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Has Tom Cruise Lost Control?

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Anticipation for a Cinematic Blockbuster "Biggy"


Three Year Anticipation of Top Gun the Latest Movie

Given the original cast, I was not expecting much this time around as I hardly know any of the cast members, except for Tom Cruise, Jennifer Connelly and Val Kilmer.

With the pandemic keeping us all locked in, we have gotten used to the small screen and TV shows hosted by new channels.

Although I have enjoyed some of the work that has been produced, there is nothing like going to the cinema to watch on the big screen.

That does come with some disappointing moments as ticket prices have gone up and the quality of films that have come out, haven't been great at all.

The world wants an epic, a huge production with good sound, exotic locations and yes, that old school Hollywood style where seeing the name Bruckheimer in the front credits, gets an automatic applause.

I, like many other people who have been through the pandemic, decided to keep away from public places for almost 3 years.

The cinema was one of the last places that I would consider going to unless a huge production could lure me there and of course this movie Top Gun: Maverick is just the one.

Many of the younger cast members are people I have not seen or heard of, (no offense) but I have been at home writing rather than watching, which didn't really give me much enthusiasm except of course Tom Cruise in action once again.

The original movie was incredible with the soundtrack and the heart pumping song by Berlin, "Take my breathe away", still one of my favourite shower songs today.

The big production, the cast and the storyline which made the movie a legendary classic, wasn't something that I would think could have a sequel.

My brother and I decided to go and watch the latest movie together because it was one that we watched as kids and inspired my brother to want to become a pilot.

I wanted to be an actress and after the original movie, made plans to become an actress.

Anyway, long story short, years later we headed out to Ster Kinekor Theatre, got our popcorn and snacks and went into the Imax movie.

Whilst sitting in anticipation for the movie that inspired us both, the excitement of watching Tom Cruise pop up thanking the audience in advance for watching the movie, got me to sit up in my seat.

The original theme song played and I was taken back to the 80's with the beginning of the latest Top Gun:Maverick.

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A Nostalgic Return of Captain Pete Mitchell

The opening sequence of the movie begins like the original, with the 80's feel and the warmth of something familiar as it draws to Captain Pete Mitchell, who lives in an abandoned hanger, testing planes, showing that he has not progressed in his career and has been saved more than once by his old friend played my Val Kilmer.

Background refreshers of old photographs from the original gives us a small reminder of why Pete is in the hanger as a Captain and we progress to current times as Cruise puts on his famous leather pilot jacket, sunglasses and gets on his bike luring us into the new film.

A great scene for those who love sound and speed is Cruise taking a plane and heading into supersonic Mach 10.

I unfortunately was disappointed in the Imax sound because it didn't do the movie justice and in parts found that the music was louder than the voices, which is something that needs to be checked in the Imax theater, especially when it comes to a huge production like this one.

Mitchell is sent to train the best pilots for a dangerous and almost impossible mission as he faces challenges with being unable to let go of the past and losing his best friend, "Goose."

"Rooster" his son, played by Miles Teller, has an attitude towards Mitchell because he blames him for setting him back in his career.

Pete meets up with an old flame played by Jennifer Connelly but the story is focused on the team of pilots rather than the love interest.

We see Mitchell wanting to give up on the task but finds a way to progress after a heart warming scene played by Val Kilmer, who encourages Pete to let go of the past.

After this, the younger recruits are pulled into place by the Captain, leading them into a dangerous mission that on screen, leaves the viewers sweat drenched, fist clenching as the pilots are dramatically filmed flying under, through and into danger in planes that look realistically terrifying.

Cruise, naturally takes centre stage with the flying and action as well as a heart felt teary eyed moment or two, which I won't give away.

There is also a beach scene where the crew are practicing being a team and Tom Cruise reminds us all that age is merely a number because he looks just as good now as he did in the first one.

Cast of Top Gun Maverick

At first, watching the trailer I wasn't too keen because I didn't know any of the new recruits except for Miles Teller.

Once I got into the movie, the cast was well chosen, everyone played their parts very well and they grow on you by the end.

Tom Cruises love interest in the movie is played by the beautiful, Jennifer Connelly and the pair make a cute on screen couple.

Val Kilmer and Ed Harris make an exciting addition to the movie playing cameo roles. The new recruits did well and Hamm and Parnell were good too.

The movie had a few reinvented moments but I think intentional ones, to give that old school feel, taking us back to the start, refreshing the memory.

Action scenes were excellent and the movie was exactly what it should have been.

I love Lady Gaga and I did enjoy the song but it was nothing like the song performed by Berlin in the 80's.

Although the story had a few romantic moments, this was more about the action scenes and has Tom Cruise Lost Control?

Nope, he is still very much in the Captains seat, bringing back the big screen after a hideously terrible couple of years away from the cinematic experience.

Tom and the cast bring us out of the dark and into a taste of freedom, alongside the fabulous Bruckheimer and the director, who made this movie what we have all been waiting to see, an epic, iconic motion picture.

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