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Hollywood to Bollywood - Male Actors Look Alikes Photos


Hollywood /Bollywood Lookalikes

Some of these actors are so alike, if you had a brief look you probably wouldn't notice the difference. For so many years i have thought about the likeness of Bollywood and Hollywood actors and now i am sharing it with you. ENJOY!

I've watched so many Hollywood movies and many Bollywood movies too. I wanted to show you the actors that have similar looks in Hollywood and Bollywood.

Bollywood films and actors are very good but not as good as Hollywood films and actors. Acting is a talent and not everyone has it. The Bollywood actors photos and the Hollywood actors photos show the distinguishing similarities between them if you look closely.

Hollywood has always been on top of the movie chain and always will be, i believe. Bollywood has come quite far in the film industry, and have the highest number of releases each year compared to any other film industry.

You may or not agree with me with the comparisons i have made here with some famous actors, so don't be afraid to leave your comments below!

Bollywood actor - Imran Hashmi

Bollywood actor - Imran Hashmi

Imran Hashmi's Movies

 Awarapan, The Train, Zeher, The Killer, Footpath, Raaz 2, Chocoloate - The Dark Secret, Gangster, Murder, Aashiq Banaya Apne...

Colin Farrel - Hollywood actor

Colin Farrel - Hollywood actor

Colin Farrel's Movies

S.W.A.T, Phone Booth, Minority Report, Alexander, The Recruit, Daredevil, Miami Vice, Intermission, Ask The Dust...

Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck's Movies

 Jesse Stone - Death In Paradise, Runaway, Quigley Down under, and he is my most favourite for the Magnum series!

Jackie Shroff

Jackie Shroff

Jackie Shroff's Movies

 Izzat, Yaadein, Lajja, Bas Itna Sa Khwab Hai, Fool n Final, Devdas, Allah - Rakha, Agni Sakshi, Main Tera Dushman...

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise's Movies

 Minority Report, Vanilla Sky, The Last Samurai, Top Guns, Mission Impossible, Days Of Thunder, Interview With The Vampire, Valkyrie, Eyes Wide Shut, Collateral...

Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar's Movies

Deedar, Mohra, Chandni Chowk To China, Blue, Ajnabee, De Dana Dan, Ek Rishta, Singh Is King, Welcome, Dhadkan...


Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford

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Harrison Ford's Movies

 Star wars Trilogy, The Fugitive, What Lies Beneath, Indiana Jones Movies, Firewall, Air Force One, The Witness, Bladerunner...

Vinod Khanna

Vinod Khanna

Vinod Khanna's Movies

 Chandni, Daulat, Khoon Pasina, Amar Akbar Antony, Rajput, Hungama, Nehle Pe Dehla...

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks' Movies

 Big, The Davinci Code, Angels and Demons, Road to Perdition, Castaway, The Green Mile, Forest Gump, The Terminal, Philadelphia, Splash, Saving Private Ryan...

Amir Khan

Amir Khan

Amir Khan's Movies

Ghajini, Tare Zameen Par, The Rising, Lagaan, Dil, Kayamat Se Kayamat Tak, Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar, Fanaa, Andaz Apna Apna, Rangeela, Gulam, Rang De Basanti...

Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas' Movies

 Once Upon A Time In Mexico, Shrek 2, The Legend Of Zorro, Desperado, Evita...

John Abraham

John Abraham

John Abraham's Movies

New York, Dostana, Garam Masala, Goal, No Smoking, Water, Zinda, Karam, Jism (Body)...


Ajinkya on November 16, 2011:

John and Antonio Banderas bear a really striking resemblance. I really liked FORCE and John's acting in it

manmeet on October 22, 2011:

i agree only with one comparision imran hashmi and colin farrel....akshay kumar is lookalike of wwe supertsar shawn michaels

Gous Ahmed (author) from Muslim Nation on July 25, 2011:

Did i say that? Please read the article and comments carefully!

Ateeq ur rehman on July 22, 2011:

What the hell are you talking about bollywood actors are no where near hollywood actors in terms of acting.

sairakhan from Bombay , India on March 27, 2011:

Very nice comparision.Akshay looks brother of tom cruise.

Eiddwen from Wales on March 26, 2011:

So interesting and thanks for sharing.

Gous Ahmed (author) from Muslim Nation on March 16, 2011:

Thank you howcurecancer.

It is an interesting comparison and those are the best images i could find.

There were better images but i could not get hold of them!

Thank you for viewing.

Elena@LessIsHealthy on March 15, 2011:

Interesting comparison.

Gous Ahmed (author) from Muslim Nation on August 26, 2010:

@Exp NY

Looks like you have seen more Bollywood movies than me!!!

You've seen quite a few musicals aswell, and Bollywood manages to receive such humongous income with those productions because you watch them all!!!

After all this time and watching so many, you still can't decide which ones to go and watch!

Good luck to you!!!

Experience New York on August 22, 2010:

I don't understand how Bollywood manages to receive such humongous income with those productions, all the movies are the same and who likes musicals? Plus, those people have a grotesque sense of fashion, there's too much bling and they think that if it costs a fortune it HAS to be stylish. Fashion victims :)

Gous Ahmed (author) from Muslim Nation on July 21, 2010:

Some of them are excellent, like Amir Khan, he is a brilliant actor who gets better and better as he gets older. (The Tom Hanks lookalike).

The best actor in Bollywood in my view is Nana Patekar (Not sure i spelt his name right!), then it's Shah Ruk Khan. There are some who act just for the money and it's more about looks rather than acting skills!

No-one and nothing can and will beat Hollywood though!!!

Eddy2106 from Chicago Suburb, IL on July 16, 2010:

Wow, i never knew that bollywood had look likes to our great actors. They look like but the real question is, do they act the same? Great hub, i learn something everyday.

Gous Ahmed (author) from Muslim Nation on February 22, 2010:

Thanks Buraq!

There is quite a familiar look about these guys when compared. Their acting isn't bad either!

buraq from Vaniyambadi on February 22, 2010:

Lovely comparison. Nice hub.

Gous Ahmed (author) from Muslim Nation on December 31, 2009:

Thanks Keira, all the best to you too for 2010!

Thanks for yoour comment aswell.

keira7 on December 31, 2009:

Hi my friend, great informative hub and the pictures are superb. I believe we all have about more than one lookalikes each. I have seen one of mine, its so strange when you see your double.:) Thanks for this great work. I wish you a Very Happy New Year 2010.:) God Bless you and all your loved ones.

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