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PanamaTrickster Reviews: Honk for Jesus, Save Your Soul (2022)

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A story, long overdue, that needed to be told. An absolutely astounding performance from most of the lead actors and actresses. A satirical documentary whose existence will prove that many can, and will, miss its entire reason for being made.

Sterling K. Brown’s performance is one of the most convincing, believable and horrifyingly accurate portrayals of his character that very well may not have been able to be captured nearly as well by anyone else. He set the pace for the film, and the rest followed in a frantic attempt to match the energy he brought to the role. Regina Hall’s performance was also stellar, as she played a very relatable character, whose actions and facial expressions spoke louder than her increasingly prominent words. You could feel what she was thinking, you could feel her heart break, you could feel her fierce loyalty and her forceful attempts to swallow down her pain.

The clothing used in the film was used to absolute perfection, giving off the exact vibe you would expect from characters such as these; using vibrant colors that pop off the screen, pop against the backdrop and depicting colors that scream money, demand power, and give off a desperate attempt to radiate joy for those in need of it. The score was much like Vengeance (2022), where it existed merely to set a scene or transition smoothly to another idea. It rarely become what some would call “mood music,” where it tried to emulate a mood in hopes that it would make the audience feel a certain way while events happened on screen before you. The film used heart stopping, pure silence for scenes that required the audience to feel something. It proved that the audience is smarter than other films give them credit for. It allowed us to feel how we want to, and the lack of music felt like it gave us the time to do so and the time to process how we felt.

Honk for Jesus, Save Your Soul could be a hard watch for many individuals. For others, it may be exactly what they need. And for some, it may be a glimpse into a world they never knew existed.


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