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Hailey Bieber flaunts bikini body and cuddles up with Justin Bieber on vacation in Jamaica

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Hailey Bieber has flaunted her bikini body while cuddling up to Justin Bieber on vacation in Jamaica. She posted the pictures after denying claims that Justin mistreats her. Well, you know not everything we see in celebrity news is real and given Justin's history with women, anything is possible. But I do understand why as a married woman Hailey must maintain the image of perfection even if things are not that great behind closed doors. I guess we will never really know the truth until the relationship is over.

Once thing I have to give to Justin is that he seems to be loyal to Hailey at least publicly so at least he respects her enough to not cheat openly. But however, paparazzi have exposed other aspects and moments of their relationship which by the looks of things could be questionable in terms of respect. But again, all things will remain a mystery until the relationship ends.

The couple does look physically great and it does seem like both are successful career wise. I guess that is always a positive sign. I hope that all that therapy Hailey does helps her keep it real when it comes to her marriage and if any abuse does occur, hopefully she will have the strength to seek help or to end the relationship. Many lonely women tend to value their romantic relationships above all else. Ofter, these women do so much to please their partner, but nothing is ever good enough. So very often these women will sacrifice their own well being in order to keep an abusive relationship going. I guess loneliness is a scary thing. But in reality, nothing can be more lonely than when you are in a marriage with the wrong person.

Selena Gomez sure leads by example. She chose to leave Justin so she could focus on loving herself. Although she is single, but that is still better than being with the wrong person. Settling never made anybody happy.

I must say that I respect Hailey for not getting plastic surgery on her body and keeping things fairly natural. She does not look perfect, but at least looks like a real person. Its funny how Justin has previously said that he is with her only because she is so good looking. I sincerely hope that he was joking. What will happen when she hits her thirties?

It seems like Hailey really loves Justin, but hopefully its for all the right reasons. I guess both of them have money so when it comes to divorce at least that won't be an issues.

If their marriage really is so perfect, why does she feel the need to constantly prove that she is not mistreated? Wouldn't it make more sense just to stay silent and be confident in your relationship? These days everyone is so obsessed with maintaining the perfect public image and social media presence, but sadly people don't care as much about what happens in their real everyday lives.

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