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Harlott, "Origin" Album Review

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Origin is a rather interesting title for a debut album for Melbourne Australia based thrash metal band Harlott. It was released in 2013 and it is an album that I have just begun to dive into as of this first writing which took place just a few days ago. Even if these guys didn’t write something innovative, it is a sort of “experiment” that still works out. After the dissolution of the band Mortal Sin, we feel that someone else from Australia had to try and pick up the musical slack and Harlott does just that.

Origin Is Still a Good Album But Not Really Musically Innovative

Stylistically, Origin is an album that has multiple influences ranging from Kreator to a more modern style of Bay Area thrash metal such as Slayer and Testament. This debut from these Australians is based almost exclusively on speed though there is some melody present in the album. It is not enough melody combined with the riffs to be considered innovative. We did mention in our review of the band’s second album Proliferation that these guys fall into a formula of trying to sound too much like the band Slayer and that this can sometimes be counterproductive. However, if some of you get used to this band, your perspective may change as well.

"Hierophobia" Is a Song That May Describe the Album's Best Moment

One memorable moment of this debut album is in the song “Hierophobia” in which there are rough vocals present. The song has a really nice melodic, acoustic touch to it at the start before it dramatically changes in speed. The song is about being involved in a religious environment that uses religion to brainwash its supporters so their followers are being fed false information.

"Effortless Struggle"

How Are the Other Songs?

The album starts off with the title track “Origin” as the song lyrically is about how people can become brainwashed by the system of the country that they live in. The first line of the chorus “don’t deny your origins” followed by a sort of scream by vocalist and lead guitarist Andrew Hudson is memorable. “Effortless Struggle” based on the style and speed sounds like something that was written in Slayer’s Christ Illusion album with a touch of Kreator as well. The song lyrically is saying that there is a possibility that nothing will survive and that there is this constant struggle by humans to ward off viruses and infections. This album isn’t quite 100% like a modern Reign in Blood style album because of the speed but these guys wanted to show off their guitar speed skills I guess with this being their debut album. This album though has a sort of fast start which is quicker than some other thrash metal albums. The title track lyrically can also be interpreted as being about people that live their lives and lie to others at any cost.

Final Thoughts About Harlott's Debut Album

If you are expecting something that’s even better than the classic 1986 album Reign in Blood, it is going to take something magnificent to be written in order to surpass that album and I cannot say for sure whether this album surpasses that one after just a few listens.

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