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Halloween Kills Movie Review

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Image Does Not Belong To Me

Image Does Not Belong To Me


Okay, so plot. Laurie and the others are screaming for the firefighters to not save the house. There's a kill scene involving the firefighters, a flashback that leads back to a costume party at a bar. There's a lot of gore throughout the film, I guess a real housewife is in it?, there's a gay couple that dies, most of the protagonists die, and there is a horrible HORRIBLE scene where a mentally ill man (who is visibly scared) is thought to be Michael Myers and is chased by an angry mob where he ends up taking his life by jumping out the window. Of course, the film ends with Michael being "killed", but then he's not and kills Laurie's daughter, Karen at the end of the movie. This ending sets up for another movie, which is so typical of horror movie directors wanting to make multiple films for more money. It's honestly tiring and cliché and a total yawn fest.


Even though I hated the movie, the actors and actresses did fairy well given how shitty the film was. The only exception: Jamie Lee Curtis who I felt didn't deliver as well as she could have and she made me cringe in the beginning where she says "let him burn!" because I could tell she was acting and it seemed unnatural.


I usually do a character to character breakdown but I hated this movie so much that it really isn't worth my time.


Typical Michael Myers theme song, which in my opinion, isn't really that scary and has become overdone.

Honest Review

The previous 2018 film was amazing, and now with this release, we were all expecting it to live up to its predecessor but were sorely mistaken and let down. Jamie Lee Curtis could have done better, and why tf did they kill of Karen? Also, how is Michael still alive? It's not realistic unless there's some supernatural element we aren't aware of. The mentally ill man commiting suicide was so upsetting to me, the gore was so unnecessary that it just became boring, and y'all really had to kill off the gays? It's a no from me. If I could give it a negative rating, I would. The best part of the movie was telling kids in front of my seat to stop talking during the movie, and the popcorn was pretty good this time! Uh.. yeah. That's it!



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