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Let's Talk About it: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Devin loves movies and loves critically looking at them. He hopes to give people the same appreciation for film that he has.


I am going to review my first Marvel film, "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness". This will be the first in series of "Hot or Cold" that I will be doing on the MCU films. I hope to go through all 28 films and also the shows on Disney+. I will conclude by doing a ranking of every marvel film, but this is about Doctor Strange. This will contain spoilers, so check out the trailer and let's begin.



The film starts with Doctor Strange from another universe escaping a demon with a girl by the name of America Chavez. They are trying to get the Book of Vishanti. While trying to get the book, Doctor Strange dies and America finds a way to teleport to another universe.

She ends up in the universe that we are familiar with and finds our favorite Doctor Strange. He seeks out Wanda who turns out to be the one chasing America through universes in order to steal her power and go to a universe where she can be with her kids. She is in possession of the Darkhold, a book that effects anyone who reads it. Through this she has become the Scarlet Witch.

Scarlet Witch attacks Kamar-Taj utterly destroying it. Doctor Strange is able to rescue America and she takes them to an alternate universe where Doctor Strange is dead. They come across a group called the illuminati which consists of Captain Carter, Black Bolt, Captain Marvel, Morodo, Reed Richards and Professor X. They had to kill Doctor Strange because of his use of the Darkhold.


With Strange and America imprisoned, Scarlet Witch dream walks: taking possession of an alternate version of herself. She wrecks havoc on the alternate universe killing the members of the illuminati. She then takes America and sends Strange and an alternate version of Christine Palmer to a different universe.

While Maximoff begins taking America's powers, Doctor Strange takes another version of the Darkhold from another version of himself. He uses that to dream walk into his own universe using a body of a doctor Strange that came with America dead. He then fights Wanda and is defeated, but America gets control of her powers and sends her to the universe that Wanda took over her alternate self in. Her kids look and Wanda as a monster and that breaks the hold that the Scarlet Witch has on her. She then uses her power to destroy the Darkhold in every universe and she is buried from the collapsing temple around her.

Back in his own universe Doctor Strange has rebuilt Kamar-taj with Wong and they are training more sorcerers including America Chavez.

My Thoughts

As a whole, I think this movie was a disappointment. It feels pretty strong to start off with a statement like that but it does not feel like Marvel brought what was promised. The multiverse was a lot more interesting in "What If". I did not find myself curious about the worlds they visit. They were very uninteresting. The best part of the multiverse by far was the idea of dream walking. Arguably the best sequence in the film is Wanda possessing the body of her alternate self and completely obliterating the heroes of that world. This also brought some mild, I am going to repeat, mild horror to the film. I have seen many people explain this as a horror movie, and I would say they have never seen a horror movie in their whole life.

Another thing I did not enjoy about the movie is the motives of Scarlet Witch. Both of these things factor into the plot of the movie. If you have seen "WandaVision", you know Marvel has already done the whole plot dealing with her kids. This is taken to the next level in this film and it just feels reused. I thought Scarlet Witch was a fantastic villain and Elizabeth Olsen was fantastic, but I wanted more stakes if she were to succeed. Her motives did not necessarily match up with the messed up things she did. I wanted something deeper.


I have been doing a lot of hating on this movie, but I really did not hate it. I love Doctor Strange as a character, and i thought America was a pretty okay addition. I did find the scene with Doctor Strange fighting the dark version of himself to be one of the things that stick out in the best way. I loved to see the alternate versions of Doctor Strange and how it challenged him to be different than they were. The entire movie, Strange was wrestling within himself to do the right thing and it allowed us to see a more human version of him that we have not seen since the first Doctor Strange film.

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This probably goes without saying but the film looked amazing. Marvel very rarely falls short in the graphics department and while there were a few parts that I thought the CGI looked a little corny, as a whole it was colorful and beautiful. The acting was also very impressive. I mentioned Elizabeth Olsen earlier and she really carries this film with her performance. Benedict Cumberbatch almost matches her with his portrayal of Strange in this film as he plays multiple versions of the character. The only performance I thought fell flat was Xochitl Gomez as America Chavez. Again, I enjoyed the character, but this really felt like her first time in a major film, which to be fair to Gomez, it was her first time in a major film. She just did not seem to fit next to Cumberbatch and Olsen.



I had a hard time rating this movie. There were things I liked, but a lot that I really did not enjoy. This is a movie that the more I think about it, the worse I feel about it. The lesson to learn from this film is be careful about what you expect. So here is my rating...

Plot- 6

Characters- 7

Script- 7

Action/Drama- 9

Conflict- 10

Visuals- 8

Rewatchability- 9

Pacing- 8

Emotion- 8

Interest- 8

Acting- 9

Rating- 81%


© 2022 Devin Weatherly

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