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Here Comes Honey Boo Boo: Here Comes Trouble

Shannon Family Transformation


Here Comes Trouble

I have written about this series when it was on TLC, but as we all know TLC let them go because of Mama June's alleged involvement with the man who allegedly molested her eldest daughter Anna aka Chickadee. Well, up until then if you were looking for family friendly entertainment and the crazy antics of some southerners. You definitely dove in each week to see what type of laugh out loud borderline outrageous and outlandish antics the family was involved in weekly.

I mean we saw Alana do her pageants and its not that we were so much looking for her to win as we were what crazy stunt or inside redneck untapped inner fun filled adventure they were embarking on. We enjoyed from a safe television distance mud filled belly flops, kitchen floors covered in butter as Alana and Pumpkin slide from one side to the other. We knew this could never happen in our on homes but hey anything goes with the Shannon home.

We learned about the American delicacy dish of "sketty" that consisted of smoldering amount of butter, ketchup, and cooked spaghetti noodles with a nice finish in the microwave. And Chef Mama June even demonstrated how to know if the noodles were done by oh so delicately flinging one strain on the wall and announcing if it sticks it's ready. We all sat vigilant as we heard Alana aka Honey Boo tell us in the form of an urban legend and her artistic expression about the day her sister Lauren "Pumpkin" Shannon brain was fried by lightning while playing a video game.

We understood from that point on why Pumpkin behaved in the most outlandish ways definitely more so than her other family members. There were some close call where Sugar Bear who seemed devoted to his family and worked a lot but found time to take them on camping trips, four wheeler rides had a health scare. We watched the family on egg shells as he recovered. We loved Sugar Bear because he loved June and all her girls and we knew he treated them equally even he was only biologically Alana's dad.

We watched Chubbs and Chickadee go on a double date with the whole family because June wanted to keep a close eye on them because she had two kids as a teen and Chickadee surprisingly had one child of her own. This family no means was perfect but they never pretended to be. They did some things we all questioned like the go-go juice and I'll admit that put my radar way up because it was like watching Alana on kiddie speed. I thought the pageant moms hopping their babies up on kiddie speed in the form of pixie sticks was outrageous enough. However mountain and red bull was a step too far.

Needless to say, when they were able to find a home on WETV we are all a bit curious as to how this would work. WETV didn't have the same family friend reputation as TLC. So when it was announced it was Mama June From Not to Hot. We thought okay sounds about right, because there had been many diet fails on the show when it was on TLC. It seemed on brand with the family. And for those who had watched Marriage Boot Camp where Sugar Bear admitted to cheating on June we were like okay go head June get your groove back.

Boy if it had only been that simple. We watched her reluctantly try to co-parent with Sugar Bear and that was hard to watch because I thought about when Sugar Bear was in constant pursuit of June and he did seem to want June back but it was clear that was a no go. Then to find out he was marrying the woman he cheated on June with we were all curious as to who this was? Would she be pretty, nice, a June clone, but to find out he was marrying a dead ringer for Matilda's Principal, "The Trenchbull" was beyond shocking.

When June found out about the wedding it was Pumpkin and her niece's idea to slim down as revenge and outshine at his wedding. That revenge weight loss journey began and it did not disappoint and was filled typical honey boo boo comedy from Alana and Pumpkin. We watched June literally go from Not to Hot and Jennifer Sugar Bear's fiance soon became known as June's archenemy and the nemesis of all that was good, right, and pure in this world.

Maybe I'm going a little overboard with Jennifer but I can't think of anything good she did on the show from the large amounts of sugar and desserts she loaded up Alana with which I chalked up to the lady trying to bake Hansel and Gretel. To that horrendous hammerhead shark to guppy suck fest scene disguised as a wedding kiss that could snatch the appetite of every man, woman, child, and pet in sight. It was clear from day one she wanted to replace June and be a mother to Alana and that was a stretch considering she was the woman Sugar Bear cheated on Alana's mom with.

Any who! June had her revenge because she definitely loss the weight and looked a million times better than Jennifer did at her own wedding. Not that was hard to do because Jennifer was wearing all the elegance of a curtain from, Little House on the Prairie. Its a good show but definitely its curtains and table cloths are not noted for fashion tips. So she was the clear villain and doesn't disappoint the scales of pond scum when she opens her pie hole daily.

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Needless to say nothing about Jennifer has improved but her nastiness meter stays on the ups. To watch how she trash talked Alana and even how she treated Sugar Bear after his diabetic coma was unbelievable. Living with Jennifer for Sugar Bear must feel like a sunken place, but I'm telling you if that's what cheating karma looks like men be faithful its not worth a lifetime trip to a form of the chokey when you just trying to go home and lay down. Literally there will be no peace.

To witness the current state of the Shannon family is tum friendly, alka-seltzer ready and nerve pill mania. We are literally on pins in needles throughout, but the breakout surprise of the past few seasons hasn't been Mama June and her man Geno's erratic behavior. No after a while I think we all were grew numb, but to see Pumpkin, yes Pumpkin and her newly married husband Josh rise to the occasion was a wonderful surprise.

Pumpkin did follow in the footsteps of her mother and sister Chickadee by having her daughter Ella as a teen but unlike her mom she picked a good one. I will admit Josh at the beginning definitely was reminiscent of the old honey boo boo days with his jacuzzi truck bed and his antics, but when push came to shove and the feet to the flame Josh and Pumpkin became the parents we all thought Sugar Bear and June would always be just sprinkle that thing with refreshing leveled headed common sense.

Pumpkin and Josh have cared for Alana in a way I have never seen her cared for before. They are fiercely protective and always have Ella and Alana's best interest at heart. It's no small order to have to raise your teenage sister when you are a young adult yourself. So Kudos to Josh and Pumpkin. Aunt Do Do definitely has earned a mention along with Big Mike because they did try with everything in them to find June and bring her to her senses.

While I would love to say June is out of rehab and her and Geno are on the mend and they all lived happily ever after its just not that simple. This road to redemption has revealed the worst of Mama June's personality on one hand she is nowhere as bad as Jennifer but definitely no where near where she began. She was once the single mom, extreme coupon loving, mama bear who loved and doted on her daughters.

The June I see today has remnants of the old June but I'm not sure if we will ever see the old June again. Alana's scars are hard to see. We know Pumpkin and Josh are doing something right because Alana wants to be a nurse for babies. I thought that was so sweet. I really hope she becomes that nurse and under Josh and Pumpkin I'm sure she will. As with drama the only hick up is her mother wants her back come hell or high water and from the looks of things she and Geno intend on coxing her back by any means necessary. Ask yourself, what adult that's facing two to ten years in jail between the two of them want to uproot a child in the middle of the school year. Whether its for a paycheck, bonding, or something else this road to redemption is quickly turning into a roller coaster that leads to the circus and maybe even jail.

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