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Holly Gagnier: An Amazing Career on Popular Television Series

Holly Gagnier returns as Jennifer Smith.

Holly Gagnier returns as Jennifer Smith.

Gagnier has had an impressive career

Holly Gagnier recently reprised her role as Jennifer Smith on General Hospital when she showed up uninvited to the memorial service for Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary). Many GH fans do not believe Luke is really dead and now they will suspect that Holly might be holding him somewhere. Geary said in 2013 that once he left the show he wanted Luke to die so it looks like the writer gave him what he wanted or this is all a hoax. Jennifer was an uninvited guest and now everyone is wondering what is really behind her return to Port Charles. Jennifer is the daughter of deceased mob boss Frank Smith (Joe Cortese). and her presence means absolutely nothing but trouble. She was once engaged to Luke until he ran away with Laura Webber Spencer (Genie Francis) and married her instead of Smith. The mob princess says all is forgiven but no one is buying her story. If Gagnier looks familiar it's because of the many television roles she has had during the 3 decades. From 1985-1987 Gagnier portrayed teen mom Ivy Jennings on Days of Our Lives and at the time this was considered to be a ground-breaking role, The actress later joined One Life to Live, as Cassie Reynolds from 1987-1988, and during that time appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show as one of the most popular characters in daytime.

Additional roles

If Holly's face seems familiar its because she was a series regular on Baywatch and has had recurring roles on television series including Ringer, Middle Ages, Private Practice, Pacific Blue, Dream On, Scandal, Friends, Perception, and ER. She was also on The Facts of Life, Fantasy Island, The A Team, and as a teenager on House Calls. She has performed in theater productions both in Los Angeles and New York which include Beyond Therapy, God of Carnage, and Yellow Face. Gagnier is now one of the growing numbers of soap stars like Jen Lilly, Cameron Mathison, Allison Sweeney, and Ryan Paevey who star in Hallmark Channel movies, Holly recently completed Kiss on Candy Cane Lane and she was in The Stalker Club on Lifetime. Flim roles include Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Son of an Afghan Farmer, The Undertaker's Wedding, Free Enterprise and Breakout. Currently, Gagnier can also be seen in the award-winning Reckless Juliets on Amazon. During the past few years actress has been in several award-winning short movies on the film festival circuit. She did the pilot "A Family Affair" and just finished season 3 in the YouTube hit Chicken Girls and Baby Doll Records as the evil Robin Robbins.

Jennifer with Luke and Laura

Jennifer with Luke and Laura

Holly Gagnier and Jennifer Smith personal lives

Holly was married to David Guillod from 1996-2009 and once dated Alec Baldwin for seven years. She was later engaged to Parker Stevenson whom she had met on the set of Baywatch but they broke up.. There is not much else known about her private life but there are a lot of details related to her General Hospital character. Jennifer Smith debuted in1980 and was portrayed by actress and model Lisa Marie. When she returned to Port Charles in 1994, Roseanne Arnold was in the role for a few episodes. In 2002, Sally Struthers briefly took over but when Jennifer resurfaced again in 2015, General Hospital hired Gagnier. Jennifer tried on several occasions to get Luke away from Laura but it never worked. She even lied that she was holding their son Lucky Spencer (Jonathan Jackson) as a hostage.She offered to exchange Lucky for a night of passion with Luke who got drunk and fell asleep. Jennifer had to admit that she never had Lucky as a prisoner and later it was revealed that her father Frank Smith was holding Luke and Laura's son. Its not clear what she is up to this time around in Port Charles but a telephone conversation might hold the key. Jennifer notified someone that Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) was acting erratically and that it might be easy for this person to take over territory in Port Charles. Be on the lookout for spoilers and updates related to Jennifer and what she is really up to.

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