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Helen: Her 10 Best Hindi Bollywood Songs With Videos

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Aarav is a longtime freelance writer who loves writing about classic music form Bollywood movies.

Best Songs by Indian Film Legend Helen

Helen, the original on screen cabaret queen and the first item dancer of India. She monopolized the 50's-70's with here daring, sensuous, and sexy dance numbers. She was the go to person when it came to dance numbers. There was no one who could take place of hers in her prime time.

Apart from doing dance items she was also considered for various roles. In fact, she has also acted in many films in lead roles. Aasha Bhosale's voice was also instrumental in making what Helen is; and the same goes for Aasha Bhosale with respect to what Helen did for Aasha's career. They both complemented each other very well. Every of Aasha's song which was picturised on Helen became a great hit and went on to rule the charts for many a weeks.

Nobody can ever be compared with Helen. And the current lot of "hit" item dancers (read Rakhi Sawant, Malaika Arora Khan and God knows who else are there) are way off when it comes to grace and appeal of Helen. One can see that she danced with happiness and a smile on her face, which is just rare in these days or are doing on the instructions of the director/choreographer.

Late eighties were somewhat difficult for Helen as she was struck with financial crisis and her onscreen vamp roles were snatched away by Bindu, Aruna Irani and some item numbers by Padma Khanna. She went on to marry Salim Khan which somewhat saved her.

I'm a great fan of hers and sure you are too. To this, let me present to you the best songs featuring Helen. The compilation of the list didn't take more than five minutes for me as I've watched each and every song many times.

Listen to the great songs and admire her beauty.


At the start of the song, the host introduces Helen as the most famous dancer of India and the one and the only one: Monica. So true.

The song is ultra famous and hit. Sung by none other than Aasha Bhosale. Composed by R.D. Burman and lyrics by Majrooh Sultanpuri.

Helen dances her heart-out in this one (not that she didn't in others).

Again a Aasha Bhosale song and this one got here a filmfare award. She plays the role of Kamini, Ramesh's fiancée who is killed by Amitabh when he wants to quit the gang to lead a normal life. Kamini wants to get back at her and tries to seduce her but the don outsmarts her and the police to escape.

Beware, the cat-eyed look of Helen can kill!

Now this one is from the black-and-white era. Sung by Geeta Dutt and composed by OP Nayyar. This is the first song in which Helen got a solo song to perform. Before this song she was a chorus dancer in many Hindi songs.

The looks of Helen is indeed Chini. But she's from the Anglo-Burmese descent in reality.

One of the best albums by Shankar-Jaikishen. All the songs of this movie are great, as well as the movie. Other good song from the movie is Hum Kaale Hai Toh Kya Hua and Gumnaam Hai Koi.

A meaningful song I must say. The bubly girl Helen teaches everyone to live life fully without any worries. She dances her way to teach! But only to be killed a few shots after.

The song sung and composed by R.D. Burman is such a hit that even now many versions of it are earning from it. Firstly it was to sung by Aasha Bhosale but the song required higher nodes so R.D decided to sing this one by himself.

But there is also another theory about the song. That it has been copied from an English song. The song being "Say You Love Me" compiled and sung by Demis Roussos. Watch that video as well and you decide if the song was "inspired" from it or was blatantly copied.

I find the dance steps of Helen funny. The movements of the hands and legs fills my head with laughter. But that was no reason I could keep this song out of the list.

The song is great and that's enough reason for the inclusion, but there is one more thing in this song. The costume of Helen, especially the red one in the middle of the song. Go play the video!

I admit that I didn't even heard about the movie before I made a quick search on Google for this one. This mind blowing song comes from a forgettable film: Inkaar

Isn't this the most famous Helen song?

Not even this but all the songs are great to listen in this movie. Unlike many Helen songs this one not a fast-paced song, the tempo of the song is rather slow. Again one by Aasha Bhosale. Other hit songs from the movie are:

Again a slower (some places the beats makes up for it) but seducing song. The song is choreographed nicely and it takes you to a different world altogether. Guess who has sung this one, no not Aasha it's Lata.

I just love this one. What a song composition by Laxmikant Pyarelal and words by Asad Bhopali. Helen dons the look of goan ki chori for this one.

I hope you liked all the songs in the list. Please do vote in the below list for your favorite from the list. And if you want to download these songs I recommend to visit the websites where you can download these songs legally.

© 2012 Aarav

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