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Should I Watch Naruto? Is Naruto a Good Anime?

Hello, I am here to give my humble opinions, I consider myself a part of the anime community. I have watched countless anime titles.


Introduction to the Naruto Anime

Naruto series has been at the top of the Anime charts ever since it was released. It is without a doubt it is one of the most influential anime ever created. Moreover, the series has served as a gateway to the beautiful world of anime for millions of people. While One piece is the most popular series to this date. Yet, Naruto is more well-known in foreign countries outside Japan. Here is a brief overview of Naruto, which you can as consider as a watch guide.

There are two parts of the Naruto series

1.Naruto(2002-2007) also known as 'Naruto part one' has 5 seasons 220 episodes. the series has a complete sub and dub.

2. Naruto Shippuden(2007-2017) while Shippuden just means hurricane in Japanese, the series has 500 subbed episodes, a total of 21 seasons, as for dub 445 episodes have been dubbed as of now.

This makes a total of 720 episodes!. The questions here are now are those 720 episodes worth the time, by the way, its 24 minutes per episode.


World Building in Naruto

Worldbuilding in Naruto as a whole is only behind One piece, actually, it is far behind one piece, but still, it is one of the best in battle Shonen. I should include that by world-building I am also referring to the powers almost all of the characters use. Apart from that, the map, the system/government, the lore, the history, the origin, technology, time/ era, culture, and lifestyle.... etc.

Most of the world-building is done great by Kishimoto like it is explained how the 'jutsus' work, chakra, 5 natures, Keikke Genkai, Dojutsus, hand seals, even different kinds of jutsus, taijutsu ninjutsu and Genjutsu. The series also tells the origin of power, where it came from, how it all started.

The Series also tells about the world as there are many nations but only 5 great nations each with their ninja village for protection. The ranks, feudal lord, Hokage, Chunin, Jonin. The laws, also an explanation on how ninjas earn, the different types of ranks of missions. The Ninja Academy, the Chunin exams to move up the ranks.

The lifestyle of different people is shown, culture, various clans each with their special traits, their exclusive abilities, but there is a problem as Kishimoto did not work a lot on the enormous power gaps, as Senjus and Uchihas are way too overpowered, Uchihas with completely broken jutsus like Izanagi and Izanami.

The history is told about the ninja wars, previous Hokages, there are many different famous ninjas throughout the series.

The thing is all that is well, but there is one problem as the author never thought that the series will be this long so many of its world-building and statements contradict each other, as the series moves on previous world-building elements are completely wrecked.

The final verdict will be 8/10 in world-building.

Map of Naruto

Map of Naruto

Story of Naruto Anime

The story is good with many different great plot twists, arcs, antagonists, very sophisticated fights with different strategies but this element degrades over time as fight become simpler and simpler to the point it is a clash between powerhouses with too little abilities.

Also, the power escalation is done too bad, not for part 1 Naruto which is pretty good, to be honest as characters as a child go stronger, but are still no match for elders although in Shippuden MC become so powerful that they can solo their whole verse which is certainly not good.

Naruto has unmatched backstories as they are very good with character development. Some arcs, important ones are great but must of arcs are total fillers some fillers do give important information about the world but most are pretty bad in part 1 and they got worse in Shippuden, some fillers come at worst time possible to make you hate the director ,but that is not a very big problem anymore as the Naruto has ended and you can just skim through the filler, but back in the day we got 1 year worth of filler continuously and that is not easy to bear, but since I am talking about right now series got lucky.

There are some major characters death but that makes the story all the better.

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Final verdict 8.2/10 for the story as filler can now be skipped, just search it up and you will know which episodes to skip.


Characters in Naruto

Arguably characters are the best part of Naruto look at Hinata, Naruto, Kakashi, Rock lee plus many more, as a huge cast of characters get plenty of development, which makes you fall in love with the ninjas in the show, but in my opinion show also holds some of the worst characters ever, who are too annoying to bear, the thing is there are not much of these characters but the ones who are, are too damn repulsive. I am looking at you, Sakura.

Villains in series are a masterpiece, having some of the best villains out there, as they were not made evil for sake of being evil, hence even the viewer has to wonder sometimes maybe this evil dude is not so wrong.

I can not talk too much about characters without spoiling something so pardon me.

Final verdict 8.9/10.


Animation and Fight Choreography of Naruto Anime

The animation in Naruto is a problem, as to say it is a long-running show is an understatement, this makes animation not consistent, not at all. Naruto part one does a better job in this segment still, we can not call part 1's evenness in animation great either, also mentioning that part 1 is less than one-third of the whole show.

I mentioned evenness and consistency of animation which the series lack, by that I mean for a small amount of time relatively the animation of the show is NORMAL, But most of the time it is somewhere between 'oh my god what the hell this is, kill it with fire!' to 'this might be the pinnacle of animation of this era'.

The choreography of the fights is mostly brilliant, and sometimes absolutely garbage always due to the lack of animation. Naruto does hold absolutely the best fights in all of anime, yet also the worst.

final verdict 7/10 in animation, due to the giant contrast between when an animation is conscientious or negligent.


How is the music in Naruto

I will not speak much about the sound part of Naruto. I can recall jamming to it in my childhood, and in my opinion, music is substantially affected by one own taste and the time one first hears it, adding nostalgia bias. Although I must say OSTs are rather thoughtful and pretty dope.

Naruto part one's music is some of the best but I like the Shippuden's openings better. As I like how every antagonist and side characters have very unique and thoughtful background music.

Final verdict 9/10


The ending of Naruto was not best and but not bad

The ending gets 8/10.


Conclusion and the Final Verdict: Is It Worth the Time ? Answered.

  • It is time for an answer.
  • The overall merits: soundtrack, characters, story, world building.
  • The demerits: filler, animation, plot holes, power escalations
  • I think after considering all that, Naruto is good enough to be watched and loved.
  • The conclusion is Naruto is WORTH IT!

What do you think ?

© 2018 Mark Dair

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