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Harry and Meghan and Their Royal Misinformation!

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Meghan Markle: no secret wedding!

Meghan Markle: no secret wedding!

MY grandmother told me not to tell lies. And it could be said, there are levels of lies, some lies may not carry too much weight while others are detrimental. The thing about a liar is they often tell so many lies that they forget what they said and indeed what the truth is! And some liars might survive their lies, even thrive on their lies! However, if you are going to lie about the Royal Family in the United Kingdom on a global platform with one of the loudest talk show hosts in America for the whole wide world to listen, surely the last thing you would do is lie on such an extreme level. It’s not like the truth won’t come out on an equally global level!

It seems in the multi-million-pound world of Harry and Meghan it is perfectly acceptable to put yourself on a world stage and lie, and teach our younger generation that lies are your own truth! Indeed, Harry knows all about lies or is it misinformation? with one of his new jobs being focused on crushing misinformation in the media. And yet his own preaching does not apply to him or his wife. Ah! The hypocrisy of it all.

Meghan and Harry lied about their private personal marriage, their wedding certificate dated the 19th of May 2018 issued by Stephen Borton proves they lied. They have since admitted that they didn’t marry in secret. And now finally the Archbishop of Canterbury Mr. Welby has rejected their claim that he married them in a secret ceremony before their Windsor Wedding. He told la Repubblica: ‘I would have committed a serious criminal offence if I signed it, (the wedding licence) knowing it was false.’ Their wedding certificate bears Prince Charles and Doria Ragland as witnesses. What a shocker!

We aren’t talking about a silly naive young couple; HRH Harry and Meghan, in their mid 30’s when they married and pushing 37 and 40 respectively when they lied on Oprah among the lavender pots. Meghan’s not an amateur either, this being her second marriage! Why lie about a secret wedding that never happened? And globally? On Oprah? This was a rehearsed interview, pre-recorded. This lie could have been edited out at any time. It wasn’t! Why?

And then we have little Archie, whom had a choice of titles but legally not the title of Prince, much to Meghan’s dismay obviously, otherwise why mention it and misinform the millions watching. She tells us titles mean nothing to her, and presumably ‘Just Call Me Harry’ who on his profile page for his other job (the one that was made up for him) proclaims Prince Harry, HRH The Duke of Sussex, Chief Impact Officer. And there is another lie: Archie is not entitled to be a prince and they both know that. It is the law. His skin colour has nothing to do with. The rule is more than 100 years old! Why lie? Why Harry? And Archie will automatically become a prince when his grandfather Prince Charles becomes king. Why did Harry and Meghan not mention that? Why lie about a title and continue to lie about it when the Royal Rules regarding titles are easily found and very straight-forward. Google it! Go to a library! Call the Archbishop who married you on the 19th of May. Ask your grandmother, The Head of the Church of England! But don’t lie about it, to the whole wide world from Oprah’s interview couch!

Meghan lied about the last time she saw her sister and she lied about her sister changing her name back to Markle. Harry lied about not having bike rides with his father. In-fact there are numerous family pictures of bike rides in the countryside. There are so many lies and in truth do these lies harm anyone? Lying about your family, royal or otherwise is wrong. Tell the truth and shame the devil, that’s what my gran used to say. Anyone whom lies to the world when they know it’s lies and easily found out has more than their lies to worry about, they have far more deeper issues to deal with. Being the faces of compassion delivering their one act at a time is nothing more than misinformation based on the constant hunger these two have to thrive. A lie is one thing, a blatant in your face pre-recorded lie, after lie, is damn right dangerous and with the world watching! Who does that to their families? I am shocked at the companies that have hired Harry and Meghan. They are not the faces or the voices whom should be associated in the delivering of compassion to the world. Oprah should conduct a new pre-recorded interview (research their claims and edit out their lies) and ask them why they lied. Ask Harry how is new job tackling misinformation in the media is going and his new impacting with BetterUp is panning out. Ask how it feels to know that one day Archie will be a prince, seeing as they don’t care about titles. Ask them how they plan to deliver compassion to the world when they have broken relationships with-in their own families. Perhaps Harry and Meghan’s families don’t qualify for their compassion. Will they spread compassion through-out the globe? Who knows! But for sure they can certainly spread wrath!

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