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HBO Vs. Cinemax Vs. Showtime Vs. Starz

Hbo logo.

Hbo logo.

the show "Game Of Thrones" comes on Hbo and a new season is starting.

the show "Game Of Thrones" comes on Hbo and a new season is starting.


Hbo is a high expense special channel that shows new movies or older movies that were good (unlike some "b" rated or boring movies).

Hbo is not in the standard channel pack and usually has to be bought with a more exclusive package, by itself or in bulk.

For Dish network Hbo is approximately 18 dollars other providers offer about the same price.

Since Hbo is more superior than most of it's competitors it is usually praised as the "better" channel.

Of course Hbo shows some very good shows like Game of thrones and Sopranos, but during late night it becomes a more adult channel.

Hbo is a great channel for new movies and some of your favorite shows it features about 7-8 channels and most range in different genres such as comedy, action etc.

If you want more channels, new shows, new movies and are willing to pay more than some of the other channels than Hbo would be good or you.



Also referred to as "skinemax" is another one of the exclusive channels, that shows new movies and they also get good movies. I think Banshee and Strike Back are the two main shows of Cinemax of course they aren't as hit as some of the other ones. Cinemax is referred as Skinemax because it shows some softcore adult movies during late night.

Cinemax has 5 channels and also comes in HD. It is usually 13 dollars per month and is cheaper than Hbo, some people want to get a good movie channel for less money than Hbo so money wise this is cheaper. New releases usually arrive after about 3-4 months of dvd release and are repeated multiple times on the same channel or one of it's 5 channels. Cinemax is a good choice for people who want to get new movies for an affordable price now lets move on to the 3rd option.

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Showtime and cinemax are very very similar in fact picking one is pretty much ene mene mini moe. Showtime is usually 13 dollars to and has 5 channels. The genres are very similar, but Showtime usually has a different movie roster than Cinemax. Showtime also gets new movies and good old ones. Unlike the other channels I don't think Showtime has a special show which might bring the choice down a little bit.

Other than that Showtime is not very different and similar in almost every way, it is also affordable for the average movie watcher. I guess some people like the movies Showtime shows, so they would pick this channel over Cinemax, but that's just your choice. The truth is Showtime is a great channel, and doesn't show as much adult content as Cinemax so it's more appropriate than Cinemax. Of course, it still has it's share of adult content.

Spartacus comes on Starz, and has shown at least 3 seasons.

Spartacus comes on Starz, and has shown at least 3 seasons.


The last one is Starz. Starz is usually chosen above Showtime and Cinemax, probably because it is more appropriate and shows Spartacus. Starz offers the same thing the other 2 channels do it has new movies and it's share of late night content. One thing is that Starz rarely shows adult content and if they do it isn't usually to bad.

I believe starz has 5 channels to and like the other two again it is 13 dollars per month. Spartacus comes on Starz and is a great show to watch. It focus on medieval times and on the story of Spartacus. Starz is another great channel to get, and you don't have to hide your kid at night. In my opinion Starz is the best channel of them all, and it gets new movies to just like all of them.

So Which Is Better?

This all comes down to your personal opinion. All four of the channels are very good and show new releases which can be watched commercial free. Yep, all of the channels are commercial free and show movies in a marathon type of way one after another. Hbo is good, but costs more than the other 3 of course it has more options to such as more channels and better features. The other 3 are all good, and have very similar content as well as prices. If you missed a movie it's no big deal because most likely it will come back on the same channel. All of them show the same movies more than 1 time so you don't have to worry. If your going to get better movies and shows and you willing to pay some money go with Hbo, otherwise starz is pretty good. Of course this all comes down to your opinion.


steve on November 26, 2016:

Starz sucks.. PERIOD! The worst of the worst. Bad movies played over and over again. Cinemax is a poor mans HBO. Playing the same movies HBO does only a couple months later. Showtime is good with more original programing and off beat and hit movies. HBO is too expensive for what you get.

Jame on July 28, 2014:

HBO is not like before. Not good at all. I recommend Starz alll the way.


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