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The 7 Most Powerful Legendary Pokémon

Mohammad Saif is an aspiring Pakistani writer with the aim to reach out to the world and make a niche for himself.

So how do I put it, if these creatures existed on our Earth we’d seize to exist. These Pokémon are extremely rare and overpowered beyond imagination. Not only that, each beast shares a rich history in the Pokémon mythos and usually a duality of some kind such as water and fire types for Kyogore and Groudon. For the sake of justified comparison, I have excluded mega evolution Pokémon. So without further ado:


Much to everyone’s confusion, this here beautifully designed Pokémon is pronounced, evil-taal. It has dragon like traits with a mix of avian characteristics. This Pokemon is the complete opposite of Xerneas (the eternal life giving pokémon) due to its destructive nature.


Yveltal has been bestowed with the life absorbing force allowing it to suck every ounce of energy from surrounding living things. Why it beats Xerneas to the list is firstly its impeccable design, the fact that it can counter every move that Xerneas can hurl and since it is a dark and flying type which is easily outmaneuvers fairy type pokémon. Its characteristic attack is the oblivion wing which can cause intense damage by either withering anything in its path or turning it into stone.


It is speculated to have been inspired by Vedrfolnir, a creature in Norse mythology that looks like a hawk. Furthermore, after the life absorbing ordeal, it is able to form a cocoon like structure to rest until it regains its health.



Part of the creation trio Dialga is a temporal Pokemon having the ability to manipulate time. It is a steel dragon type and weighs about 783 kilograms. It seems to have a sauropod like body and diamond hard plates made of steel. The use of steel is a reference to clocks since they are usually made from the same material. Dialga is based on the Shinto legends of Izanagi and Izanami, who are said to have created an island with a spear and erect a pillar on it which is now known as Japan. According to the pokédex, when Dialga’s heart beats, time flows allowing the legend to move freely past time, either towards the future or back to the past.


It’s equivalent opponent is the master of space, Palkia, who is also part of the creation trio.



Brilliantly designed by Junichi Masuda, Giratina is the master of the Antimatter world. It exists in two forms, namely the Reverse world form that resembles a sinister snake like beast and the altered form when it enters Earth, which resembles a Basilisk. What connect both our world and Giratina’s domain (dubbed the Reverse world) are reflective surfaces such as mirrors and pools of water. Little known fact, Giratina is considered the devil Pokemon as opposed to Arceus. This is for obvious reasons besides the fact that it has the mark of the devil such as six wings, six crowns and spikes.


Furthermore, since it takes on the form of the serpent and the basilisk, both of whom are taken up by the devil in the bible; we can be sure of the symbolism at play here. Adding to the debate is Giratina’s Pokédex entry which says, “Banished for its violence. It silently gazed upon the old world from the distortion world”. Kudos to the amount of references, crazy isn’t it. Last but not least, Giratina is the only ghost and dragon type till date.


Probably the greatest dragon type legendary pokémon in existence, Rayquaza shares the highest base stat of 780 with Mewtwo. Rayquaza is said to have lived for millions of years, circulating in the ozone layer. It is said to only come down if a fight breaks loose between Groudon and Kyogore, which it effectively brought to an end in ‘Generation 3’. Mega Rayquaza is considered too jacked for the uber tier and tops the list for being the most used Pokemon in competitive battle.

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Surprisingly Rayquaza has one of the easiest catch rates of all the legendary pokémon i.e. a rate of 45 as opposed to 3 for most other legendary pokémon. It is based on ‘Ziz’ which is a giant griffin like beast in Greek mythology.


Much to the content of Pokemon TCG players online, Mega Rayquaza is the only pokémon to evolve without any special items or mega stones. Why this is possible is because Rayquaza eats meteorites while in the ozone layer, providing it enough energy to evolve without any interventions.



As most of you probably know, Deoxys has 3 different forms, namely the defense, normal and attack form. The first letter of each of these forms combined, spells out DNA. This brings us to the next point that Deoxys has been defined as the DNA Pokemon. Why though you ask? Well, since Deoxys was primarily a space virus that was mutated before reaching earth after a laser beam struck it. In other versions of the pokédex entry Deoxys is defined as a space virus encapsulated in a meteorite heading for Earth. After the rock mutates, Deoxys is formed. Hence, what we can take out from this is that Deoxys was primarily a space virus.


Furthermore, another form of Deoxys was introduced, the speed form which broke the DNA play of words indefinitely. It wasn’t until after the movie, “Destiny Deoxys” that this form was introduced. The speed form has the highest speed stat, at a staggering 180. Do you see the crystal looking thing in its chest; that there is Deoxys brain which can conveniently shot laser beams too. Wish I had a brain like that. The highly distinguished design of this Pokemon was created by Ken Sugimori. Other Pokemon he helped create include Darkrai, Wobbuffet and Celebi.


This ever popular Pokemon needs no introduction but I’ll give one anyway. It is a gender-less bipedal humanoid creature that has feline like features. Mewtwo is a psychic type pokémon that is able to cause devastating damage due to its signature move, Psystrike. Imagine materializing psychic waves into a behemoth ball of death and hurling it wherever you please. Created as a clone, Mewtwo was designed to be the ultimate killing machine. Hence the immense power and the cold fear striking eyes that can derail the strongest opponent. How Mewtwo was created has been up for debate since the beginning of the Pokemon series, though the version that is largely agreed consists of Mew’s embryo getting mutated under a lab experiment. After gaining consciousness and enough awareness, Mewtwo caused enough destruction inside the lab to able to flee.


Mewtwo was born on 6th February and shares its position with Charizard for being the only two Pokemon to have two mega evolutions.


Moreover, Mewtwo’s base stat total ties with Rayquaza at 780; one of the strongest in the Pokemon universe. Mewtwo’s mega evolution form was also the first to be seen in the anime even before the concept of Mega evolution was introduced. An interesting fact about Mewtwo is that it usually stays motionless to conserve energy that can be fully utilized later in battle.


Where did the world of Pokémon start, well let’s ask the creator of the Pokemon world, Arceus. Dubbed the God Pokemon, Arceus is responsible for creating the legendary trio of Dialga, Palkia and Giratina. It is of course stronger than all three of them combined and fun fact, is the highest level Pokemon to be found in the Nintendo game series. Arceus is an equine being similar to a centaur. What sets it apart from all the other Pokemon is its ability to change into any type based on which ever plate he is holding. Also, Arceus flies in a very unique manner, i.e. by trotting it the air like a horse making it able to ascend. On top of it's multitype ability, it can learn any special Pokemon move. The history of Arceus states that he was brought to the universe as an egg who after hatching, created the Pokemon world out of nothing. Most probably this concept was derived from the Christianic entity Yahweh, who also is said to have created the universe out of nothing. Overall Arceus is a mysterious pokémon that we are yet to fully understand. In that hope stay tuned to the anime series.


Hope you all liked my compilation and enjoyed. Make sure to comment and vote for your favorite pokémon out of the list.

© 2018 Mohammad Saif

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