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Sherlock Holmes (2009)


Director Guy Richie brings a new Holmes detective movie to the table with his 2009 film, Sherlock Holmes. While the film stays true to the witty banter between Holmes and his sidekick Watson, it is not as dry as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's original stories. The humor in the film matches the 21st Century audience. Rather than post-Victorian Era jokes about only the poor jobs the police force does and such, the film expands on these jokes and makes cracks on the relationship between Holmes and Watson, even as they interact.

Like siblings, Watson and Holmes nitpick. Watson tells Holmes near the beginning of the movie he has no choice, that he is meeting his fiancée, and to get dressed. "Wear a jacket," Watson tells Holmes as he heads to the door.

"You wear a jacket," is Holmes's response. For a usually genius detective, this can only be described as juvenile, or as one of the many interactions siblings experience.

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Actors Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law come together in this film as the famous Detective Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick--and best friend--Dr. John Watson. Their banter revolves not just around their cases, but also their everyday lives.

Dr. Watson is soon to be engaged to one Mary Morstan as played by Kelly Reilly, yet Holmes vocally disagrees with the idea of Watson ever leaving. Holmes's dependency on Watson is both sad and funny as we see Robert Downey Jr.'s character think up more and more reasons for Watson to forget Mary and continue on with their cases together, without outside involvement or interruptions. Luckily, Watson refuses to listen and does what he can to move on with his own life while at the same time not leave Holmes on his own.

In fact, Watson's struggle with finding this balance is what keeps much of the dialogue and plot going throughout the movie. If it weren't for Holmes guilt-tripping Watson into just "one more" case where this is the "last time," then Watson would be out of the picture entirely, and the movie would be over. It is the combination of Watson's hesitancy and Holmes's dependency on his partner that ultimately makes it possible for the story to continue.

This brings us to the reappearance of Irene Adler, giving Holmes a fresh new case and another way to guilt Watson into helping out that one more time.


Rachel McAdams joins them as Holmes's elusive love interest Irene Adler. A professional thief, Irene Adler has also stolen Sherlock's heart. And she knows it. She takes advantage of this and entreaties Sherlock to accept a job offer from her anonymous employer. Sherlock, preferring facts and receiving none, is of course wary of the proposal, but in Irene he cannot find the strength to resist, so he takes on the job. It also helps that, with this new case (and multiple times of stealing Watson's money), Holmes is able to convince Watson to prolong his engagement to Mary yet again.

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During the current case, Holmes and Watson banter back and forth how much the other is a burden and yet they watch each other's back. Adler shows up when everyone least expects her to and both gets in the way and offers her own services. In a hunt for the truth, Holmes works through the facts so he can disprove magic and use science yet again as the answer. All the while, everyone tries to stay out of the way of Lord Blackwood, the man who seemingly rose from the dead to kill even more innocent people.

Fast-paced, witty, and hilarious, this movie does Doyle's stories justice while at the same time incorporating minor, modern modifications. I definitely suggest it to anyone, both new to Sherlock Holmes and well-versed in the original stories.

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The movie is set to come out on December 16th, 2011. If you liked the first one, keep an eye out for the second! If you have yet to see the first one, I definitely recommend watching it. You won't regret it.

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Jennifer Kessner (author) from Pennsylvania on October 09, 2011:

Ooo I agree that Rathbone was brilliant. I'm definitely biased in my prefering RDJ though! XD Thanks for the comment. =)

Carl on October 08, 2011:

"Sherlock Holmes" is one of those movies that is weak on story, but is still a fun movie. It was all about Action, and gags rather that the actual mystery in the film (like the previous Sherlock Holmes movies and books). I'm going to watch the next one for sure, and see if this one has a better story. Great job as always. Voted Up, Useful, and Interesting.

(P.S. I like Robert Downey Jr. and he was okay as Sherlock Holmes, but I think Sir Basil Rathbone was the best Sherlock Holmes ever :) !)

Jennifer Kessner (author) from Pennsylvania on April 07, 2011:

Thanks for the vote! =) I'm looking forward to the sequel as well. I hope they do just as well with it. If that video is any indication, I think they are.

UltimateMovieRankings from Virginia on April 02, 2011:

Nice review....I am looking forward to the sequel...the first one was a pleasant surprise for me....voted up

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