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Guns N' Roses, Badboys of Rock in the 90's

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Vocalist W Axl Rose and guitarist Slash (with his trademark top hat and frizzy hair) formed the band in 1985. They were into a lot of trouble as teens. Most of the band was like a revolving door: They also had Izzy Stradlin on rhythm guitar, Duff ‘Rose’ McKagan on bass guitar and Steven Adler on drums. Duff had previously been in 30 different bands. Duff, Axl and Izzy were part of LA Guns.Gilby Clarke later replaced Izzy Stradlin. Dizzy Reed on keyboard later joined.

GN’R Lies-Patience is a classic song on this album, along with mostly live songs.
Appetite for Destruction-This or the Use Your Illusion albums are their most popular. This album includes 'Welcome to the Jungle' and 'Sweet Child O' Mine."
Use Your Illusion I & II-Many hits off these albums.
Spaghetti Incident-An album of covers. They had a lot of controversy because Charles Manson wrote the hidden track. I recall hearing on the news that Axl wanted to donate proceeds to Manson, or at least pay him for his song.
Chinese Democracy-Everyone except Axl is new.

The band recently reunited to tour, at least Axl and Slash.
Reference-Guns N’ Roses, A tear-out photo book by Oliver Books.

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