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Helen Vogt - the Former Front Woman and Vocalist for the Band Flowing Tears

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Helen Vogt (Flowing Tears Vocalist 2004-2014)


What is This Article About?

Female vocalists in hard rock and heavy metal that are talented and beautiful should be recognized. This article takes a look at former Flowing Tears vocalist Helen Vogt and the role that she plays in the album Razorbliss.

Who is Helen Vogt?

Helen Vogt was the front woman for the German heavy rock band Flowing Tears. She joined the band after the departure of original vocalist Stephanie Duchene for personal reasons.

The Significance of Helen Vogt Joining Flowing Tears Was

It could have been a serious blow to the band’s ability to bounce back and continue to develop. But the opposite effect actually took place. I really believe that with the addition of Helen, the band was in much better shape. I have not heard too much of the band’s earlier releases but I can say that Helen provides a nice and unique kind of voice to the female heavy metal scene. Her debut with these German rockers was in 2004 when the band released Razorbliss. Her husband is bassist David Vogt who replaced former bassist Frederic Lesny. Note: Flowing Tears would disband in 2014 bringing to an end a career that lasted two decades.

The Greatness of Helen Vogt's Voice and the Album Razorbliss

I know that some of you will say that her voice is so deep that it doesn’t sound like a woman’s voice. Helen’s voice is deep, that’s true. But I really like her voice. This is especially true for the song “Undying” on the RazorBliss album. The song tells the story of a teenage girl that struggles to bring herself to terms with the fact that she has depression. At the age of 16, the happiness that she had been having has been sucked out of her. She has to get back on track in her life even if it means walking when it is raining. I’ve actually really been listening to bands with female vocalists in them. I really like the fact that women are getting more of a chance to show their abilities in the heavy metal music scene. Heavy metal music is not only reserved for men. Women can sing too. Helen Vogt should be given at least some consideration. She is one of the best vocalists out there especially for this genre of metal. One of the defining moments for Helen in the album is the song Snakes of Grey. In that song, we hear the power of her alto voice as it soars.

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Helen Vogt of Flowing Tears



Helen Vogt: her hobbies and interests

When she is not involved with music and touring, Helen enjoys spending her free time with husband David Vogt, now the former bassist for Flowing Tears. She also enjoys reading good books, playing sports, cooking, planting flowers and having cocktail parties with her friends.

The people that have been the biggest influence in her life are her husband, father, former Flowing tears front woman Stephanie Duchene and the bands The Gathering and Anathema. And I also think that Helen is really, really cute. I am sure Flowing Tears was happy to have her in the band. The combination of looks plus a powerful voice is what any band would be happy to have. That is a major positive in my opinion.

The Song Called "Grey"

Favorite female heavy metal vocalist

Helen Vogt's Work After Flowing Tears

I think the question on the minds of music fans is where Helen Vogt is now and what is she doing? It was on February 22, 2019 that Helen along with songwriter and producer Sascha Blach released a solo project. That project is Lighthouse in Darkness and the name of the album is “The Melancholy Movies.” So when I found this out, I decided to give this studio album a chance. The album is described as having a sort of electronic sound combined with soundtrack influences. Is Helen’s voice charismatic? I’ve never thought of her voice in that way, but in this solo project, her vocals are definitely more soothing and they can charm you in a way that you would never expect. Lighthouse in Darkness finally saw the light of day in 2019 after 5 years of preparation and planning. The Soundtrack of Decline is a song that has cinematic elements and combines both male and female vocals as the song is about someone that is far away from the one that they love the most. She wonders if she will ever meet him again. We could say “The Melancholy Movies” is soft enough to enjoy and hear a different musical project by the one and only Helen Vogt who is not even yet 40 years old and she is exploring new musical avenues and this approach works out after being one of the best “unknown” Gothic metal vocalists in Germany. I put the word unknown in parentheses to show that Helen Vogt isn’t totally unknown in the metal music community but she is not as well-known as Sabina Classen or Doro Pesch but her voice still has power and delight in it. Welcome back Helen Vogt!

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