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Haruna Kinoshita Former Member of Japanese Girl Group Nmb48

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A First Look at Haruna Kinoshita

Haruna Kinoshita about to eat ice cream.

Haruna Kinoshita about to eat ice cream.

Why There Should Be Coverage of Haruna Kinoshita

Haruna Kinoshita (not to be confused with Haruna Kojima) is a former member of the girl group NMB48 and she was a member of its Team B2. So with this article, it is #910 for me and how fitting it is that this one is also about a celebrity. We have covered articles about Juri Takahashi and Amina Sato and now it is time to write about Haruna Kinoshita especially since she has just announced that she is 6 months pregnant! She made this news public on Instagram on February 8, 2019. But who is Haruna Kinoshita?

Haruna Kinoshita With Kanako Kadowaki & Miru Shiroma

From left to right: Miru Shiroma, Kanako Kadowaki & Haruna Kinoshita all in red T-shirts.

From left to right: Miru Shiroma, Kanako Kadowaki & Haruna Kinoshita all in red T-shirts.

Interesting Facts About Haruna Kinoshita

  • Haruna enjoys baseball games & movies.
  • Her favorite foods include tomatoes, tsukemen, acai bowl and grilled meat.
  • She has the special skill of being able to sleep!
  • Haruna’s future ambition is to become an actress like Keiko Kitagawa.
  • She is a former member of the drama club.
  • Haruna remains the youngest member of NMB48’s first generation, having joined them at the age of 12 while she was still in elementary school.
  • Haruna tended to have the role of MC (Master of Ceremonies) in the group even though she was its youngest member.

Haruna Kinoshita With Aina Fukumoto


Haruna Kinoshita & Her Reported Scandal

However, it was reported back in 2016 that Haruna was involved in a scandal and these sorts of events usually never end well for members of these idol groups. The Japanese tabloid Bunshun reported that Kinoshita was involved in an extramarital affair with the CEO of the company Estate24 Akita Shintaro. Shintaro is married to a sister of an ex member of NMB48 Muro Kayako. Shintaro himself is said to have been arrested on the suspicion of defrauding Mizuho Bank in the amount of 200 million yen! Kinoshita who would graduate from NMB48 in October 2016 did not face the real demotion for her actions but if what she did is true, this affair while she was 17 will have a detrimental lasting effect on her career.

"Haruna Kinoshita" of NMB48 Relaxes Outside

Why Did Haruna Kinoshita Graduate From NMB48?

During a performance of Saka Agari at NMB48 Theater in September 2016, Kinoshita announced her intention to graduate from the group. One of the reasons given for her graduation is that she was thinking of going to college. It is interesting to hear this kind of news because just recently, Ririka Suto also of NMB48 recently announced that she was preparing to take college entrance exams to study philosophy. Kinoshita also said that it felt strange to her to become a college student.

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