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Hot 3: What Wins Between "Demonstrate", "Might Just Die", and "Diver"?

Has produced and written music before and has spent the past five years critiquing random sets of three songs on his Discord server.

Song Backstory

"Demonstrate" is a K-Pop song from the group Rania, "Might Just Die" is a K-Pop song from the group History, and "Diver" is a J-Rock song from the group NICO Touches The Walls. The songs were randomly selected so my task here is to critique the songs only with respect to each other and pick my favorite.

"Demonstrate" by Rania

"Might Just Die" by History

Song Review

"Might Just Die" is also a solid song. Inconsistent pacing in the chorus draws interest and is very unique in the vocal execution, the breaks vary throughout the song but show a mixture of vocal control and melodic play, and the bridges help heighten energy before a strong chorus that serves as the focus of the song. The tempo varies a lot but after the first section of the song, the variations are anticipatory. A strong melody was used with quiet moments sprinkled in for powerful effect. This song is simplistic as a whole but takes the time to make sure simple elements are executed in a unique or creative way.

"Diver" by NICO Touches The Walls

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True Decision

So all three songs are at least average to me so the question comes down to which is best. Music is a big industry so regardless of bias, I will always lean towards the most unique song. "Diver" has no music video but is a song for the hit anime Naruto Shippuden so all three songs get a solid chance to express themselves. "Demonstrate" is well balanced in everything but has the best bridges of the lot. Structurally, it used breaks well when needed to keep interest but does not really break the mold in any way, though is the only song that relies on vocals for the whole song with no instrumental portions. "Might Just Die" is the most simplistic of the bunch but holds its own with a unique take on focusing with the chorus but keeping the chorus short. The song flies by and never drags and everything is executed well or in an interesting way. For "Diver", it structurally is the most predictable of the three though the vocal execution is the best of the lot as there is only one singer. It leans on the chorus unlike "Demonstrate" but the chorus is very long compared to the other two songs and so lacks impact.

So where does that leave me on the songs? "Demonstrate" is average in everything with beautiful bridges, "Might Just Die" is the most simplistic but unique in execution, and "Diver" is the most formulaic though shows off the best vocals. If you are big on poppy upbeat vibes, "Demonstrate" would win out of these three songs. If you are all about vocals, "Diver" is the one to pick. But I want the song that stands out the most and is the most unique and so while it is the most simplistic, "Might Just Die" wins this Hot 3 for me.

Song Comparison

A more simplistic breakdown of the areas in critique here.

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