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Hereditary Movie Review - The Inherited Demons of the Family

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Ari Aster's Hereditary is a horror masterpiece we have been waiting for a long time. A movie so disturbing yet weirdly beautiful (thanks to the cinematography of Pawel Pogorzelski), Hereditary follows the story of the Graham family who are in grief due to the death of Annie's (Toni Collette) grandmother. In case you haven't watched the film, I won't give away any more details regarding the plot. I definitely recommend that you check this film out. After all, it is also now available on Blu-ray.

It becomes evident while watching the film that director Ari Aster had clearly studied the good old horror classics before making this movie. He understood what made them crawl under the skin and hence, was successfully able to make a film that hammers you down with its disturbing visuals and mind-blowing plot. This movie was released with a massive amount of hype surrounding it as some critics even went as far as calling it "this generations The Exorcist". Of course, a movie comes under a lot of pressure when it is surrounded by so much hype as audiences start expecting something extraordinary from the film.

For me, Hereditary delivered on every level possible, and I do think that it is a modern horror masterpiece. This is a movie where the scene changes from day to night with a click. A click that is somewhat similar to the one Annie's daughter Charlie (Milly Shapiro) makes with her tongue. There is something about it that eventually adds up to the overall creepier persona of Charlie, the importance of which is later revealed in the film.

Annie is a miniature artist who is busy making miniatures of a house (which resembles her own house), and the film even uses it to its advantage. It can be seen in the opening shot where the camera takes us first inside Annie's house and then in the miniature house. One look at the film, and it gets crystal clear that this a well-directed film which will leave you in awe. You don't need an IQ of 200 to figure that out.

The film stays true to its name even during its end credits which are done spectacularly in a hereditary kind of way. It is made with a lot of love.

Toni Collette is terrific in the movie, and the Academy should consider her while making the nominees. Her transformation from a calm, cool-headed mother to a raging beast is quite spectacular to watch. Milly Shapiro makes sure that the next time you hear a tongue click, you get a jump scare. Alex Wolff as the son of Annie was fantastic and delivers some hard-hitting and shocking scenes like a pro. Gabriel Byrne as the husband of Annie is the only sane member here in the family who constantly reminded me of a retired Liam Neeson. It is evident that the actors understood their parts and the movie itself and hence, that is another reason why this movie works so greatly.

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For fans of the horror genre, Hereditary comes as a treat, and I cannot recommend it enough. But as in the case of most horror films, the horror here is also subjective, and some may find it uninteresting or not as good as I found it. But don't let that come as a hurdle in your way. Just go for this satanic ride.

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