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Here Is How Klaus Mikaelson Could Have Been A Tribrid

Have you ever wondered why Klaus Mikaelson never became a Tribrid? Well, here is why:


Both The Vampire Diaries and The Originals have already met their ends, and now Legacies is going on. But, there stands one question, could Klaus Mikaelson ever have been a tribrid like his daughter, Hope Mikaelson?

The first vampires in all creation were The Originals consisting of Mikael, Finn, Elijah, Niklaus, Rebekah and Kol. When they became vampires, they were all strong, fast and furious, but, when Niklaus triggered his curse, he became a hybrid (werewolf-vampire), why? Because Klaus was not Mikael's blood, rather he was Esther and Ansel's, who happened to be a werewolf.

When Klaus Mikaelson was first mentioned on The Vampire Diaries, he was initially thought of to be an original vampire but, later was it revealed that he is not merely an original, but a big-bad-wolf too. Although his werewolf side was bind by a spell which, for centuries, Klaus had been trying to break in order to become a complete hybrid and be able to sire his own species of hybrids.

Esther was a Mikaelson witch, and so are were her kids. Before they became vampires, they were all witches, but, is that all? No. Fans are aware of the fact that Klaus was an offspring of a werewolf and a witch, so he was born a were-witch just like Queen Vivianne-Lescheres-Mikaelson from The Originals' novels.

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It is a certain fact mentioned in The Vampire Diaries that a person can only either be a witch or a vampire, but never both at the same time as witches are the servants of nature whereas vampires are seen to be the abominations wandering.

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Later in The Vampire Diaries, it is revealed that Siphoners can be both vampires as well as witches at the same them, which, clearly makes them an exception. Werewolves, however, are humans with werewolf genes and can be both witch and werewolf at the same time.

Hope Mikaelson is the Tribrid daughter of Klaus Mikaelson, she's a werewolf, a Mikaelson witch, and she also had vampire blood in herself. In the 5x12 of The Originals, Hope triggers her werewolf curse and turns in a were-witch.

In the fourth season of Legacies, the daughter of Klaus Mikaelson has finally become a Tribrid, going against the nature and becoming a loophole. The vampire blood in her body made her a vampire without taking away her magic, which has caused many fans to question this act. If Hope became a Tribrid when she died, why didn't Klaus?


This had already been asked a thousand times by fans as to why Klaus Mikaelson never became a Tribrid even though he had was born a were-witch and later made into a vampire through magic.

So, here is a theory for this. Hope Mikaelson was born a witch because of the witch blood in her veins and became a werewolf before becoming a vampire. On the other hand, Klaus did not become a Tribrid because he didn't have his curse triggered back then.

Klaus's curse was triggered after he had become a vampire and killed. Before the dark magic rituals that his mother had performed, he was just a witch kid with temper and an untriggered werewolf curse.

When he became a vampire, he had lost all his witch powers already resulting in him never becoming even a complete were-witch. However, if Klaus Mikaelson had triggered his curse before his transitioning into a vampire, he could have been a Tribrid just like his daughter.

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