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Haruka Shimazaki, Cute Idol Singer, Bikini Model, & Member of Girl Group Akihabara 48

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A first look at AKB48's Haruka Shimazaki

Haruka Shimazaki is one of the members of AKB48's Team A. Before that she was a member of Team B and Team 4.

Haruka Shimazaki is one of the members of AKB48's Team A. Before that she was a member of Team B and Team 4.

Introduction to Haruka Shimazaki and Tribute

This next article will be another kind of tribute to a celebrity. The famous girl group Akihabara 48 (AKB48) is always making news but this news has nothing to do with their music. But before we get to that part it is necessary to provide an introduction to who Haruka Shimazaki is. The earliest years of her involvement with AKB48 go back to September 2009 when she joined AKB48 as one of the training girls.

Her popularity as an AKB48 member has been rising

Shimazaki, 22, is a native of Saitama, Japan. Her brother is ten years her junior. She has slowly risen in popularity among the fans in Japan. In the 4th General Election for AKB48, she came in ranked at #23. However, flowing the 5th AKB48 Senbatsu Election in 2013, she rose all the way to #12. In the 2014 Senbatsu Election, she finished at #7 before finishing at a very respectable #9 in the 2015 General Senbatsu Election.

Haruka Shimazaki and her documented health problems

Even celebrities can suffer setbacks and problems due to their health. Haruka Shimazaki, the member of AKB48 that released her photo book Paruru Komaru in 2013 has decided to take a break for a while from the group’s activities due to asthma attacks. Shimazaki released a statement through Twitter that she has been causing trouble to people at work and making her fans worry. The asthma attacks are also interfering with her ability to work. There are no further details yet, but Shimazaki revealed that after she talked to her doctor and staff members that she decided to take a break. Shimazaki also wrote that she has been coughing and suffering from convulsions and a loss of appetite as a result of the medication. Shimazaki is not the only high profile AKB48 member to experience health problems during her career. In 2013, former member Yuko Oshima missed a few events due to coming down with the flu. Due to her condition, Shimazaki would not attend the AKB48 Group Janken Tournament 2015 which will be at Yokohama Arena on September 16, 2015. But Shimazaki also said that she will support and cheer on Yui Yokoyama who was named the next AKB48 General Manager. Yokoyama will replace Minami Takahashi, 24, as the General Manager of AKB48 and its other groups once Takahashi graduates from AKB48. Takahashi will be the next very famous member of AKB48 to leave the group. As Shimazaki takes her time to recover from her asthma, I am sure that she is really proud of the fact that Yuki Kashiwagi has joined the new girl group called NGT48. And since we are in spring 2016, it is now the end of a long and successful career for Takahashi. Note: Shimazaki has recovered from her asthma attacks and she is back to work!

A few photos of Haruka Shimazaki with Yui Yokoyama

Haruka Shimazaki (left) is pictured here with her good friend and now AKB48 General Manager Yui Yokoyama (right).

Haruka Shimazaki (left) is pictured here with her good friend and now AKB48 General Manager Yui Yokoyama (right).


More Interesting Facts about Haruka Shimazaki

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  • She says her favorite AKB48 song is the one called RIVER.
  • Black and white are her favorite colors.
  • She says that her favorite number is 19.
  • Her favorite country to visit is the United Kingdom.
  • Keiko Kitagawa is Haruka’s favorite actress.
  • She is skilled at knowing how to use the unicycle.
  • Her nickname is “ponkotsu.” A loose translation of this term means can’t do anything right.
  • Haruka practiced reverse pull-ups at the park with her father when she was younger.
  • She is still very close with Yui Yokoyama.
  • When she was suffering from her asthma and respiratory problems, she was very active on the social media web sites. She was busy communicating with her fans as her illness did not allow her to sleep.
  • During the graduation concerts of Aki Takajo and Mariya Nagao, Shimazaki sang Atsuko Maeda’s song called Kimi wa Boku Da.

Haruka Shimazaki with Minami Takahashi during the filming of the video for Sayonara Crawl

A few photos of Haruka Shimazaki from Her 2013 Photo Book Pararu Komaru

Haruka Shimazaki going up the escalator.

Haruka Shimazaki going up the escalator.


Haruka Shimazaki seen as one of the 100 Most Beautiful Celebrity Faces of 2013

The complete list of singles that Haruka Shimazaki has sang in

Manatsu no Sounds Good!Heart ErekiBokutach wa Tatakawanai (she served as the center for this song too)


Mae Shika Mukanee

Halloween Night

Eien Pressure (she was named as center for this song)

Labrador Retriever

Kuchibiru ni Be My Baby

So Long!

Kokoro no Placard

Kimi wa Melody

Sayonara Crawl (this song had four members serve as the center)

Kibouteki Refrain


Koi Suru Fortune Cookie

Green Flash


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