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Hit and Run with Blood Red Sky and The Last Mercenary

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From Blood Red Sky

From Blood Red Sky

Netflix certainly has had their BAD movies and TV series. Unlike other online entertainment, they seem to overload their viewers with content to choose from every month. The pace of new shows or movies is dizzying. With that strategy, many fall short for many reasons but every so often there are gems to find.

Blood Red Sky

Not being a hardcore zombie viewer, only a few films of this genre appeal to me and even fewer TV shows, as they are so predictable or silly in their premise and execution. It just gets boringly stupid. However, after World War Z with Brad Pitt came out, it did set standards for all zombie genres to follow. Some of the scenes are iconic in presentation and are now emulated. Most zombie wannabes fail, but I was thrilled to see Blood Red Sky did not. In fact, like WWZ, the premise and execution is believable (for a zombie genre) and it is presented in a real and logical way. This German film (mostly in English) has a back story of the woman and child, central to the movie. She has a blood disorder that is kept under control with drugs, her child is normal. They board an airplane bound to NYC to see a blood specialist. Along the way, terrorists hijack the plane and redirect it. Flashbacks show how she became infected years ago (another twist). Her anxiety can cause her inner zombie to prevail despite the drugs. As the hijacking progresses, events occur that turn her into a zombie. However, she is a zombie that is aware of surroundings not just a crazed thing, she also wants to protect her child and in the cargo section of the plane, attacks one of the terrorists with reluctance (she knows that her bite creates another one), so she is using restraint. The passengers eventually see that this zombie is trying to save them in a hopeless situation.

While the movie has plenty of turns to keep you interested, most of it is aboard the aircraft. While the ending was kind of predictable after it lands at a military base, even there, was there a twist. All in all, it has gotten mostly four stars from raters.

The Last Mercenary

The return of Claude Van Damme. Numerous French films had this karate master in dangerous events back decades ago. I had never seen one. Most of his action films were B movies. In this film, he returns out of retirement to prevent an electronic device, the Big Mac, from being handed over to an enemy state. Years have passed since he last saw his son, who does not know who his father is. So, as he does his mission (along with his son's adult friends), he also tries to develop a relationship with him. The whole movie can be classified as a "spy romp", with great car chase scenes. lots of karate and kickboxing, some funny moments and dialogue. To me, it had the comic romp and feel of the classic, A Fish Called Wanda, where plans go bad in a funny way. Most of the ratings for it are 3-4 stars and it certainly is worth checking out to see.

Hit and Run

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If you have watched the Israeli show, Fauda, on Netlix, you will see the main actor in this new series. Unlike Fauda, where he is part of an anti-terror team in Israel, here, he is just a bloke trying to resolve his American wife's sudden murder. This TV series, is highly rated and binge worthy. Most reviews are giving it 4-5 stars or 7.0 out of 10.

It is a type of series that pulls you in with each episode and by the 4th or 5th, you are hooked because he travels to NYC and while there, he becomes more confused as to why and who killed her, a dancer. But, the deeper he goes, the deeper the show pulls you in. He comes to find out that nothing about his American wife was true, not even her name. Who was she really? By the 5th episode, we only know that she was an CIA agent with many passport identities. Now suspicion builds as to whether the CIA would murder one of their own or maybe it was the Israeli Mossad? Eventually, he will end up in an American prison.

This American-Israeli show is mostly in Jewish with English subtitles, well acted with plenty of twists and turns along with action scenes.

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