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Why Hip Hop Needs Him

I am very experienced in creative writing. Being creative when I write is soothing. It is therapy. I write about anything I put my mind to.

The Terminator

This is a film that started in the early eighty's. It stars Arnold Schwarzenegger. He plays the role as the terminator. The terminator is a cyborg assassin sent to come from the future to 1984. His mission is to kill Sarah Connor. Sarah was played by Linda Hamilton. She was impregnated with a child that will save Mankind. The assassin wasn't successful killing the child. Overtime, the terminator has changed. Instead of killing, he was protecting. Hip hop is dealing with their own Terminator as we speak. Difference is, he doesn't kill human kind. He kills an agenda that's been around for a very long time.

Charleston White

The youtube influencer Charleston White. Numerous rappers have acknowledged his work. Sadly, they are in hiding. Despite that, it's not too much of them the blame. Its the agenda. Its also the money. Rappers make a lot of money slandering their own kind. White rappers do it too but the industry is filled with black rappers. There are little Will Smiths that use no curse words or degrade their own. In fact, some of those found ways to walk from it. Will Smith found another way to shine his light. Here are a few facts that should be considered.


He's Equipped for It

In the film Training day, actor Denzel Washington is a cop. He's training a rookie and mentions how its a necessary evil. Its necessary to be a wolf to catch one. Charleston White is a former gang member if I'm correct. Now he's a community activist but, his method isn't changed. Perhaps, that's the reason. He knows how to sound like the wolf. Gangs are in rap music. Gangs been in rap music. He's fully equipped to bring it to the light. It's challenging but he's equipped. You can't tread softly as you expose what's been a fashion statement for years. A few rappers are slain ones. Nipsey Hussel, King Von or Drey the ruler. Who is better to do it than an ex gang member?

Harsh Reality

I worked for a third-party marketing firm. In it one of the things we learned was A.I.R. The letters meant Acknowledge, Ignore and Resume. My job along with the others employed was to promote Xfinity products. Later on, it was spectrum in Cincinatti, Ohio. We dealt with unruly customers ninety-seven times a day. Only three will be rulely. That was called the law of averages. I'm not saying this to get carried away. I'm saying, not all will respond the way you want. I could watch whites videos all day. I acknowledge all he says but filter out how he's saying it. It's harsh reality he's speaking. If many rappers do the same they'd notice it too. You may not like his wording but theirs a lot of truth. Numerous rappers and public figures are unbiased.

Criminality in Both Cultures

Bible says money is the root of all evil. White may not Quote scriptures but why not think GOD is allowing this? Why not think GOD allowed president trump to expose the dirt in politics? Even this country. The Bible also says what's in darkness will come to light. White has said that hip hop has a whole genre. The genre promoted killing blacks and little speak of it. Rappers are responsible for these good kids gone bad. Even the white boys. It's killings by us daily and little speak out. When a white boy shoots up a Mall or something they speak out. Hip hop has become a catalyst for Criminality in both cultures. This next rapper applauds what white is doing.

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He's Hurting Their Pockets

I don't know how true it is but CW has his own dirt. You read he was in a gang. Do your research to know he was granted gratitude. It seems he was caught up with a bad crowd and was forgiven for it. What's so different about others? Everyone in this world has a pass. All of these rappers have one but notice something. He talks about who's active. He talks about those not changing. He talks about the brainwashed kids of those rappers too. Lastly, he hurts their pockets. That's where it hurts most. If you aren't changing, white will talk about you. Some are just acting Too Ignorant.

The Village We’ve Demolished

White been around for a while. He's known to be a YouTube influencer. This TI incident just made things better. Despite those facts, it rubbed the rapper the wrong way. Before he got involved it was rapper Boosie. Both the rappers are in the Atlanta area doing a reality show. This all started when the rappers kids openly disrespected white and he responded. The fathers started fueling. Boosie stepped back but TI kept going. White continually said get your son. He also said it used to take a village. These days, that village has been demolished. Chastise these kids today parents come out and say “Dont Touch My Child.” Elders did what white did back in the day. Despite it all, could they be acting for their new show?

Reality T.V

I can't speak for all but I see this differently. The marketing mindset I have allows me to. I won't be shocked if they spinned this for their show. They know white. Boosie is not talking and T.I is not anymore. This us good Reality T.V. Why not use one another platform? Boosie already says he wasn't supported for his movie. T.I is a businessman that had his own reality show. It's all falling into place. My suggestion, doing blow this out of proportion. They are perfect public figures to expose the agenda.


Shine a New Light

If these guys are business minded, they'd use this. The rap industry has been this way for year's. Its not changing. White isn't the first not the last. The former rapper T.I has stated his displeasure to do trap music. He's known to have been one of it's engineers. These past rappers did what they knew how. Their kids dont have to walk in their steps. Even if they rap they could put a positive edge to it. Instead they're enhancing the negative stigma. White, T.I and Boosie could start change once and for all. Instead of arguing, they could work together. In my opinion, they already are. Eventually, others will join the movement.

© 2022 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius

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