to get his old reactor back in his chest but he is aided by Rhodes. Tony then sets off to confront Stane. Using all of the energy left in the arc reactor, Tony manages to defeat Stane with the help of Pepper Potts. In the fight, Stark Industries' main arc reactor was destroyed and in response, Tony sets up an interview, in which he says publicly that he is Iron Man.



Iron man is a simple movie, especially compared with Marvel's latest films, but it does its job extremely well. It is clear that Marvel had plans to do a long running series, but if this movie had not be so well done, who knows how different things would have looked.

The first thing I want to talk about is the characters. Tony Stark is perfectly portrayed by Robert Downey Jr. who seamlessly brings charisma to the film. We see Tony as a billionaire who thinks only of himself and not much going on around him, but his perspective changes when he sees the harm that is done by his company. Still cocky, but now a little less selfish, he has a desire to save these people and correct his mistakes. That takes us to our antagonist, Obadiah Stane played by Jeff Bridges. From the beginning it was hard to trust him as bridges did an excellent job at portraying a soothsaying puppet master. The character himself does not get a lot of development, but a lot is reveled about him throughout the film.


The plot of the movie was nothing crazy, but it was perfect for what the film needed. Marvel is not able to do a movie like this any more due to expectations and characters they can do. While simple, the plot had depth that came from the characters which I would say is the real strength of this movie. Another strength is the script. It is hard to have a good movie without a good script. While the story and writing was great, the characters are what really make this film stand out.

There is not much to say about this movie that is not positive, however there are a few minor things. One was the visuals. It is hard to pick this apart too much given how this movie came out back in 2008, but they are still lacking in this film. It is not bad enough to take much away from the movie though. Another thing is the emotional side of the movie. I want a movie to hit my emotions in some sense, but this film did not really do it for me. It could be because of the amount of times I have seen the film, but on its own, it did not make me feel a certain way about most of the events.

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Plot- 10

Characters- 10

Script- 10

Action/drama- 9

Conflict- 10

Visuals- 6

Rewatchability- 10

Pacing- 10

Emotion- 6

Interest- 10

Acting- 10

Rating- 92%


© 2022 Devin Weatherly

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