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'The Haves and the Have Nots' Men

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First Row: Jim Cryer, Wyatt Cryer, David Harrington, Jeffrey Harrington. Second Row: Justin Lewis, Madison, Mitch Malone, Benny Young. Third Row: Charles Frederickson, Landon. Broderick, RK. Fourth Row: Quincy Maxwell, Warwick Lewis, Derrick, George.

First Row: Jim Cryer, Wyatt Cryer, David Harrington, Jeffrey Harrington. Second Row: Justin Lewis, Madison, Mitch Malone, Benny Young. Third Row: Charles Frederickson, Landon. Broderick, RK. Fourth Row: Quincy Maxwell, Warwick Lewis, Derrick, George.

See how many of the current and former male actors you know on Tyler Perry's hit show The Haves and the Have Nots. The actors are identified above. Start at the top row and go from left to right.


Jim and Wyatt Cryer

James "Jim" Cryer, played by John Schneider, is one of the main characters in Tyler Perry's The Haves and the Have Nots series. He and members of his family are the "haves." The patriarch of the Cryer family lives off of his wife's inheritance because Katheryn Cryer is from one of the richest and most famous families in Savannah, Georgia. Jim is a criminal court judge, but he spends his money on affairs of which he has had many.

Jim is an unjust judge who uses his power to get people to commit unlawful acts for him and to cover up crimes. Those who cross him are retaliated against. One of his frequently used vices is that he cheats on his wife. Katheryn knows about Jim's long list of extramarital affairs.

Wyatt Cryer is played by Aaron O'Connell. He is the son of Jim and Katheryn Cryer and the brother of Amanda Cryer who killed herself during Season 1. Wyatt is a drug addict who has been in and out of rehabilitation centers. One time he overdosed and stayed on his bed for an entire season before officials determined that he wasn't dead.

In Season 6's finale, Wyatt used his deceased grandfather's shotgun to shoot both of his parents. Fans found out in Season 7, that neither one of them died. Jim was hospitalized, but Katheryn wasn't injured. Wyatt was in jail during the finale of the last season. He decided he didn't want to live any longer. Therefore, he slit his wrist. Fans will have to wait until next season to find out if he lived or died.


David and Jeffrey Harrington

David Harrington, played by Peter Parros and his family are part of the "haves" on Tyler Perry's hit series, The Haves and the Have Nots on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). David is the husband of Veronica and the father of Jeffrey. He is a judge and Jim Cryer's business partner and friend.

David is a fair and humble man who is the opposite of his estranged attorney wife. Veronica does her best to control David and Jeffrey. David accepts his son's lifestyle, but Veronica is against it.

For many seasons, David didn't do anything when Veronica burned down their house with him inside, but David escaped without harm. On another occasion, she hired someone to blow up Erica's car. She did it again after David replaced it with a new car for Erica's birthday. That time Erica was burned alive and David suffered severe burns on his back.

Veronica arranged to have David and Jeffrey killed in the finale of Season 6 by hired hit-men. Father and son had guns and protected themselves. Neither one of them was hurt.

Jeffrey Harrington, played by Gavin Houston doesn't get along with his mother at all. He once stabbed her in the neck with a kitchen knife. His mother ended up in the hospital. Jeffrey is tired of his mother trying to shame him about his lifestyle and for being in a relationship with Landon, Justin, and Madison.

David and Jeffrey can communicate with each other about the men in Jeffrey's life, but his mother is just the opposite.


Jeffrey Harrington, Justin Lewis and Madison

Justin Lewis, played by Nicholas James, has been on the series since Season 3. He used to be an officer and married to a court judge. That is no longer the case because of his bad behavior concerning Jeffrey Harrington and many others. He has tried to force himself on Jeffrey. He has threatened to kill Jeffrey, and he constantly harasses him. Justin is jealous of Jeffrey as well as being extremely possessive.

Madison, played by Brock Yurich, is a nurse who changed David's bandages when he was hospitalized after being burned in Erica's car bombing. He and Jeffrey became attracted to each other when Jeffrey visited the hospital where Madison works. Madison comes into conflict with Justin whenever he is seen with Jeffrey.


Mitch Malone and Benny Young

Mitchell "Mitch" Malone has been played by Brett Davis from Season 3 to the present. Mitch comes from an infamous crime family led by Mama Rose Malone. However, Mitch doesn't get involved in crimes unless he has to do so to protect his friends, especially Benny and Candace Young. Mitch is close to both of the Youngs. He used to work with Benny in the towing business until Benny lost his trucks and the tow yard.

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Benjamin "Benny" Young is played by Tyler Lepley. He is Hanna's son and Candace's brother. The two siblings are very close. Hanna gets along with Benny better than she gets along with Candace. However, Benny has become very stubborn and will not listen to his mother when it comes to keeping money that doesn't belong to him.


Charles and His Associates

Charles Frederickson is played by Nick Sager from Season 4 to the present. The president-elect fell in love with Candace. He helped clean up her background, but Charles' opponents found out about it. Even though Charles still loves Candace, he had her removed from his presence in the trunk of a car.

Landon, played by Kristian Kordula, has been on the series since Season 1. He used to work with Maggie Day on David Harrington's campaign. Landon had romantic feelings for Jeffrey and Charles.

Geoffrey Owens is the newest member of the cast. After the former The Cosby Show actor was job shamed for working at Trader Joe's, Tyler Perry promised that would hire him for a role on his hit show. Owens has a job as a senator in 11 episodes.

Broderick, RK and Rocky

Broderick, RK and Rocky

Broderick, RK and Rocky

Broderick, played by Geovanni Gopradi, has been a cast member since Season 5 to the present as the manager of the Artesian Hotel bar. However, he has not worked there since he has been in a relationship with Katheryn who owns the hotel. She is allowing him to live rent-free in one of her apartments.

RK, played by Rome Flynn, has been on the series since Season 5. He used to work with Broderick and Rocky at the Artesian Hotel bar. He recently left town to avoid going to jail for stealing some of Veronica's jewelry.

Rocky, played by Marc Cumpton, came on the show in Season 4. Like Broderick and RK, Rocky works at the bar of the Artesian Hotel.

All three of these guys worked with Candace during her prostitution ring at the Artesian Hotel until she shut it down.



Derrick, played by Keith Burke from Season 5 to the present, is a handyman who works for Katheryn. When he met Hanna, he developed romantic feelings for her. In Season 5 mid-finale, Derrick showed Hanna his lion head tattoo. Hanna recognized it because the tattoo was the same as the man who raped Hanna when she was much younger.

In the finale, Derrick was shocked to learn that Hanna was the woman he raped, and Candace is his daughter. Hanna has refused to talk to Derrick after seeing the lion head tattoo.



George, played by Fang Du in Season 5 to the present, is a district attorney. Even though he has had other cases, he has always been obsessed with investigating Jennifer Sallison's murder. His main suspects are the Cryers. During the last season, Katheryn Cryer was put in jail for the crime.


Quincy Maxwell and Warrick Lewis

Quincy Maxwell, played by Medina Islam, appeared in the series during Seasons 1-3. Quincy had a romantic relationship with Candace, and they had a son together. Quincy abused Candace. She stated that he broke her jaw, beat her up, and pimped her out to his friends.

Hanna disliked Quincy because he kept her grandson away from her. Benny doesn't like Quincy because of all the trouble he caused his sister. Quincy spent a lot of time looking for Candace after he was released from prison. Candace went into hiding from Quincy. He retaliated against everyone who wouldn't tell him where Candace was. He ran his car through Hanna's house and it burned down.

When Quincy eventually located Candace, he attempted to strangle her until Candace and Jeffrey stabbed him to death. Benny buried Quincy's body in Candace's backyard until the police uncover it. By that time, Candace's house was in foreclosure. Because she no longer owned the house, Veronica saw to it that she did not go to jail.

Warrick "Warlock/War" Lewis was played by Jon Chaffin in Seasons 3-5. He grew up with Benny and Candace, and they were friends until Candace cheated him out of money. Then he threatened to kill Candace. It was revealed that Erica was working with War to do harm to Candace.

When Candace found out that War and his gang had entered the hotel room and killed her son, she solicited help from the Malones. War was killed in the shootout at the Malone's restaurant.


Quincy Delon "Q" Young Jr.

Quincy Delon "Q" Young Jr. was played by Jordan Preston Carter in Seasons 2-4. He was the son of Candace Young and Quincy Maxwell's 6-year-old son, Hanna's grandson and Benny's nephew. Little Q was passed back and forth when the series first started. Rather than letting Hanna keep her grandson, Candace took him away from Hanna and put him with a nanny. In the second season, he was with his father. In the third season, Benny rescued him from his Aunt Quita's house and the boy was given back to Hanna.

Little Quincy was in and out of the hospital and in foster care while Candace tried to get custody of him. Hanna abducted him from foster care. In the fourth season, Hanna and Little Quincy lived in a hotel. It was during that season that Q was shot in the head by Warlock and his gang when they stormed into the hotel room looking for Candace.

Candace and Hanna argued over funeral plans for the little boy. Candace won and had him cremated. The mother grieved her son's death for a long time. In season 6, Candace gave Hanna her son's ashes. That was an indication that she was reconciling her relationship with her mother whom she had accused of letting her son get killed.

Even though Jordan Preston Carter was killed off of The Haves and the Have Nots, he has a list of other acting credits. He had a role in Powers in 2015, MacGyver in 2016, a role in Bullets + Pen and Shaft in 2019. Little Q has a role in an upcoming futuristic film called DMZ that is directed by Ava DuVernay.

Way to go, Little Q.



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