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Halloween 2018 Full Movie Review

Big Blockbusters often hit their target with numbers, but how about the ride? Was it good for you?

Fan art poster by Rafael Araujo #halloween

Fan art poster by Rafael Araujo #halloween

Quick Film Information and Storyline

With a budget of $10 million USD, the announcement of Halloween getting a sequel filled people with trepidation. As a fan of the original film and most of the other films, I was excited.

The movie takes Laurie Strode into the present day after the killing spree she survived from. With Myer's in jail and Laurie having a family of her own, this film answers the questions people have theorised about over the years.

Directed by David Gordon Green (Joe 2013.)

Written by Jeff Fradley, Danny McBride & David Gordon Green.

Production by Blumhouse Productions, Miramax and, Night Blade Holdings. Distributors by Universal Studios.

Release: October 2018 and VOD February 2019. Halloween originally screened at Toronto International Film Festival in September 2018.

Starring: Jamie Lee Curtis (True Lies 1994), Judy Greer (13 Going on 30), Andi Matichak (Replicate 2019) and, James Jude Courtney Far and Away (1992.)

#halloween #lauriestrode Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode.

#halloween #lauriestrode Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode.

How Was Halloween 2018?

I avoided the trailers for Halloween as much as I could. Still, I ended up watching the cinema release version (while watching another film) and half of another. It couldn't be helped. I was excited.

The opening sequence has been bandied about as somewhat an unrealistic joke. What I saw though was a slow tease of almost seeing Myers face. A total enigma apart from the well-used mask he dons on every occasion obviously absent due to his incarceration. I liked it even though it would never happen.

I must say despite the opening scene being frustratingly annoying that the two visitors didn't just run around to the other side of the yellow square and face him, it still worked really well and established what was to come.

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A Present Day Michael Myers

This film propels the Halloween franchise into the present day. For me, it was executed with the right dose of original film homage. There was a familiarity with casting, set pieces and, scenery that made me really happy at the end.

In my mind, I asked the question— can Myers be rehabilitated? He is in jail after all and has his own psychiatrist— Dr. Sartain. I pondered whether the film would take a stab at releasing him into a less restrictive environment. What would a horror film be without a bus crash though? Myers certainly isn't treated with kid gloves like Hannibal Lecter was in his film. He can ride with the other lunatics quite nicely apparently.

No one said this film was perfect, there are a few frustrations within it's finite details. Poor decisions reign supreme from those that should know better. Laurie Strode is the only one graced with a brain but again, that often comes with the territory in films of this ilk. There was also a mistake in the commentary during a scene with a flash-back and some minor inconsistencies within kill scenes.

Fan Theory and Speculation

This film throws in some fan theory and speculation type ideas which is a real treat. One such theory is whether Myers has the ability to talk. Die-hard fans will tell you he spoke in the 2007 Rob Zombie reboot but this film is not connected to that one. Whether he utters any verbiages here I won't say, however, it's rendered as a possibility.

I read that plenty of well-known actresses wanted specific parts in this sequel. Production went a step further, paying respect to Jamie Lee Curtis's original placement as Laurie Strode by again casting a relatively unknown Andi Matichak as Allyson.

Like many things in the realm of cinema, there are two camps. People who think the Michael Myers character is two dimensional with no discerning characteristics and those of us who know better. Michael Myers is the quintessential bogeyman and everything about the things he does seem to be done with purpose. The actors who have played him tap into all sorts of things to access the subtle mannerisms and stalker-like ability he has despite his large stature. In Halloween 2018, we are treated to many examples of just how brutal and stealthy he still is and I loved every second of it.

I give Halloween 2018

4 Myers is not 2 dimensional out of 5

Michael Myers in jail #myers #halloween #slasherfilms

Michael Myers in jail #myers #halloween #slasherfilms

Andi Matichak as Allison in Halloween #andimatichak #halloween2018

Andi Matichak as Allison in Halloween #andimatichak #halloween2018

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