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Hazbin Hotel (2019) Review

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Hazbin Hotel - Giving Credit (2019)

Hazbin Hotel is an internet animated series available on Youtube and I've provided the link to the episode for easy access. This series is rated MA so Viewer Discretion Advised.

The story takes place in Hell, where they incur yearly mandatory purges (thanks to Angels) to rid Hell of demons because of severe overflow. Charlie, the main character, is the princess of Hell. And her dream is to open a hotel in Hell to rehabilitate demons so they may go to Heaven and not be needlessly killed.

Produced by Vivienne "Vivziepop" Medrano

Hazbin Hotel (2019) Review

I actually came across trailers for this show last year and have been eagerly awaiting its' long arrival. But I will say, the wait was well worth it. This show is freaking amazing. The witty attitudes, the comedic relief, the dark elements throughout the show just make it draw you in.

The animation is sharp and unusual, the difference is appreciated however because this type of show deserves some unique qualities instead of basic animation. It just wouldn't have done it justice. There just aren't enough stories like this, kinds that completely focus on Hell and demons. Generally Hell is viewed as a terrible place that shouldn't even be mentioned but the most interesting types of people are typically depicted there anyway.

The rich characters in this story are phenomenal. My personal favorite, which is a lot of others fans' as well, is Alastor a.k.a the Radio Demon. His style, his darkness, his voice. It just gives you chills in the best way.

Then there's Angel Dust, who is a anthropomorphic, and androgynous male spider demon. He is just fun, extremely chaotic, extremely sexual and not at all shy. He's probably my second favorite character because his openness is such a breath of fresh air.

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Other main characters include Vaggie, a slim anthropomorphic female moth demon and Chief Manager at Hazbin Hotel. She is incredibly protective of Charlie and badly wants the hotel to succeed. I love creativity when it comes to the types of demons that are in the show. Moths, and dog like creatures, cat styled creatures, and more.

Finally, there's Charlie, the protagonist. She's a slender and tall female humanoid demon wearing a red suit with a black bowtie and pants, with pale skin and red-circled cheeks. She is a perky almost in a good-two-shoes kind of way. She is disgustingly optimistic and everyone in Hell thinks she's a joke for having this dream. She is also the owner of Hazbin Hotel (which used to be Happy Hotel) It poses for an interesting dilemma however, and makes for a good plot.

Sadly, at this moment, there is one one episode created right now. But I have high hopes that the second one will be coming along soon.

In conclusion, I highly recommend that everyone with an open mind or enjoyment of these types of stories give this show a try.

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