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Hellraiser (2022): the Greater Hellish Delights Awaits

Hellraiser (2022) title poster.

Hellraiser (2022) title poster.

Finally! The Remake we have been waiting for.

After Hulu’s success in Prey, we might as well guess that many of our horror classic favorites will end up being brought back to the big screen. The new Halloween has done it and it was a bomb! so it is just a matter of time before all of his colleagues of mass-murdering hobbies will arise from their dormancy.


David Bruckner, the director if the very creepy film The Night House, takes the stage of directing a horror classic, Hellraiser, now starring Jamie Clayton as the lead Cenobite. Well fans might not get used to the new pinhead but if you watch the trailer which I would really recommend then you shall see how creepy she is. We might not as well see Kristy but lets put our faith in the next Kristy which is Riley as she makes her way to the hell that shall be unleashed by the Lemarchand‘s Box.

Jamie Clayton as the new Lead Cenobite

Jamie Clayton as the new Lead Cenobite

What to expect?

The movie is set to be released on October 7 in Hulu and Disney platforms. We are yet to see how our main characters would find themselves in the horror that will arise once the box is opened. I for one could expect the newer concept and story, we might expect a little connection to the previous movies like in the Prey which is said to be a prequel to Arnie’s predator. We still might not know if that is possible we shall wait and see the hellish delights they have set for us. If you watch the trailer they just spill out the minor details such as the Box and Pinhead which is a good thing not to spoil major scenes which truly delightlful for horror fanatics out there.

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