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"Honest Thief" Movie Review

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What is it about Liam Neeson that people just can't get enough of? Is it his honest face? Is it his accent? Maybe his timid, cool personality? Or maybe it's just that he kicks ass and has a lot of fun while he does it. I swear, the man could make 50 Taken movies and we'd go to every single one of them, knowing full well what the plot will be but enjoying them nonetheless because we just love Liam Neeson.

Honest Thief follows Tom, a bank robber coined by the media as The In-&-Out Bandit, who has found love and retired from crime. A former marine who got tired of the system taking advantage of people, Tom has been fighting back for years now. He's decided he'd turn himself in but only on the condition that he's near Boston where his girlfriend lives, he gets a reduced sentence for cooperating and returning the money, and of course visitation rights. Two FBI agents are assigned the case, but they have something else in mind. They decide to take the money for themselves and frame Tom. They obviously never saw a Liam Neeson movie because that of course doesn't go over well. Now Tom's out to clear his name all the while taking down the dirty agents and keeping his girlfriend safe.

I'm going to go ahead and say it, this is the most I have ever liked Kate Walsh. She wasn't whiny and all "oh woe is me" but rather tried to help in whatever way she could despite Tom's objections. Liam was as suave as ever, mixing his usual badassery with a kind of sweetness. There's a point in these films where I start to wonder if Liam's even acting or if he's just being himself. Jai Courtney was great as the villain. I've always been a fan of his despite what negativity he gets. He's a good actor and this film proves it.

I liked the overall story, however there were a few contradictory issues that made me wonder if the screenwriter proofread his work or if he just wrote a rough draft and said "good enough". Jeffrey Donovan's character flip-flops so easily that it almost takes the suspense out of the story. Suspense is important in a film like this. Without suspense, there's no concern over the characters' well-beings and if there's no concern then what's the point?

In conclusion, Honest Thief was a lot of fun but it could have used a bit more fine-tuning before being made. That's okay though because even Liam Neeson's worst is way better than the average mindless action flick released year after year. In a world of low-budget action, be a Liam Neeson because you already know he's going to deliver a smart and fun film. I wouldn't say Honest Thief is Neeson's best, cause we all know Taken is Neeson's action peak, but it is a lot of fun and it has a surprising amount of heart. I give the film a 2.8 out of 4.

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