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Hot Namitha in Azhagana Ponnuthan

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Big busty Namitha

Big busty Namitha

Hot Namitha in Azhagana Ponnuthan looks absolutely fantastic and this is just yet another movie to drive fans of Namitha crazy and giving them some fun nights. Namitha almost showed it all in her latest Tamil movie "Indira Vizha". Just when we think, there is nothing more she can do to keep us interested in her, a new movie completely depending on sexy namitha is being announced and that is another Tamil movie "Azhagana Ponnuthan" which translates to "Beautiful girl". K Cinema’s Azhagaana Ponnuthan is her next film in which she joins with newcomer Karthik. The audio launch of the film was held with a host of guests like producer and direcor Rama Narayanan, another producer Siva Sakthi Pandian, big shot Anbalaya Prabakaran, director VC Guhanathan, Kalaipuli Thanu who produced Kandasamy were there. In addition to these people, Kushboo was present with her daughter at the function of Azhagana Ponnuthan.

Hot and busty heroine of Azhagana Ponnuthan Namitha was not present as she was down with viral fever could it be swine flu - if this is the case, the producer may be in big trouble. The film is directed by Thiru and produced by Kesavan. They showed three awesome  songs during the audio launch and they included a Kuthu Paatu, a beach song and a western item song. Namitha seems to be sizzling in all the two songs she appears in. Kushboo looked absolutely delicious in her new clothes. Sundar C Babu is the music director for this upcoming Tamil release starring Namitha.

Hot n Sexy Namitha


Mrs. Ragini Vittal Rao on December 21, 2010:

Film star Namitha is simply an angel on earth. She has all indents that a lady star needs. Namitha's face is very beautiful Namitha has an excellent pair of sparkling eyes and lips and a superfine set of diamond teeth. The most beautiful Nose with excellent nostrils add a lot of beauty to Namitha. Her wonderful set of big and bulging breasts are her permanent assets.

ism on August 05, 2010:

nice hot ..

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lover on April 01, 2010:

She is certainly sexy.But she is irresistible.She sends you into a sexual trance and all you want to do is make love to her....She is a sensual and mesmerising sex goddess......

Rose Ella Morton from Beverly Hills, Michigan on August 31, 2009:

Hello usauthor

you have so many half-naked woman pictures in your hub. Are you female. I thought that was your picture on hub pages.

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