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Trick or Treat Scooby Doo Is Halloween Fun


Here Comes Scooby Doo

There are few who don’t know who Scooby Doo is, but for those in this tiny majority, he’s a big and lovable dog, a bit scrappy and opinionated, who loves his snacks (Scooy Snacks obviously) as well as his human, Shaggy. Who’s no rocket scientist either. But there’s more than just this one human. Because there’s a whole gaggle of Scooby friends, by the names of Fred (that ascot), Daphne (that hair) and Velma (that oversized sweater) to join in on any mystery that comes along. And propelling them along is the iconic Mystery Machine van (which apparantly runs on unicorn tears and rainbows). This group has foiled the plans of many a miscreant who has cried “If not for you kids, my plan would have succeeded!” Sure it’s not the same as “Get off my lawn,” but it’s a lot more meaningful. Of course a lot of trouble, mistakes and problems occur in stopping the baddies — much caused by Scooby to be fair — but since the group always succeeds, well there’s that. Good for them.

Now over time Mystery Inc. (that’s the name of the Scooby folks, being Shaggy and Daphne and Velma and Fred and of course Scooby) has solved a lot of mysteries and so it’s time for a break from the action. And since it’s Halloween in Coolsville and the gang is just looking to hang out, why then shouldn’t classic foes and doppelgängers not start showing up to ruin the festivities. They’ll need more help than a Scooby snack for sure. And they’ll get it in Coco. Who’s that? Watch and find out in the all original movie, Trick or Treat Scooby Doo.


All New Original Movie

Now rather than a reworking or repeating an existing movie or TV show and squashed onto a disc, here we get an original movie — hey it’s in the title so that makes sense, right? You’ll get the familiar voice talents that have made these cartoons what they are.


Making The DVD Cool

So what’s interesting is that the DVD takes full advantage of audio for a change — so instead of a mono soundtrack or plain stereo, here we get full 5.1 Dolby surround sound. And that’s worthwhile because why? Because an original presentation can build in surround sound as a feature from the get-go. Which they did. And in a cartoon, audio plays a huge part and especially here where you’ve got Scooby and the Gang and all the silliness that they entails. And the reason we’re not making a big deal out of it being on DVD is because the quality is more than good enough for what is actually a cartoon, not where huge details are needed, required or expected.

And we should add that the packaging for this DVD is very colorful and cool — plus a sleeve overlay only adds to the excitement factor for the kids who are getting to watch this. It also aids in teaching children — this movie is geared for a general audience (according to Canada) and the bonus material isn’t rated at all. This consists of short cartoons also, which can be considered bonus episodes.

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Choose How To Watch

There’s also a choice between getting that DVD and going with a digital version — this consists of having a streaming version kept on the company’s server that is making this available to purchase. So its going to be found on Prime Video and Apple TV, Google Play, Vudu among other venues. Immediate access afterwards of course follows.

[Those who know us know we’re no fans of streaming for various reasons, but in the case of a kids cartoon going digital and that being the choice selected, that means taking away the tangible fun of holidng a DVD box and seeing all the great graphics there are. Not to mention that there’s a love and sense of adventure for the kid to be the “grownup” who can take out the disc and put it into the DVD player (under adult supervision of course)]

Eiminantly viewable for kids of all ages (add to that those adults who fondly remember the Scooby Doo of their childhood), this is A product of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment’s Animation Divison. So for those who aren’t spooked and want to know more details, go to

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