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Hell Fest (2018) Review

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A Traveling Horror Attraction Becomes Real

Hell Fest follows a masked serial killer known as "The Other" as he turns a horror-themed amusement park into his own hunting grounds as he stalks a group of friends and picks them off one by one. The other customers have no idea what truly is going on since they all think it is part of the show.

Hell Fest is a homage to late 90’s and early 2000’s slasher movies like Scream, Valentine, and Urban Legend. It is an enjoyable ride throughout and since it has moved to Netflix I watched it once again and decided to review it.

Hell Fest features a group of characters who are enjoyable to watch that you are rooting for them to survive. With the cameo of one of the most iconic voices/people of the horror genre from the legendary Tony Todd himself. The cast was allowed free range when performing, and a lot of the lines were completely improvised. I believe this a strength for the most part even if some of the lines seem a little forced at times.

The killer fills the role of a silent killer, never speaking throughout the whole time he stalks the group and we only see in the end that he has done this on many occasions. We also learn he is a father to a little girl which makes it even scarier. Also, the mask he wears is a nice touch and looks very unique in the best way. Also as someone who frequents these kinds of attractions, the feel feels authentic, like when Natalie points out how they are going to scare them during one of the mazes.

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At the end of Hell Fest, they have a very out-of-character moment and when they were trying to escape the park, went into a maze unknowingly which made them easier prey for The Other to find them. See out of context this makes sense, but the maze had a large sign outside and it was obvious it was made into a horror-themed maze. But even with this movie was still enjoyable to view.

Final Score: 8 out of 10

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